Jumping Forward?

I’m getting back into writing and yes I kinda left the last story hanging and for that I apologize. But guess what… a new story is coming. I had to order a new Sims 3 disc and I’m getting my computer repaired on Monday (March 19th 2018) Not sure how long its going to take to get fixed but my fan needs replaced. ANYWAY, I’ll be writing a story again using new sims, new story line new ideas and see where it goes!

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Chapter 50: A New Generation

Skyler’s POV

Making it through college wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Ameen was a wonderful support and always reminded me that in the end this will be so helpful starting off higher in the Journalism career. Didn’t take us long to pack everything and move back home… my home. Ameen was feeling so much pressure to return back to Egypt we got a rental knowing he needed to go back and face his father. You may be a little confused but I will catch you up to speed.

When Ameen and I first met he seemed to amazing to be real. We got along perfectly and when he explained he had no place to stay I snuck him in my bedroom to sleep. My parents never found out till one night I snuck out to meet up with Ameen and my mom followed me. To my surprise she was extremely welcoming and wanted him to stay with us till he got settled. He later explained he traveled from Egypt when his parents were forcing him into a marriage he didn’t want. I felt like this was something I only read about in Jamee Snuffer’s Medieval series but here it was in my reality. I was devastated when he said he had to return. He started packing to move when he made a deal with his dad giving him more time. They agreed he could attend college here in the states but must return soon after graduation.

These plans didn’t stop Ameen from promising me his hand in marriage. He told me that we will be husband and wife no matter what. I wear my engagement ring with a bittersweet feeling. I would love to be his bride but not at the expense of him losing everything his family has worked for. I’m not blood royalty so I couldn’t marry him and be passed off as a princess since there are other kingdoms Ameen can wed into a royal bloodline.

So now here we are, engaged, in a rental, graduated, and wondering how much more time we have till we are torn apart.

A good workout can relieve so much stress and leave you feeling… oh forget it. This sux, Ameen texted me shortly after I started my workout requesting we needed to talk. I trust that his news can’t be to horrible but the last thing I need is to show up at home and there are his guards taking him away and I never see him again. I know what its like to lose someone so precious and feel so close yet so far away. I was given a second chance  and I didn’t want to waste it swooning over a man I can really have. I blame my heart for falling for his charming personality and good looks. When the treadmill slows down I stop my work out early and ride my bike home.


 I walked in the door and Ameen sat quietly watching Survivor. “I got your text, sorry I didn’t text you back.” Ameen turned and smiled, “You look as beautiful as an Egypt sunrise.” He said smiling at me. I couldn’t help but give him a little smile back. I sat down and braced myself for horrible news. He didn’t seem to be in a bad mood but he hid his emotions well. When you are a Prince you learn to not show your true emotions till you know you’re alone. He does however let his guard down around me, like when he talks about having to go back without me. He breaks down a little knowing his feelings for me are stronger than he ever felt possible.

Ameen began to speak, “I made an arrangement with my father. He’s allowing me to give up royal duties if I remain Prince and help run the kingdom till my younger brother is of age. I do plan to come visit as often as I can but I’ve still been cut off from the family fortune since I’m declining the throne.  Although I want to make sure my father doesn’t go back on his word so we need to get married NOW!”

The excitement erupted like a volcano, “Now? meaning today?” I asked trying to comprehend what he was telling me. “Yes, today… now, such as get your dress on lets do this.” He stood up and walked to the other room I assumed he was getting changed so I changed into the gown I bought with my mom before going to college. I found it on sale and was going to have it dyed red since brides in Egypt tend to wear bright colors on their wedding days. I didn’t expect to be married this soon, and without my parents but I knew they would understand and later when Ameen returns we could have a big wedding reception. I then remember the last wedding reception I attended… maybe just sending out an announcement will be best.

My dress is easy to manage and we went up into the mountains to a pretty location. It began to rain but we didn’t care… it was our moment a moment we would cherish forever.

Wedding Collage
My bouquet was a simple daisy that Ameen picked for me. It was close to the spot where we exchanged our vows. The cool rain felt nice on my warm body as my heart raced. We took a romantic picture together and texted it to my family. Everything lasted about a 20 minutes but again, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I had right here. After kissing me lightly Ameen told me that he must return home this month. My heart broke but understood, my family was used to this… My Grandma Violet was a 101 baby challenge mom who didn’t find her one and only till the end of her challenge and then she was in the hospital recovering from having her brain tumor removed. My mother was a single mom for most of my life till my “real” dad Preston came back and even then on her wedding day both Preston and I died. Given a 2nd chance at life when my birth father paid for the expensive surgery that would bring us back. And here I am, Generation 5 of a long line of strong, smart, beautiful women who all fell hard for the men they loved and were willing to sacrifice everything to have their happily ever after. I would be no different.

Thank you for reading, like before I don’t have an editor so please excuse any and all mistakes you find. Thank you for reading my story and enjoy the following sims pictures…

Screenshot-850A beautiful wedding picture

5 generations
Five Generations, four have been blogged, and three have been challenges.

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Chapter 49:: A Fresh Start

Thank you Lattesandcoco, These are so great and I can’t wait to add them to the new house.

Wisdom had Prom, I actually wish I had taken more time to prepare for it but anyway I was
pretty excited to see that she won PROM QUEEN! She gets it from her mom ^_^

I have no editor so I apologize in advance for any mistakes you may find while reading….

Yes, it has been quite some time since I’ve written and so much has changed in not only my personal life but in my sims lives. Today I sit here with ideas flowing and wishing I had enough time to get in my game and take pictures. I then realized the story is in its words and not what the pictures show. I apologize for doing this but I’ve decided to move on to the next generation and I would love your help in deciding which child of Wisdom’s we follow into the next generation of my Legacy of Challenges.

We started our journey with Violet Newbie taking on the 100 baby challenge and she took it a step farther and had 101 babies. Her 101st child was born and carried the challenge to Generation 2 doing the homeless challenge while raising her daughter Skyler. Wisdom’s life had so many things that went wrong but she eventually got her prince charming and oldest daughter back from the dead while also raising her son Deacon and her Newest daughter Amily.

Now on to a little bit about each of the children to choose from and where their story’s could go…


Skyler has had an interesting life thus far. With living on the streets with her mom while she was just a baby and into her toddler years. She then moved in with her Grandma Violet and Grandpa AJ while her mom got onto her feet. Skyler also endured the rejection of her birth father who decided to sign his rights away so he could focus on his new family while she was a child. After watching her mother and step father (Preston Turner) join as one she was excited to be soon entering into her pre teen years when she died with her new father Preston by her side. While Wisdom mourned the death of her true love and first born she lost all hope of ever seeing them again when the one person who abandoned Skyler at such a young age then came to her aid. Skyler’s dad (Lonnie) decided he was wrong to abandon his daughter and even though he can’t get his rights back he wanted to make Wisdom’s suffering end. He paid for the procedure to bring Preston and Skyler back from the dead. Preston’s recovery was much faster than Skyler’s as she struggled with life as a teenager when she felt much younger inside. She then spiraled out of control searching for a thrill to make her feel alive. She soon met Ameen… a handsome yet mysterious man who showed Skyler that life is worth living and loving. Yet he holds a secret that no one see’s coming. Choose Skyler and follow her journey with finding out the truth and how she handles it.

