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Author Archives: Sims Fan

About Sims Fan

I'm a big fan of sims and have been playing for 12 years. Sims 3 has been a blast playing that I decided to take it a few steps farther and start blogging. Who knew how much fun that would be. I have 2 blogs with blogger but wanted to make this account for my NEW challenges. ENJOY and please leave feedback. Its kinda like when people recommend your uploads.

Chapter 31:: Final Day

Tweet Thank you for joining me for the Homeless challenge. I can’t believe this is the last post of the “challenge” an now on to getting Wisdom’s life together and then preparing the generation ready for their challenge.   Going down memory lane when I started blogging I had NO comments for until one came requesting the name … Continue reading »

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Chapter 30:: This Had to Happen

Tweet UNEDITED Skyler was much more talkative, alert, and nothing gets past her. To keep focused on her goals, Wisdom was often found in the library most mornings. Skyler would attend the toddler story hour and Wisdom would study. This was working out perfectly, but Wisdom knew the longer she was homeless the more aware … Continue reading »

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Chapter 29:: Once Upon A Time

Tweet Wisdom was so happy to have Skyler back at home, but she couldn’t help but wish there was more of a home for her to return to. While going through Skyler’s over night bag there were new clothes and an envelope labeled FREE TICKETS. Wisdom opened the envelope and it revealed a note from … Continue reading »

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Chapter 28:: Working Overtime

Tweet After bringing in the new year with a new friend and having Skyler gone for the next 3 days Wisdom was excited to really focus on reaching her goal, but she was always able to find time to give Teddy the attention she wanted/needed. Before Wisdom knew it Teddy was no longer a little … Continue reading »

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Chapter 27:: Happy New Year 2012

Tweet ~THANK YOU~ I can’t tell you how surprised I was to open my e-mail and see that I was gifted FIVE gifts.  Thank you Dawn, I’m so excited to see Skyler wear this when she becomes a child. Its going to be PERFECT on her! I entered a picture of Skyler in Santa’s lap … Continue reading »

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Chapter 26:: Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning!

Tweet Skyler isn’t a baby anymore, she’s a spunky toddler. She was quick to learn how to walk and is half way potty trained and talking. She loves playing with Charlie. Adabelle and Wisdom try to get together with the kids as much as possible. “Guess where we are standing Barbie?” A.J. asked Violet using … Continue reading »

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Chapter 25: Broke & Homeless

Tweet I’m going to be making some video’s for youtube… and I would appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel and give me feedback on what I’m working on. Right now my channel is pretty boring BUT don’t worry, I hope to start posting a video once a week at the beginning of the year! >>> simsfan1121 … Continue reading »

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Chapter 24: The Beginning of A NEW challenge

Tweet Even though Skyler was in perfect health Wisdom had some issues with her iorn levels. Since she gave birth so quickly after taking the iorn pill it didn’t give it enough time to take its full affects. Making it so that Wisdom had to remain in the hospital for 9 days till she was … Continue reading »

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Chapter 23: Special Delivery

Tweet  Soon after arriving to the Delivery Suit Wisdom’s contractions were 7 minutes apart, she was also 75% effaced, and 4 centemeters dilated.  “Wisdom I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe my youngest daughter is about to have a daughter of her own.” Wisdom looked up at her mom, “Mom I’m so excited, just wish … Continue reading »

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Chapter 22: Its a…

Tweet I wasn’t trying to get this, I had all the requirements and then I had 185 sims points and decided if the daily deal was 100 points or less, I didn’t have it, but wanted it I would purchase it. I’m always a fan of free stuff and I feel like I only spent … Continue reading »

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