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Chapter 32:: New Beginnings

Posted by on January 28, 2012

It might not look like much but in 3 1/2 days Wisdom and her friends were able to complete the house. They started moving things in so they had a good idea of what needed to be bought, salvaged, and sold. Other neighbors and friends stopped by off and on during the time period to make sure things were going smooth. Here enjoy this quick tour.

 The living room had a total of 8 things that needed salvaged. Only the tv and lamp were bought new. Wisdom also bought the widow covers. She didn’t like the rug so it was sold and it helped pay for salvaging a few things. Preston was very helpful with getting all the electrical work done.

The kitchen was to the left of the front door and living room. It was fairly small but required ALL new things other than the dishwasher and candy machine. Andrew put in the hard wood floors and had the cabinets donated from a friend. that really helped.

Skyler’s room had a total of five items salvaged. The walls were done before talking to Wisdom and she felt it needed to be brighter. Wisdom figured she could come back to it and fix it up.

Cole did the bathroom. Laying the tiles on the floor and walls, plus all of the pluming. Its a 3/4 room but perfect for Skyler and Wisdom’s needs.

Wisdom wasn’t picky about her room. She just wanted a BED!

Yep, in just 3 1/2 days the house was in living conditions. But several things still needed done. Preston, Adabelle, and Wisdom finished allot of the rest on their own since others needed to return to work.

Teddy’s puppies, Belle and Tiffany, were born during the building process and remained at Violet’s house till Wisdom was 100% ready for all 3 pets to return.

Preston, Adabelle, and Wisdom plopped in the living room, “Can you believe we did this?” Wisdom asked looking around in shock. “Wisdom you are amazing, I’m so happy that we are more than cousins. I don’t want you to ever feel like you can come to me ever again ok?” Adabelle reached up and brushed Wisdom’s leg. “I can’t wait to see Skyler… when is she coming home?” Preston asked. “I hope today but I need to finish fencing in the back yard an getting everything ready for her horse.”

“When are you having her party? I bought her a birthday gift and a house warming gift. They are kinda related but for 2 totally different reason of shy she’s getting them.” Wisdom looked up at the calendar. Well my parents are planning on bringing her home tomorrow. I will just have a small party my parents, me and Skyler. You can come over too if you like.” Wisdom added. Adabelle started to feel like a 3rd wheel.

“Well you two I bet my boys are missing me. I will see you soon ok?” Adabelle stood up and Wisdom walked her to the door. “Adabelle thank you for everything. I should have known I could have come to you.

Wisdom made her first home cooked meal. Her and Preston stayed up late working on the back yard and Wisdom headed to bed around 1:00am but Preston continued to work. When Wisdom woke up the food had gone bad and she wondered what had happened to Preston.

“Preston, … Preston, You need to wake up my parents will be here soon.” Preston opened his eyes slowly and smiled. “Good morning beautiful.” Wisdom fell backwards. Preston then realized what he had said and turned beat red. “Did you need to take a shower?” Wisdom asked trying to change the topic. “No, I will take care of that at home. I will see you later. Can I stop by tonight with Skyler’s gifts?” Wisdom nodded and walked him to the door. The words “Good morning beautiful” echoed in her ears.

Wisdom finished Skyler’s big girl room. It looked great and even had some kid touches. She couldn’t wait for Skyler to be home and be a child. What awesome opportunities would be there for her now.

She quickly ran out to check the mail and there were several packages.
1) contacts
2) A house warming gift from her Aunt Ashby and Uncle Asher
3) the installation notes for Skyler’s gift.

Wisdom got dressed quicky and heard a knock at the door. Her parents with the pets had arrived. Skyler was a little nervous about the house until They explained this is why mom was away so much. Wisdom took them all on a tour and showed off her hard work.

” What do you think Skyler? You like it?” Wisdom asked throwing Skyler in the air. “Mommy I love it, I love you too.” She said looking around.  Wisdom pulled out a cake from the fridge. You ready for cake and presents?