Deacon; he’s now a teenager and loves to be out in the woods. While getting used to his sister and father coming back from the dead he loves getting the father-son moments he missed out on for so many years. While out as a child he found a fairy house but he has yet to see this fairy and travels the same journey everyday looking for answers. As a child he soon found what he had been dreaming of. A small purple fairy dancing they would meet each day but he would do all the talking while she just listened. One day Deacon searched for his friend and she was no where to be found… Will he find her? When he does how will she react to him as a teenager now? To follow Deacon on this journey pick him!

Amily; the tiny miracle that came into the world with Preston’s return to the earthly world. Her future is unknown but there are sure to be struggles in her life with being the only child around who has a ghostly appearance. Follow Amily’s life by choosing her!

ALL CHILDREN will be teens when their story begins. Please choose who YOU would like to see take on the next generation. The challenge has already been chosen and that challenge will be worked into their story lines that have already been proposed above. I’m only giving the voting a few days so the sooner you comment with your vote the better… VOTING ENDS ON NOVEMBER 21, 2012  THANK YOU!

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Chapter 48:: A Bundle of Joy

“I know I’ve let my gardening slide with this pregnancy but here you can have one of these bell peppers. I’m going to miss this garden but I know Fae has a green thumb and will tend its needs better than I am.” Wisdom got down and started picking the pepper. “Did you want to take one Deacon?” She asked holding one out to him. “No, I’m going to take an apple thank you!” He reached up and picked the biggest, reddest apple on the tree. “Ok Deacon you better change out of your uniform if your going to go play on you LAST day of summer break.”

“WISDOM!” Wisdom turned quickly to see who was talking, “oh wow Adabelle you startled me, but I’m happy to see you.” Adabelle smiled and rubbed Wisdom’s baby bump, “Your mom told me you were expecting. When are you due?”
“I’m due here any day now. I’m right now helping Andrew and Fae get settled into the house. They got married and as a gift I want to give them the house that Andrew not only helped me build but helped maintain when Preston was gone.” Adabelle smiled at Wisdom’s comment.

Adabelle looked down at her own baby bump, “Your expecting too I see!” Wisdom said. “Yes we are due here soon too we aren’t finding out the gender we have 2 girls and 2 boys so this one will be our surprise and we will find out what it is when he/she is born!” Adabelle then looked at the house. “So, when do you think the house will be ready?” Wisdom rubbed her neck. “Oh man, I would love to be moved before the baby is born but with each passing day I don’t see it happening. We are right now ripping wall paper and packing little things. We found a house closer to town. but we can’t have the horse till we get a city license so we are giving Andrew this one and then getting Skyler her own horse once we get the license and were settled.”

Adabelle sighed, “It must be nice to have your family back together. Are you going to continue to work at the Science facility?” Wisdom nodded, “Yes, I love working there and the people are great. Preston is going to be a stay at home dad till our little one starts school. He’s then going to join the police force like he planned to do when he left the army. He’s also considered working as a fire fighter but he’s leaning more towards the police force.” Wisdom shifted her weight off of her tired legs. “I would invite you in but the house is a mess with packing.”

Adabelle  hugged Wisdom, “I understand, I need to go the Ivory and Ebony from my mom’s house. I wanted to go for a walk but they are very active little girls and so my mom took them to the park! She’s such an amazing grandma, I don’t know what I would do without her.” Wisdom smiled, “She’s an awesome Aunt too.” Both girls laughed and said their goodbyes. Wisdom then thought about the last time she hung out with her mom. She quickly got out her phone and called her right away.

“Hey mom, I’m feeling good… I called because I wanted to know if you could meet me for lunch? Sounds great see you in a bit.” Wisdom ran in to tell Preston, Fae, and Andrew where she was headed, she then quickly changed, and headed to the beach. Her mom suggested a beach side picnic.

Wisdom started to get everything set up at the beach when her mom called, “Sorry I can’t make it. Kestell needs me to help her in Bridgeport. She  wouldn’t ask me if it wasn’t really important. Can we rain check?” Wisdom tried not to get mad but she did feel like her mom was letting her down. “Yeah mom, I understand. Maybe you could come over to our new house when we are settled in?” Wisdom added trying to end the conversation on a good note.   “Alright dear you take care of my beautiful grand kids and future grand baby.” and she hung up.

Wisdom enjoyed the meal on her own noticing it was getting darker, and darker sooner than it had ever before. Wisdom shrugged it off maybe the moon was blocking the sun or it just seemed darker than normal because she was getting tired. Footsteps came from behind her and a familiar voice, “Well hey there daughter in law. Out without the kids and hubby?” Wisdom smiled at Dawn. “Yeah kinda. I was going to meet my mom but she had to help my sister. “Well if you don’t mine a mother in law I would love to join you!” Wisdom scooted over to make room for Dawn.”

They enjoyed the food Wisdom prepared and then headed over to the water, “Another grandchild, how did I ever get so lucky?” Wisdom smiled. “I have no idea what people are talking about when they say monster in law. You are a true blessing to have around!” Wisdom and Dawn talked about life and how Wisdom was feeling. They both decided to have a get together with as much family as possible when the baby is born. It would be a great way for everyone to not only see the baby but see the house. Wisdom loved that Dawn always could put a positive spin on any situation. They finished talking and then went their separate ways.

It was still early but Wisdom thought she would try her luck at the graveyard and find a deathfish but needless to say she didn’t find what she was looking for but she started to hear suspicious noises coming from the bushes. She walked over there to see if it was the grim reaper. She wanted to thank him for giving Preston and Skyler a second chance… what she found was nothing but a shock.

Wisdom wanted to disappear before she could be seen but it was to late.  Skyler wasn’t in trouble, but why she chose the graveyard to meet a boy was what Wisdom couldn’t figure out.

“Mom, seriously what the hell. First the beach and now here. What are you doing stalking us?” Wisdom was shocked at the tone Skyler used. “Young lady I’m not following you. I’m not even mad at you. You have a boyfriend and there is nothing wrong with that. What I DO have a problem is that you are so defensive as if you are doing something wrong.” Skyler looked over at Ameen, “Mom this is Ameen. Ameen this is my mom Wisdom.” Wisdom reached out and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you. You aren’t from around here?” Wisdom asked knowing just about all the people who lived in Sunset Valley.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Turner for keeping your daughter to myself. She is quite captivating and I enjoy her company. I’m not from around here and honestly have no place to stay. She has been very kind to help me gather supplies and rough it in the outdoors. She was just trying not to make me feel anymore degraded than I already feel.” Skyler loved Ameen even more after the way he spoke to her mom. He didn’t yell and was not only kind but respectful. Wisdom smiled, We have a spare bunk in Deacons room, you don’t have to rough it anymore. We are moving soon but I’m sure we could find a place for you to stay soon.

Skyler also admired her mom, for not only being understanding but opening their home to Ameen a total stranger. Skyler remembered everything her mom did for her.

“Thank you mom… I love you!” Wisdom wished she had a recorder. Not only did her teenage daughter who had been rebelling lately she said I love you for the first time since she’s been back. “I love you too Skyler, more than you will ever understand until you are a mother yourself.” Ameen admired the beautiful moment shared between the two women. He only wished that he could do the same with his parents.

After explaining ground rules to the kids Wisdom began packing the books and found some recipe books. She wanted to make sure she knew all the recipes so that she could make more things. She was quick study and the kids fully supported her new hobby because salad, mac & cheese, and PB&J were getting old fast.


