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Author Archives: Sims Fan

About Sims Fan

I'm a big fan of sims and have been playing for 12 years. Sims 3 has been a blast playing that I decided to take it a few steps farther and start blogging. Who knew how much fun that would be. I have 2 blogs with blogger but wanted to make this account for my NEW challenges. ENJOY and please leave feedback. Its kinda like when people recommend your uploads.

Jumping Forward?

Tweet I’m getting back into writing and yes I kinda left the last story hanging and for that I apologize. But guess what… a new story is coming. I had to order a new Sims 3 disc and I’m getting my computer repaired on Monday (March 19th 2018) Not sure how long its going to … Continue reading »

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Chapter 50: A New Generation

Tweet Skyler’s POV Making it through college wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Ameen was a wonderful support and always reminded me that in the end this will be so helpful starting off higher in the Journalism career. Didn’t take us long to pack everything and move back home… my home. Ameen was feeling so … Continue reading »

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Chapter 49:: A Fresh Start

Tweet Thank you Lattesandcoco, These are so great and I can’t wait to add them to the new house. Wisdom had Prom, I actually wish I had taken more time to prepare for it but anyway I was pretty excited to see that she won PROM QUEEN! She gets it from her mom ^_^ I … Continue reading »

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Chapter 48:: A Bundle of Joy

Tweet “I know I’ve let my gardening slide with this pregnancy but here you can have one of these bell peppers. I’m going to miss this garden but I know Fae has a green thumb and will tend its needs better than I am.” Wisdom got down and started picking the pepper. “Did you want … Continue reading »

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Chapter 47:: Changes

Tweet SUPERNATURAL RELEASED TODAY  I don’t have anyone that proof reads my posts. If there are mistakes I apologize! Wisdom has spent the last 2 months running between the hospital and tending the needs of her family. Preston was home after only 2 weeks. He has physical therapy once a week and is able to walk better. … Continue reading »

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Chapter 46: Deadly Encounter

Tweet Congratulations to Adabelle and Cole on the arrival of their THREE little girls Baby 1 Ebony – Baby 2  Ivory – Puppy Ladybug  Everyone is home and resting comfortably. Adabelle and Cole are blessed to have four healthy children and an adorable new puppy to add to their family of 4 cats. BIG NEWS Ea … Continue reading »

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Chapter 45:: Happily Ever After

Tweet ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RELEASED July 10, 2012 “Nothing says SUMMER like camping out, wouldn’t you agree?”  Wisdom asked as she sat down after starting the fire. “Seriously why did it take us this long to think of it?” Adabelle added eating the first smore of the night. The mom’s sat around the fire pit while the … Continue reading »

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Chapter 44:: Adventures Await

Tweet SUPERNATURAL, Coming September 4, 2012 Zombies, Witches, Ware-wolves, Fairies, and SO MUCH MORE. Target was selling Sweet Treats for $18.00. The clicking from Wisdom’s keyboard was fast and furious as she was searching different sites on things to keep Deacon busy during summer break, “Deacon come to the office dear!” Wisdom called. Deacon got into … Continue reading »

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Chapter 43:: Spot Light

Tweet ::==:: CHECK IT OUT ::==:: This is one of the pictures I submitted!  Wisdom and Deacon began learning how cut throat the modeling field was but managed to fit in well enough that Deacon was becoming quite popular and would be requested to do certain modeling gigs. He also made a new friend while … Continue reading »

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Chapter 42:: Introduction

Tweet ~Wisdom’s Point of View~ WARNING: More pictures than actual writing, I’ve been very busy and this post was needing to get out sooner than later so PLEASE bare with me!  (Thank you to everyone who requested names and it was a hard choice but I decided on Dylan Simse’s suggested name Deacon) Waking up in … Continue reading »

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