Before getting the candles lit A.J. wanted to talk to Wisdom, “Your mother and I are so happy to see you here. You have been on quite and adventure. I hope that you know we are always here and we want you to ALWAYS be 100% honest with us ok?” He asked Wisdom hugged him tight, “Ok daddy”

 Violet got the cake ready and started singing happy birthday. Wisdom, AJ and even Skyler joined in. Wisdom fought back emotions realizing her baby girl was no longer a baby but a healthy young lady who had the world at her finger tips.

Wisdom did a quick demonstration of what Skyler needed to do. Skyler leaned in and closed her eyes tight, “What are you doing sweetie?” Wisdom asked after finishing singing. “Making my birthday wish mommy.” Skyler said before puffing her cheeks out and blowing all of the candles out.  “YAY!” Everyone cheered for Skyler.

 “May all your birthday wishes come true!” Wisdom kissed Skyler’s head and stood back to watch her age up.

 Skyler twirled around twice and then jumped up in the air. Wisdom and her parents continued to cheer. Wisdom thought that maybe as a child it would be more evident on who her dad was. The last thing she wanted was to have a paternity test done when Skyler asks questions. This was going to be an interesting age. Skyler has allot of things happening and its all new, exciting, but kinda scary. Wisdom focused on Skyler but knew that  she had to talk to Preston about the possibility of him being Skyler’s dad.

 They enjoyed cake and Skyler was excited to see what gifts she was given. Wisdom warned her that she would be getting her gifts in the morning since it was getting late. Skyler didn’t argue and understood. She gave out hugs and kisses good night and brushed her teeth.

(Skyler’s New Look)

The bedtime routine continued like clock work. A bed time story (that Skyler picks out) and a lullaby. Wisdom was going to focus on working during the hours Skyler is at school so that she can spend as much time with her as possible.

Soon Skyler was fast asleep. Skyler watched her for a little while when she looked out back and saw Preston. She hit her head dumb founded she forgot he was stopping by. She ran out back to explain Skyler was already in bed.

 When she got outside there were a few new items. “Preston are these from you?” Wisdom asked shocked. “Yes, I didn’t get here till late but tomorrow after she gets home from school maybe we could all test them out!” Preston suggested. “I know she would love it and I think its awesome of you to think of her. She’s a great girl I know that you will love her to pieces. Andrew does.” Wisdom said with a smile.

Preston didn’t ask questions but asked if Wisdom could talk… catch up. She agreed to hang out and they sat next to the slip n slide.

 Wisdom: So your in the military. How long do you have till you go back?

Preston: I have a few months. Long enough to figure out what I’m going to do after my term is up. I’m not going to sign on for another year. I’m thinking of focusing on my future. Life is to short to spend it away from the ones you love.

 Wisdom looked away being distracted by a shooting star. “Preston you should make a wish.” She said with a giggle. She soon felt Preston lay his hand on her’s. “Why don’t you make a wish?” He asked with a smirk

Wisdom turned to look at Preston, “I have but one wish. It burns in my soul ever waking hour. I know that someday I will have to face the truth either it being in my favor or not but in this moment I’ve had clarification that no star can fix my problems.” Preston looked down, “I know your with Andrew. I saw the way he would look at you. I shouldn’t even be trying to…” Preston stopped.

 Wisdom began to explain the extent to her and Andrews relationship. She wanted to bring up the baby daddy topic but felt that in this moment that is just something that can wait till after he meets Skyler. He might not be ready to find out he’s a possible father to Skyler. “Wisdom can I be honest with you?” Wisdom smiled, “Always Preston.”

He slid closer to Wisdom “I’ve never stopped loving you. I don’t want you to feel obligated to saying you love me and even if you truly do love me the way I love you I want you to tell me on your own time. I would love to spend time with Skyler… I don’t know, I just feel drawn to her and although I have yet to truly meet her. I know that I will adore he as much as I’ve adored you for so long.” Wisdom’s heart began to race. She bit her bottom lip fighting back words she so badly wanted to say. “Preston… thanks for telling me how you truly feel. It means the world to me.” Wisdom said sliding a bit closer to Preston.