“Good morning beautiful,” Preston said in a chipper mood. “Well, good morning handsome!” She answered back. “I got offered a job at the police station I’m going down today to fill out paper work. You can quit your job now and be a full time mommy like you where with Skyler and Deacon!” Wisdom wanted to get angry but knew where Preston’s heart was. “I don’t want to quit, I love my job.” Preston looked puzzled. “Well… should we hire a baby sitter?” Wisdom shook her head quickly, “no, if anything I would rather a nanny. Someone who comes to our house and takes care of our little one. I don’t want different people coming and going out of our baby’s life.” Preston walked over to the kitchen for paper and pencil. I will look at different nanny sites online but for the time being you relax and enjoy these last moment of being pregnant we are having a baby TODAY!”

“Ok little one, anytime now we are excited to meet you!” Preston cooed at the baby. “Dear, I would LOVE to be moved into the house so we could bring our baby home to a house that’s NOT under construction.” Preston laughed, “We will silly just relax I have everything under control.”
Since heavy lifting is out of the question everyone decided it best they do the rest of the packing and moving when Wisdom was in the hospital recovering. Andrew and Fae where off looking at furniture and getting excited about the newest member that would be soon joining their family. Wisdom hated not doing anything but was able to catch up on the new hobby she acquired the night before.

It didn’t take long and baby Turner was ready to enter the world. Preston stayed very calm and drove Wisdom to the hospital. Labor took a total of 4 hours. Wisdom was very tired but couldn’t wait to hold and see her little one.

Although her pregnancy was normal and delivery went smooth doctors were baffled by the baby’s appearance. “Is she going to be ok?” Wisdom asked looking over at the doctors and nurses tending her baby girl. “We are just confused at her appearance, She’s perfectly healthy though and should be ok to go home in 2 days.” Wisdom looked over and just smiled. Preston’s genetics must till hold a genetic link to is past appearance in the afterlife. Wisdom cradled her daughter in her arms and admired her daughter. “Amily, I love you so much!”

Amily Shae Turner
7lb 2oz 19.5 inches
Mommy and baby are resting in their new home


Deacon was out searching for gems when he stumbled across something he had never seen before…

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Chapter 47:: Changes


 I don’t have anyone that proof reads my posts. If there are mistakes I apologize!

Wisdom has spent the last 2 months running between the hospital and tending the needs of her family. Preston was home after only 2 weeks. He has physical therapy once a week and is able to walk better. Skyler’s recovery time was taking longer since her body was trying to react to being human again. She refused to eat and demanded seeing random people that no one knew. Wisdom continued to work at the Science Facility thinking that she could possibly find answers for her daughter struggling with her new life.  Skyler was coming home today, and Wisdom couldn’t help but be scared. She wanted to have a peaceful home but everything was going to be new.

“Dear, She’s home!” Preston said peeking into the office. “Thanks” Wisdom got up and walked to the front door. There stood Skyler, a different Skyler than Wisdom was used to seeing. “Hi, we are so happy to have you home.” Wisdom smiled trying not to be overly excited. “Do I have anything else to wear than this?” Skyler stated looking down at her dress. “Yes, we bought you a bunch of stuff. Your room is…” Preston didn’t have time to finish. “I know where my room is, this is my house.” Preston wasn’t used to hearing Skyler talk to him that way. He stepped back realizing he was going to need to build a relationship with her again.

“Once again, welcome home. We are so happy that you are here, I’ve missed you so much.” Wisdom reached out for a hug but Skyler walked away. She glanced around the house as if trying to remember something. “You added more room’s didn’t you? Did you move my room?” Wisdom muttered out, “no, your room is in the same spot its always been. We added a room for your brother, and an office.” Skyler looked around walking towards her door running right into it. “OUCH… That HURT.” Wisdom and Preston didn’t know what to say. Skyler opened her door and quickly shut it and soon you hear it lock shut.

“Preston I’m not sure what to do. She’s so confused yet isn’t wanting help.” Wisdom tried to stay under control but she wanted to bust down Skyler’s door and shake this demon out of her and get her little girl back. “She will come around in time. She’s confused and we aren’t sure where her mind is right now. I still have nightmares.” Preston said assuring Wisdom that these things take time. “Maybe we could invite some people over and have a party of some kind?” Wisdom asked as a suggestion. “No I say if anything we keep it personal between the four of us. We don’t want to overwhelm her.” Wisdom smiled, “I’m not sure what I did without you, I love you so much!” Preston smiled, “I love you too.”

Skyler found a few things in the dresser and started to put things on. She let her hair down and looked at herself. She plopped down on the floor. “I’m not sure what I am suppose to do… I’m so confused… HELP ME!” She talked to herself as if she was talking to someone else. She pinched her thigh and bit her lip realizing she was in pain. “Life will be ok… things can be better.” she tried to assure herself.


“I know its been awhile since we have had a family meeting but there is lots going on and we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. School is starting back up in a few days. Skyler your going to be a Junior, you will have catching up to do this school year but your mother and I are here to support you fully and when you get discouraged, remember that you have lots of people who love you and support you. Deacon is entering Junior High, and will be facing lots of new challenges so we all need to be understanding of him and his life.” Preston was interrupted, “Are we done yet?” asked an impatient Skyler.

“I understand that you are board dear but you are part of the family and this information is important.” Preston added trying to not be over whelmed by Skyler’s attitude.  Wisdom soon spoke up, “We are also thinking about giving the house to Andrew and Fae as a wedding gift. Our family is going to be getting bigger soon and we are needing a bigger place.” Skyler froze. “Mom, your pregnant?”

“You couldn’t just let things be… you had to have more kids right? Make this a happy family right? Seriously… do you two understand what your doing? OH MY GOSH.” Skyler ran from the living room and slammed her door shut. Deacon stood up, “I’m going to bed now. Congratulations, I can’t believe I’m going to be a big brother!” He walked away with a big grin. “Well at least he handled it well,” Wisdom said sighing with relief. “Skyler will come around.”

Preston and Wisdom discussed a few other matters when Skyler came out of her room, “I need some air.” She walked out of the house quickly. Wisdom wanted to react but didn’t sometimes space was best. Skyler ran till her legs hurt. She soon found herself at the beach. She was enjoying watching the sun set and found some rocks to collect.

“Excuse me, do you know where I can rest for tonight?” The mans voice started Skyler and his thick accent added more curiosity to who he was. She thought to herself, if I just ignore him… he will go away. After a bit of silence to voice came again and this time much closer and in a different language one she couldn’t understand but he spoke it fluently.

It might sound odd but she didn’t feel scared but more comforted by this stranger. She turned around with a smile, “Hi I’m Skyler, We don’t get many outside visitors we have a small B&B but it’s already occupied at the time.” Skyler said in an informative voice.

“Oh dear… is there a place I could camp out? I’m not much of an adventure Sim but if its for one night I think I could manage.” He said looking a tad worried. “I know… there is a place, well um, My mom and I used to,” Skyler paused for a moment, “My mother and I used to camp there all the time. I will show you!” She called a cab and they headed to the spot. “You are very kind, I will repay you. My name is Ameen.” He spoke clear English despite his accent.

“Oh my this had changed.” Skyler looked around hardly recognizing the place she once called home. The garden her mom worked so hard to keep alive and flourished was dying down and only a few plants remained. The pond was lively with fish and that made Skyler feel a little bit better. “I remember my mom teaching me to fish here. She actually planted this garden over here. There used to be a lot more.” Skyler added looking around. “Its very beautiful, but I don’t see shelter. Oh my what have I done?” Skyler turned to face Ameen wondering if he was asking her the question but it was evident something was bothering him something he didn’t want to share.

