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Chapter 42:: Introduction

Tweet ~Wisdom’s Point of View~ WARNING: More pictures than actual writing, I’ve been very busy and this post was needing to get out sooner than later so PLEASE bare with me!  (Thank you to everyone who requested names and it was a hard choice but I decided on Dylan Simse’s suggested name Deacon) Waking up in … Continue reading »

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Chapter 41:: Moving On

Tweet COMING JUNE 5th 2012 While enduring a roller-coaster of emotions Wisdom found her self distracted when she would pick back up on doing the things she loves. Her garden seemed to have grown weak from neglect over the past weeks.  Wisdom focused on the fact that despite the painful void deep inside her nothing was going … Continue reading »

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Chapter 40:: Gone To Soon (memories)

Tweet Told from Wisdom’s Point Of View till told otherwise… I laid in my bed, praying I could be numb  from the demons of pain and torture my heart was feeling. My body cried out to me wondering when I would feed its hunger. And the baby hardly moved. I was deteriorating slowly, locking my door from … Continue reading »

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Chapter 39:: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

Tweet Thank you so much Ashby for this BEAUTIFUL dress. I love it! You’re an amazing friend ^_^ People and objects where catching fire left and right. Fighting through the pain of being burned Violet continued her search for the 4 people MIA. Dawn got off the phone and ran over to Violet. “Marcus (Preston’s … Continue reading »

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Chapter 38:: Till Death Do Us Part

Tweet Thank you for reading -From Wisdom’s POV- As my father walked me down the aisle I looked back on my childhood through till now. This moment, when I become Mrs. Turner. Nothing in the world mattered more to me than Skyler and Preston. My heart pounded in my chest looking at Preston in his uniform. … Continue reading »

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Chapter 37:: Ready or Not…

Tweet With less than a week to prepare Wisdom was frantic to get everything in order for the wedding. A good friend of the family told her about a beautiful church that is available this weekend. Wisdom was sure she wanted to be married in a church and got her mom and Preston to go … Continue reading »

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Chapter 36:: Ready, Set, GO.. GO.. GO!

Tweet -UNEDITED- Yes this is short… but its an update non the less 😀 VOTE FOR DYLAN! You can vote every 24 hours! won a contest and was gifted the SCORE Television <3 This SHOULD have been in the last post but better late than never? “We really need to add a few more rooms … Continue reading »

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Chapter 35:: Future Plans

Tweet -UNEDITED- VOTE FOR DYLAN! My good friend Dylan entered a contest. You can vote ever 24 hours.  I won a give away contest on the Sims 3 VIP page! “Wisdom, are you ready for our date?” Preston held Wisdom close taking in her sweet perfume of lilac. “Where do you plan to take me? … Continue reading »

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Chapter 34:: Skyler’s Dad Is…

Tweet Thank you Charicharn for gifting me with The Dramtic Palm!  When the doorbell rang it made Wisdom jump. She’s nervous about meeting her Lawyer for the first time and getting things set into motion. From what she knew Preston had already stopped by the hospital and gave them everything needed for an accurate DNA test. … Continue reading »

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Chapter 33:: The Truth Will Set You Free

Tweet BIG THANKS: To YOU! I’m so happy you decided to stop by and read the next chapter of my Legacy of challenges. I have to say that if I could thank you a million times a day I would! Sit back  with your favorite beverage, as well as a snack while you enjoy Chapter … Continue reading »

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