Ameen and Skyler sat down, “You traveled alone?” Skyler asked. “Yes, I’m not used to living this way but I guess I need to get used to it fast.” Ameen sat down next to Skyler. “I have a home but my mom and dad informed me we are moving. I’m not sure if we are moving to a new town, or just a new house but still I hate that I just started getting used to things and they throw me several curve balls.”

“My parents are… very controlling I couldn’t handle it so I ran away. I landed in Bridgeport but I couldn’t  fit in. I couldn’t even find someone to talk to or ask for directions. They were all so busy and not paying attention. I then found an art shop and sold some paintings to pay a taxi to get to a smaller town. I don’t think my parents will look for me here.” Skyler admired Ameens will power and the way he stood up for himself. “You might not feel adventurous but you are very much so that and more. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that but I bet it was fun.” Skyler added. Ameen shrugged his shoulders, “I better get a shelter built before it gets darker.”

Ameen looked tired, Skyler stared into his eyes and she thought about all that he had been through to get to this point of his journey, “Come with me Ameen, you can stay in my room. I will sneak you in and then lock my door my parents will never find out. We can then spend tomorrow figuring out a long term living quarters for you.” Ameen smiled at Skyler’s statement. “I don’t want to intrude.”

Skyler leaned in for a hug, “You have an affect on me Ameen, you make me feel safe and I want you to feel safe. Please come with me? Your not intruding I promise.” She asked.

A taxi pulling up to the house would be obvious so they opted to walk home. They talked the whole way. Skyler found out the Ameen was from Egypt and he wouldn’t be surprised if his family had already started looking for him. Skyler had a hard time understanding if his family was already looking for him he was very loved and for what reason would he have to run away? She felt he was keeping something from her but she let it be for now there was plenty of time for them to talk and get to know one another.

They arrived at Skyler’s house and it was quiet. She got in the house making quite a bit of noise letting her parents know she was home. She then slipped away quickly to her room where she let Ameen in through her window. They sat on her bed and talked all night long.  Ameen was asleep first. Skyler had time to lock her door and cuddle up next to him. He shifted his weight allowing room for her to lay next to him. She slept peacefully for the first night since she returned from the dead.

Its official we are expecting a little miracle. Due to arrive later this month! We are VERY excited ^_^

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Chapter 46: Deadly Encounter

Congratulations to Adabelle and Cole on the arrival of their THREE little girls
Baby 1 Ebony – Baby 2  Ivory – Puppy Ladybug 
Everyone is home and resting comfortably. Adabelle and Cole are blessed to have
four healthy children and an adorable new puppy to add to their family of 4 cats.

BIG NEWS Ea has announced that Seasons will be released on November 13, 2012
And with seasons comes… ALIENS among lots of other things.

New to the Sims 3 store is Date Night!

Wisdom’s favorite time of the day is in the morning when she tends her garden. Its growing rapidly and she’s working on finding more rare seeds to plant. “I sure do miss my money tree.” She said while watering the watermelons. She heard Andrews truck pulling up. He’s not been living with her for several weeks now. The house is far to quiet with it being to herself now that Deacon is off to level up camp. He’s written a few letters about the kids he’s meeting and of course being with his best friend Trent helps out a lot. She heard Andrew go into the house and it didn’t bother her since he has a house key and he lived here for several months after Preston and Skyler’s death.

“THERE YOU ARE!” Andrews voice rang as he ran towards Wisdom. Wisdom didn’t budge much, “Whats going on Andrew. Fae getting cold feet about marrying you next month?” Andrew didn’t respond but was very serious. “Where is your phone?” he asked looking down at Wisdom’s pocket as if wanting to check her pockets. “I’m not sure, must have left it inside why? Everything ok?” Andrew tried to catch his breath before speaking and spoke softly.

“I’m not sure how to say this but, you remember how mad you were the other night when Lonnie came over speaking that he would do anything in his power to bring Preston and Skyler back?” Wisdom sighed, “Really Andrew he was blowing smoke, don’t let it bother you.” Andrew stepped closer to Wisdom as if trying to get her to stop working and listen to him. “NO… that’s the thing Wisdom, I just got a phone call from the hospital. Preston and Skyler are there recovering from the science labs treatment. They wouldn’t tell me much since I’m not a blood relative but they tried calling you for an hour and gave up and called me.

 Wisdom dropped her watering can, “ANDREW… You better not be joking or I will probably never talk to you again.” Andrew shook his head frantically “No this isn’t a joke, look… Andrew showed Wisdom his phone and the call from the hospital that lasted 5 minutes. “My family…” Wisdom held out the vowels as she spoke. “Do you want me to drive?” Andrew asked getting out his keys.

 Wisdom’s emotions got the best of her and Andrew got slightly emotional as well even though he didn’t begin to cry he looked as if he wanted to. “Wisdom… its ok. Can you believe they are only a few minutes away. I can drive you, let me drive you.” Wisdom ran inside and grabbed her phone and keys. There were 4 missed calls from the hospital but no voice mails. Wisdom looked up at Andrew, “No I want to drive. Fae can come pick you up if I’m there to late but if this is real I don’t want to leave there side for a single moment. Andrew understood and followed behind Wisdom as she walked out to her car. “You be good Teddy.” Andrew said to Wisdom’s dog and threw her a, we are going away treat. He had no idea how long they would be gone. He also sent a quick text to Fae asking if she could check on Teddy in 5 hours.

As Wisdom drove she began to question if she should be driving. She was shaking and her emotions were on high. “Andrew is this a dream?” She asked needing reassurance. Andrew spoke, “No” Was all he could mutter. The drive that normally took around 6 minutes felt as though it was taking longer. There seemed to feel as though there were more stop lights and stop signs than normal.

 When they arrived they RAN through the hospital doors, “Hi I’m Wisdom Turner. I’m here to see… Preston and Skyler Turner.” Wisdom couldn’t help but pause before saying their names. The receptionist turned towards her computer and started typing. “Alrighty then I just need to see an ID Mrs. Turner.” Wisdom reached in her back pocket. “My ID? Why do you need an ID?” Wisdom handed it over. “You too sir, the receptionist said to Andrew.” She then added, “Since their condition is so rare we have to limit the visitors and we wanted to make sure the people who were suppose to see them get to see them. But you are both fine and here are your ID’s back. They are in rooms 225 and 227. Take this elevator up and give this to the nurses station they will then walk you to their rooms.” The receptionist smiled. “Thank you” Wisdom said looking to make sure Andrew was ready to go upstairs.

They entered the floor and a nurse greeted them, “Hi, we are happy you could finally make it they are right through here. The nurse opened the door and revealed Preston sitting in a chair looking over at Skyler’s bed where she laid peacefully. Wisdom fell to Prestons knee’s in tears. “Is this a dream?” Preston stroked his wife’s face, “No its a dream come true.”

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Chapter 45:: Happily Ever After

RELEASED July 10, 2012

“Nothing says SUMMER like camping out, wouldn’t you agree?”  Wisdom asked as she sat down after starting the fire. “Seriously why did it take us this long to think of it?” Adabelle added eating the first smore of the night. The mom’s sat around the fire pit while the kids played in the sprinkler. Wisdom looked around remembering her homeless days and what a nightmare it was to live. Its probably why she waited so long to camp out. “I think its great to get the kids together,” Another mom added interrupting Wisdom’s thoughts.

Wisdom’s Lawyer and now good friend poked the logs in the fire pit, “Well I know some of us haven’t met yet so let me go first with introductions. I’m Shaine, Wisdom and I met when she needed help with the paternity test for her daughter Skyler. I have a daughter Yasmine, who is here and she’s actually dating Adabelle’s son Charlie.” Wisdom smiled glancing over at Adabelle whispering, “Charlie’s dating? Oh wow… life would be different if Skyler was still around.” Adabelle just smiled. Shaine, took a sip of her coffee and continued. “I was actually invited by not only Wisdom but by Adabelle too.” 

What a small world it can be, Elli said looking at Wisdom remembering their shady past of living with Wisdom’s half sister Kestell, and Elli making living conditions hard on Wisdom thinking she wanted to be with her boyfriend when in reality it was just a misunderstanding. “I’ll go next, after college Kinnick and I decided it was time to start a family we tried for several years and considered adoption. With fertility treatments being expensive and risky and Kinnick is now older we used a sargent and we received our 3 children Lenna, Kevin, are twins and Jenta who is still a toddler. We are blessed each day that we have with them since their presence was something we didn’t see. This outing is something we have longed to have for years and having it is a dream come true. Wisdom loved hearing Elli speak of her love for her kids and Kinnick.

Megan smiled and spoke up, Well in high school I got pregnant with and older man and we wanted to make things work we went on to have 3 more kids together only for him to cheat on me with someone younger. We got divorced and he’s had 2 kids and 1 miscarrage with his current wife BUT I’ve re married to an amazing man Nick and we have 5 kids together. I brought my daughter Christa, leaving the older and younger kids at home. I’m also a GRANDMA! My oldest daughter is married and has a daughter Julianne. They live in California so I don’t see them often. She smiled and sat back in her chair as if giving the floor to the next mom.

Wisdom knew everyone so she didn’t think an introduction was needed but before she could say that Adabelle chimed in. “I’m Wisdom’s cousin but more than that we are best friends. We spent everyday together since we were young and we are are still close to this day. I have 2 boys but… I’m expecting baby #3 and we are thinking we might be having a little girl this time but we aren’t finding out and so only time will tell.” All the moms smiled, offered congratulations, and a few giggled with excitement. Wisdom faked a smile not because she wasn’t happy for her friend but because her life had taken just a drastic turn from where she saw things that it was hard for her not to think that she too should be announcing a pregnancy.

Wisdom got lost in thought picturing her and Preston with their 5 kids and surprise baby on the way. The house was crowded but happy. She came back to reality with Adabelle’s voice sounding concerned… “Wisdom? You ok?” Wisdom turned to face her friend. “Yes just haunted by memories is all.” She took a sip of her tea and walked away from the fire pit. Adabelle stood quickly to follow Wisdom.

“You sure your ok? I know that you miss them and I know that its hard looking at others and seeing their lives but you have forgotten all the wonderful things you have. Look at him Wisdom… He’s smart, beautiful, funny, much like his dad and sister. You might not have what you thought you were going to have but you have more than others. I couldn’t imagine being you and what you have been through but you have managed to make it without hesitation.” Wisdom interrupted, “I’m happy for you and I do understand my situation and what all it entails. I just want my happily ever after like everyone else who spoke does. When is it my turn?”

Adabelle hugged her friend, “Your turn is right now Wisdom, your living your turn. You have control of your own happily ever after. Deacon will be gone for 3 weeks, what are you going to do in that time?” “probably nothing,” Wisdom said continuing the embrace from her dear friend. “NOPE, You are going to get all dolled up and go out. There is a new casino out, we can go rock climbing…” Wisdom glared at the WE can go rock climbing, “ok sorry YOU can go rock climbing and I can watch from afar as you flirt with the guy climbing next to you. Live your life Wisdom and stop living in memories or how you wish things had been. Deacon is here and needs you to be present. His getting into trouble is him screaming out for you to notice him.” 

Wisdom looked over at Deacon playing with his friends, “Hes a good kid Wisdom.” Adabelle added before she walked away. Wisdom just stood staring at Deacon. Adabelle was right, a happily ever after isn’t created over night and you have to allow your happily ever after to happen when its ready to come knocking.  The moms gathered the kids for a group picture. The kids couldn’t stop giggling with getting sprinkled with water.

Charlie and Yasmine enjoyed the hot tub when Charlie shot out. “Everything ok?” Yasmine asked “No, come on I need to talk to you.” They walked over closer to the woods. Yasmine was a little worried. She didn’t know what to expect.

“I picked these for you earlier, do you like them?” Yasmine screamed, “OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM!” Her mom came running and realized her scream was a good one. She waved Adabelle so they could spy on the to teenagers. Adabelle whispered, “He told me he was going to do this. I’m glad I get to see him ask her.” Adabelle began to smile. “What? Ask her what?” Shaine said in wonder. “Just watch.”

“Close your eyes… I just need to take you a few steps away.” Charlie stated holding Yasmine close.

“Candle’s?” Yasmine questioned as she opened her eyes. “I know I shouldn’t have done this… never mind.” Charlie began to walk away and Yasmine stopped him. “No, Its fine. I just need help understanding is all,” Yasmine smiled. “Well it says, U… Me PROM?” Yasmine gasped…. I LOVE IT… YES! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else!” She hugged him tight. Both Adablle and Shaine smiled in a distance and walked away. Charlie and Yasmine picked up the candles knowing that a few of the kids and adults were going to be taking a fishing lesson from Wisdom.

 An Hour Later

 The group of kids and adults were ready to go fishing. Adabelle and Kayla (Trenton’s mom) wanted to learn the fishing skill. Wisdom demonstrated and helped everyone get their lines ready. Deacon was having a few problems so she got closer to him, “Here honey don’t rush your line. You need to slow down a bit… yes, yes like that good job!” Deacon looked up at his mom, “thanks”

“Mom who taught you to fish?” Deacon asked throwing his line out once again, “I learned at level up camp. I can’t remember how high I got my fishing skill up but I do know I was the last to catch a fish and I hated fishing but your dad told me I could do it, so I proved he was right. Your dad was very good at that, telling me I could do anything and not allowing me to settle for anything less than my best.” Deacon smiled, “I love dad… is that weird?” Wisdom shook her head, “no its not weird. Your dad was amazing and he loved you more than anything. We always planned to have a big family so you were wanted by him. You are loved by him too.”  Deacon got excited, “MOM… MOM… I think I got one.” Deacon struggled with his line out of pure excitement. He figured it out and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his fish.

“Really, you are the little fish that gave me trouble?” He spoke to the fish as if it could respond with an answer. The fish began to flip and Deacon threw it back into the water. “You get bigger now you hear?” He yelled at the fish watching it swim out of sight. Wisdom hugged Deacon, “I’m so proud of you. Before you know it you will have your fishing mastered too!” Wisdom went on to help a few of the others who were having issues.


“OK KIDS… FIND A SPOT TO SIT AND ENJOY THE SHOW!” The kids all ran to find a spot as the adults light the fire works. Wisdom couldn’t help but feel as though Adabelle’s advice couldn’t have come at a better time. While eating dinner she received a text from a guy she met at the dog park last week asking if she would be interested to go out for dinner. As the kids ate their smores enjoying the fireworks. Wisdom was able to text, Sure… how about Monday night. She would have to take Deacon to the airport but it would give her plenty of time to get dressed up.

Deacon then pulled on his mom’s shirt, “I saved a spot for you mom.” Wisdom smiled and followed her son to the spot he made up for the two of them. Wisdom’s heart began to flutter similar to the one she felt when she would see Preston . Her happily ever after was turning out to be pretty good.


Deacon Simse, Dylan Simses’ Sim that he created to model his toddler poses. He is now Deacon’s best friend.

Authors Notes: Thank you for reading. I’m very happy to have this post out and I’m not going to focus on length as much as I want to focus on getting the story told. If a chapter needs to be long it will be and if it needs to be short it will be. I do enjoy your comments and I have a few questions to parent to and you can answer by commenting below.

Question – When did you start reading my blog and why have you continued to read it?

I will select different answer/s and post them at the end of my next post as well as a new question. Thank you for reading!

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Chapter 44:: Adventures Await

SUPERNATURAL, Coming September 4, 2012

Zombies, Witches, Ware-wolves, Fairies, and SO MUCH MORE.

Target was selling Sweet Treats for $18.00.

The clicking from Wisdom’s keyboard was fast and furious as she was searching different sites on things to keep Deacon busy during summer break, “Deacon come to the office dear!” Wisdom called. Deacon got into the office making sure to check his hair in the mirror before entering the room, “What mom?” He said slightly annoyed. “I’m looking for things to keep you busy this summer break and out of your trouble maker tendencies and found that there is going to be a level up camp in China this year. You will only be gone for a few weeks but this will help you work on different skills or even improve on some that you have already been working on.” Wisdom turned to see his facial reaction.

“CHINA… Your sending me to CHINA? What did I do wrong. Well other than tee-peeing Mr. Joe Hanson’s yard and un hooking Bobbies wheels to his bike, and…” Wisdom soon interrupted Deacon, “Maybe you should stop yourself there. You and Trent have gotten into quite a heap of trouble already this summer and I’m afraid your pushing it a bit far. Your going to this camp to work on things to help you be productive AND your going with a group of 4-5 kids so you could make some new friends along the way.” Deacon shrugged, “Whatever mom,”

“You know better than to speak to me like that. I expect you to spend time in your room thinking of polite things to say and not these rude, harsh words that you know are not proper to use.” Wisdom glanced at her son giving him the , you know better look,. He left and pulled the door behind him but it didn’t close completely. Soon Wisdom’s phone started to go off. She peeked at the phone glancing quickly she saw it was Adabelle. The text read,
-MISSING YOU, how about a back yard camp out with the kids. I have some exciting news and LOTS of catching up. –

Wisdom picked up her phone quickly and called her dear friend. “I love the idea for a back yard camp out but maybe we could check out Jester Park and see if we can get a camp site there. The kids can fish and I could invite a few other families and see if  we could get more kids there.”  There was a brief silence when Adabelle said, “Sure thing that sounds great. I think it will be great and Jester Park is perfect. I know the owner of the land out there I might get a discount or something so I’m going to contact him tonight and fill you in on the information.” The two girls kept talking about other things when Wisdom heard a little girls voice in the background and thought instantly of Skyler. Wisdom quickly pushed the thought out of her mind and then finished her conversation and hung up.

She decided to peek in on Deacon and saw him on his hand held device playing a game.  “Sorry mom, I love you and I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful but I don’t think I would like China, I don’t speak their language and will I be with kids I know?” Wisdom shrugged, “I don’t know who will be in your group, they try to put kids with similar interests together. But it doesn’t always happen. Keep your chin up and think about the adventure and not the things you can’t control.”

Deacon hugged his mom and went back to his game. The knock on the door made Wisdom’s eyes roll, “What now, she muttered to herself.”  Walking quickly to the door she saw that it had the body figure of a man. She hesitated for a minute to answer but when another knock came it made her jump enough to open the door abruptly. “How can… I … help you, Lonnie?” She said drug out and confused. “Can we talk, please let me come in and talk. Wisdom opened the door more and gestured for him to enter the house. “What do you need Lonnie, I don’t want to give you more time than I already have.

Lonnie looked so nervous. “I went through her box, Skyler was a remarkable girl and I wish I had given her a chance. I do know that I never dreamed that she and Preston would die suddenly and before I could tell her that’s I’m proud of her.” He paused for a moment realizing Wisdom was getting irritated. “I want to help in some way… I know its late but I want to know if there is anything I can do for you.” Lonnie stepped backwards almost feeling the tension in the room. Wisdom took a deep breath, “Lonnie, I’m glad you feel better but unless you have $40,000 there is nothing that you can do to help. And I’m not asking you to get that money to me.” Lonnie stood confused. “Well if you had $40,000 how would it help?” Wisdom blinked slowly fighting back emotion, “I would be able to make my family complete again.” She walked away quickly trying to avoid the sensitive topic.

Lonnie went to follow her and she turned quickly, “Lonnie, I know what it took for you to come here and offer to help but honestly when we were dating you didn’t need me and now I don’t need you. Please leave before my son hears you and comes out and things get awkward. Lonnie hugged Wisdom good bye, “I do want to help you. And I will get you the money you need even if I have to work 3 jobs you will get the money your need.” He left quickly and before Wisdom could respond.

Wisdom stood dumb founded thinking to herself, “Who does he think he is? Now he decides to care? The nerve that man has I swear…” Her thoughts were interrupted by Deacon throwing his back pack and sleeping bag on the floor. “So when do I leave for China?” Wisdom turned started at the sound of enthusiasm he expressed in his voice, “Well next week they are taking the first group down and they have a few openings. I can get you into that one if you like?” Deacon smiled, “That would be perfect! Trent’s mom is going to send him too and I hope we can both go at the same time.” Wisdom rolled her eyes. Well you and Trenton BETTER stay out of trouble because rules are different in other countries and you don’t want too get yourself into to much trouble and never be welcomed back.

Deacon chuckled plopping on the couch, “oh yeah mom I’m going to get kicked out of China.”

THANK YOU- Thank you for reading this post. An exciting fact about it is that I’m currently in West Virginia with my dearest friend Jamee Snuffer the author of  the Medieval Series. I’m having a great time but like most things they have to come to an end at some point. I head home to Iowa (about 4 states away) on Tuesday June 19, 2012! I’ve enjoyed my time with Jamee and her amazing family. Thank you Jamee Snuffer! 

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Chapter 43:: Spot Light

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This is one of the pictures I submitted! 

Wisdom and Deacon began learning how cut throat the modeling field was but managed to fit in well enough that Deacon was becoming quite popular and would be requested to do certain modeling gigs. He also made a new friend while modeling the directors son Trent.

Chad, the director, pulled Wisdom aside to explain what all was expected of Deacon today.  “He had a temperature last night and so he might be needing a nap if the first photo shoot goes to late.”  Wisdom explained to Chad. “What do I look like a doctor, if he’s here he needs to be ready and if he’s not then we will find another kid who’s healthy when he’s expected to work.” Chad stormed off leaving Wisdom flustered. “You ok Wis?” Andrew asked comforting her. “Did I make a mistake Andrew, am I pushing to much on Deacon?” She said in a shy, quiet voice. “He’s fine and  if his modeling isn’t needed here because he’s sick then maybe this agency isn’t for him. There are plenty of other places for him to go to peruse this.” Andrew stated glancing up catching Fae’s eye. She’s the young photographer who was captivated by Deacons spark at the beach, Fae smiled at him. Wisdom realized that Andrew’s attention was no longer on her and she turned to see what caught his eye.

  “For crying out loud go talk to her. You two flirt back and forth constantly but never muster up the nerve to actually talk. After her shift is over I’m going to get a cab and you ask her out. There is no way I’m going to stand here and allow you two to keep kidding yourselves.” Wisdom said with a smile. “Well fine I will but you sure you want to take a cab?” Wisdom nodded her head and walked over to Deacon to get him prepared for his first photo shoot.  Trent and Deacon where dressed and ready to go. Chad told the mom’s to take a seat and walked over to the boys.

“LOOK HERE BOYS!” called Chad. The boys started dancing and mimicking gestures shown to them. Fae didn’t stop taking pictures she didn’t want to risk missing the shot that would make the ad.  She gets a big bonus check if her photo is chosen. After a straight 3 minutes of pictures Chad yelled out, “DONE!” and cut the music and lights. He turned the lights back on giving people a chance to move scared of what they could run into if they moved when the lights are out but its a good way for Chad to get his point across that he’s done and wants to move on.

Next on the list of Deacon’s photos was the jean diaper. A neat promotion that Pampers is doing to help other countries have diapers for their babies. Deacon was starting to get fussy, so Fae did her best to get the pictures she needed but he was ready to be done. “One more Deacon your doing great buddy!” coached Fae trying to comfort Deacon. Yet feeling the pressure of her boss and a crush looking over her shoulder.

Deacon finished the photoshoot and then sat in his director chair watching his friend Trent take his turn on getting pictures taken. They had to wait to make sure that there were enough pictures taken to submit to the different company’s. “Its a wrap, and we will be in touch for other gigs that fit Deacon or that he’s requested for as we get them.” Chad shook Violet’s hand and left the room while talking on his cell phone.

“Please excuse my husband, he’s not always this way but work seems to bring out  the jerk in him. I’m Kayla, Trent’s mom I was hoping you and Deacon could join us for lunch in the park. We were planning to have a picnic.”  Wisdom wanted to say no do to Deacons not feeling well but with him being cooped up indoors most of the time getting outside could be good for him.

“That sounds wonderful, Deacon’s not been feeling 100% but I think some fresh air will do him good.” Wisdom said with a smile. Wisdom added, “I need to run home and get a few things but I will meet you at the park, did you have one in mind or just central park?” Kayla thought for a moment, “Central park would be perfect. I need to collect some common seeds since my harvest is running low.” The statement confused Wisdom. A high class woman who is quite wealthy does her own gardening? That’s not something you find everyday. “See you at Central,” Kayla walked away waving. Andrew ran over to Wisdom. “I have a date! We are going to go out for dinner tonight. She has a part time job she has to go work at now but is available at 7:00 tonight.” Andrew said with excitement.

Wisdom took a cab home to get her car and then headed to the park. She also brought some fruit salad she had made up the morning. When arriving to the park Kayla and Trent where already there and setting up the picnic blanket and food. “Over here Wisdom!” shouted Kayla as she waved. The picnic was wonderful and Kayla really did a great job setting things up to make it a classy picnic. There were real dishes not the paper stuff you throw away later. It appeared to be quite upscale with the cloth napkins and all. They each had glasses with straws. A cute thing that Kayla added to the cups were cup cake foil that covered the top of the cup with the straw sticking out so that bugs didn’t get in. “That’s a neat idea Kayla what made you think of it?” Wisdom asked admiring the picnic setting. “Its a trick my mom did. I’m the middle child of 7 kids we didn’t have lots of things others had so we found things to save money. Water bottles are expensive and not good for the environment so we did this instead. We did this for outdoor picnics all the time and it just stuck with me I guess.”  The boys ate quickly and were ready to play. Wisdom and Kayla didn’t eat much but they are used to not eating much with toddlers in the house. They headed to the play equipment. “So, you only have Trent? or do you have other kids too?” Wisdom asked getting Deacon situated.

“Yes, just Trent we are talking about having more but we just moved here and want to settle in before adding more children to our household. I won’t be having 7 though. At most we would like  3 children. Chad would love 3 boys. And you only have Deacon?” Kayla asked sweetly. “He has an older sister Skyler but she was killed by a meteor. Her and Deacon’s father died on my wedding night. It was quite awful and I was devastated. I had Deacon after his father passed away but he reminds me a lot of his sister and dad.”  Wisdom said drifting off in thought. “I’m so sorry Wisdom, you lost a child and husband all on what should have been the happiest day of your life. That’s unimaginable.”

 “If it weren’t for Andrew and Deacon I would have lost my mind by now. Deacon is a great reminder that even in the darkest of times there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would do anything to have Skyler and Preston back in my life but in order to use the science facility it costs over $20,000 per person you want to TRY to bring back. And half the time it only brings back their spirit. I have everything I need to make ambrosia but I need their ghosts to be brought back before I can even make it. Oh listen to me going off about the impossible.” Wisdom smiled and  turned her attention towards Trent, “Are you having fun buddy?”  Trent giggled and said “yes ma’am”

Wisdom and Kayla enjoyed talking about gardening among with other things they have in common. They boys liked finding seeds and sitting by them almost as if playing a game.

They finished collecting seeds when Kayla mentioned that she needed to go. “It was great hanging out and we should do it more often.” She picked up Trent and headed out of the park. “Ok Deacon you need a bath and then a nap.”

“Splish, splash little man!” Wisdom sang as the tub filled. Deacon giggled until it came time to flatten his hair. “Oh just wait, I can spike it up after we are done?” Deacon smiled, “YAY, I LOVE YOU MOMMY!” Wisdom chuckled, “I love you too.”

After playing for a bit Wisdom pulled him out of his warm bath to dry him off. He smelled so sweet after she lathered him in baby lotion. “Can you be any cuter Deacon?” Wisdom pulled him pulled him closer for a hug. The thought of him growing up wasn’t something Wisdom liked. She would often think of Skyler and what she would be doing in her ballet, piano, singing, and girl scouts. What would Preston be doing for a career after leaving the Military. Living life in the what if was all Wisdom had left of Skyler and Preston. Their voices were becoming harder and harder for her to recall. “Mommy ok?” Deacon asked as Wisdom began to tear up. “Of course I’m ok, I just don’t know if I want you to grow up… how about you stay small forever!” Wisdom suggested in a joking tone. “NOOOOOO I wanna be a BIG BOY!” Deacon said wiggling out of Wisdom’s arms.  “I guess I’ll allow it.” Wisdom said following Deacon.

Wisdom tucked Deacon in bed and read him his favorite book, she then walked out of the room and just stared at Skyler’s door. She hadn’t been in there since Skyler died. She wasn’t sure if she could do it but an energy she couldn’t explain pushed her towards the door. And soon she was standing face to face with it.

Wisdom said a prayer, “Dear God, If you could bring her back would you? If you could make this all a nightmare and have her sitting on the floor playing would you?” Without closing the prayer she opened the door and walked in.

Wisdom looked at Skyler’s tiny ballet shoes and dance trophy. Her favorite music sprawled out on her dresser. Wisdom put in one of the CD’s that was a self made CD. Wisdom put it in the player and just relaxed on Skyler’s bed to listen. But what came on was something that became Wisdom’s favorite CD. She could just picture her little girl dancing in the room while creating her own CD of favorite songs in her singing voice. Wisdom then finished her prayer…

“If there is a way to bring them back would you do it?”

Thank you for reading and I’m sorry that this had such a delay, I’ve been so busy and stressed with life. I became quite down and  to depressed to even load my game. I’m feeling better but still have a few flare ups of being down but I’m happy to be able to get a post out and start June off on a great note. Thank you for waiting and being patient with me. I hope to be better at getting these out without huge spaces between them.

Please enjoy the following pictures!

Andrew and Fae’s date went well. They are now dating and eager to not slow down their relationship there.

Despite Wisdom’s wishful thinking Deacon did age up…

into a healthy, happy, intelligent child.

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Chapter 42:: Introduction

~Wisdom’s Point of View~
WARNING: More pictures than actual writing, I’ve been very busy and this post was
needing to get out sooner than later so PLEASE bare with me! 

(Thank you to everyone who requested names and it was a hard choice but I decided on Dylan Simse’s suggested name Deacon)

Waking up in the early mornings  when I hear Deacon’s cries isn’t hard. I actually lay awake waiting for him to call me into help tend his every need. “Deacon, hey handsome,” I whisper as I slowly creep into his room trying not to startle him. He continued to fuss while he sucked on his wrist a known sign that he’s hungry. I smile as lean over his crib and lift him gently.

I’m reminded of both Skyler and Preston when I look into Deacon’s eyes. His coos are priceless and his every need is met immediately. Our bond is stronger than most mothers have for their child. To bad these are just distant memories to him being so little.


Wisdom closed the book of photos and captains reminding her of Deacon’s baby days that are now no longer her reality. A spunky, wild, FUN toddler is now running round her house keeping her busy.

“Deacon, time to go. The beach is waiting!” Wisdom called out looking around the room to find where the giggles where coming from. “There you are, ready to go?” Deacon climbed out of the toy box and reached up for Wisdom to pick him up, “BEACH TIME!” he shouted.

Wisdom swooped him up and tickled his bare tummy. She strives to give him an adventure everyday and never take a second of being with him for granted.  Wisdom gathered their beach bag and walked to the park.

The beach was fairly quiet for such a nice evening but Wisdom figured it would be a good to have less people there. “What do you think Deacon? Isn’t it pretty?” Wisdom asked walking over to the warm sand. “PLAY IN SAND!” Deacon screamed out.

“Mommy, this is fun!” Deacon said with a giggle. Wisdom clapped her hands to the song the little sea horse sang while it blew bubbles.

Wisdom didn’t realize the fair skinned woman sitting on a beach chair behind them until the woman spoke up, “What a handsome son you have. I bet your told this a lot but have you thought about putting him the modeling career?” The woman stood up making Wisdom curious she picked Deacon up and turned to talk to the friendly stranger.

“Sorry if I’m imposing, My name is Amy, I’m currently working for a modeling agency that is new to town. I’m needing to help find fresh young faces for a few jobs that are open for toddlers. Is not easy finding unique toddlers but your son has a photogenic face and unique features. Is his hair natural?” Amy asked.

“His hair is natural, its from his father’s side. He is a happy toddler who loves to smile.” Wisdom said bouncing him on her hip. “Can I take some pictures of him to show my boss?” Amy asked reaching for her camera bag. Wisdom was skeptical, “What company do you work for? Do you have a business card.” She asked questioning how truthful this sim was being. “We are a company that is based out of Bridgeport called Star Quality or SQ for short.” Amy handed Wisdom a few magazines, business cards, and employee applications.

“Oh yes! I’ve heard of you before. You guys do lots of young talent things more than just modeling correct.” Wisdom said with a bit of excitment. “Yes, and we started to expand our business and we branched out to Sunset Valley first. We have worked with lot of the 100 baby challenge mom’s and we thought that here would be a good place to run into some.” Amy explained. “I’m not a 100 baby challenge mom but I’m the 101st baby from Violet Newbie Lemi’s baby challenge. This is my son Deacon and we would be honored to have a few of his pictures submitted to your company.”

Wisdom got Deacon into position and then stepped back, “He looks great Wisdom.” Amy said getting a new memory card in her camera. Wisdom sat back and filled out the information sheet and application while Amy got to work. “Look here Deacon give me a big smile.” She would make funny voices to get his attention but also just observed him and what he did on his own.

Amy took several shots of Deacon and a few of  Deacon with Wisdom. “I will e-mail these to you even if we choose to go another way, but he did amazing and I can’t see us not wanting him. And you can go home talk it over with your husband and realize this isn’t for you we will give you all rights to your photos and not use them with no questions asked.” Amy was kind and handled herself well. Wisdom and Deacon thanked her for taking pictures and they headed home.


“How was your day at the beach?” Andrew asked getting inside from taking care of the animals. “It was fun wasn’t it Deacon?” Wisdom looked over at Deacon filling his face with oat meal. “Amy took pictures!” Deacon spoke up almost as if reminding Wisdom. “Amy? Who’s Amy?” Wisdom closed the refrigerator, “She’s an employee at SQ, Star Quality, she saw Deacon and thought he would be a great model for a few projects they have coming up.”

“Do you think its a good idea to expose him to this so young?” Wisdom asked preparing dinner. “Well, I think that its up to you really. He’s a cute kid and he’s great to be around. Maybe it would be a good thing for both of you.”

“Thanks Andrew, I need another opinion on this. I’m used to being a single mom but its harder this time in some ways since Deacons dad was a great man who wanted him more than anything.” Wisdom tried hard not to get chocked up. “I think your doing a great job with Deacon and this is a great opportunity for him.” Andrew said comforting Wisdom.

Andrew took Deacon into the other room to practice walking. Deacon is so close to doing it without help. “Andrew, if they call back do you mind going with us to the photo shoot. I just want an extra set of eyes and ears there with me.” Wisdom said getting dinner finished. “Yes, I would be happy to join you if that’s what you wish.”

They finished dinner and cleaned things up Deacon had his bed time story read to him and he was so tried he was almost completely out in Wisdom’s arms. She carried him to his crib laying him down gently he woke up suddenly. “Night night kisses?” He said looking up at Wisdom.

While watching Deacon fall back asleep Wisdom heard her phone ringing from the living room. She didn’t want to rush and so she took her time. When she heard the beep that she had a voice mail it made her think it was an emergency so she left Deacons side to go check it.

Before listening to the voice mail she called the number back, she didn’t recognize it but thought it could be the agency. It rang a few times and then a bubbly teenager sounding voice came on the phone, “STAR QUALITY agency where you can go from a nothing so something over night how can I direct your call?”

“Hello, this is Wisdom Turner and you just called me?’ The voice spoke up quickly, “yes Hi Mrs. Turner, we are happy to inform you that Mr. Swail loved the pictures Amy brought in of your son… Deacon. We would like to set up an appointment for Deacon to have a photo shoot next week. We have a few other clients we need to schedule as well we will be in touch check your e-mail for more information and the pictures taken today.

“Thank you so much we”  The girl on the other end hung up the phone before Wisdom could finish her statement. She then put it away and headed to bed. “Preston watch over your son, he’s going to be needing a guardian angel if he chooses this industry for his future life style.”

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my little update. I’m excited to have so many amazing fans and friends who make writing enjoyable. Here are Amy’s pictures of Deacon taken at the beach and other random pictures taken in my game and a friends town that she has in my game.

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