Adabelle and Wisdom goofing around
Adabelle watering flowers making the landscape look nice.
Slipping through my fingers
Holding hands on their own!
If ONLY it was this easy to keep kids young in real life.
First day of school

20 Responses to Chapter 32:: New Beginnings

  1. Liana

    Thinking i’m the first to comment! XDD

    Love the new house, can’t believe you got all that in just over 3 days.. Amazing, I hope Wis and Skyler and Teddy with pups will enjoy living there.

    Skyler is a little cutie pie!!! 😀

    Awe, all the gift from Preston, he’s so caring. And something might happen with the end part *fingers crossed* but seriously they do look good together and he is Skylers dad, I wonder how she’ll tell him :p

    Once again, nice pictures at the end, love looking at them, they’re fun. 🙂

    • Sims Fan

      Its still not 100% that he’s her dad… but SOON it will be revealed! Thanks for reading and commenting Liana

      • Liana

        Ahhh I see! Cool, can’t wait to see what happens in this continuous story of Wis’ life 🙂

        • Sims Fan

          Me too, I hope that it keeps people interested till the next generation starts!

  2. Sonny Wells

    Oh my word x.x
    The house is adorable! Very homey! And Skyler’s room is too cute :3 Perfect for a cute little girl. But let me just say that Sklyer looks even cuter than when she was a toddler! Seriously! Woah! Fabulous genes at play right there 😛
    *clears throat* Now, now…Preston. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this all plays out 😛
    Great job! 😀

    • Sims Fan

      Preston sure is fighting the coward in him. I had to stay in budget and within reason. I have had real life experience in building houses and what they did could truly happen in about 3-4 days. I’m excited to see how things happen!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting Sonny!

  3. Cheyene

    Oh, I think I’m gonna cry…Skyler is growing so fast! Loved it!

    • Sims Fan

      I know… I hope that she stays a child for as long as possible. I’ve just now turned ageing back on so… 10 sims days and she will be a TEENAGER! Unless I have her eat more life fruit lol

  4. Brenda

    …Ok, now that I’ve calmed down:Skyler is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I can’t believe how much she looks like her mom and grandma, there’s almost no signs of her dad in her so I can’t tell by her looks but no metter what she is Preston’s daughter!
    I love this story!!!!!!!!!!


    • Sims Fan

      She does look just like her mom… make the whole process of finding the dad more exciting! thanks Brenda 😀

  5. jameesnuffer

    oh wow, how intresting. I see a romance blooming. Loved it.

  6. Addy McKnight

    Loved it as always. The whole time I was reading I kept yelling at my monitor “Tell him!” XD.

    • Sims Fan

      haha, thanks Addy! It will happen in time 😀 Have you had any new posts out lately? I hope I didn’t miss any from among thieves.

      • Addy McKnight

        No the last Among Thieves was Chapter Twenty Two part one and two so your good unless you somehow missed those.

        • Sims Fan

          No I saw them, please link me on facebook when you have a new chapter out 😀 I’ve missed it

  7. Hailey

    Oh how much I love my Preston! ^_^ He truly knows how to pick the right girl. 🙂 I can’t wait for more cause this post was awesome. 😀

    ~Dawnie T

    • Sims Fan

      HEHE, He’s a sweetie! Thanks Dawn for letting me have him in my game 😀

  8. Jennifer

    Awesome updated. Gosh I just so love Wisdom and her story. The house is great and I am glad our girls are so close. I just can’t get over how cute Adabelle’s hair is. I so wish I could get it, but I can’t get Master Suits at least not now.


    • Sims Fan

      Adabelle is adorable, I just love her! Wis and Belle are amazing friends and its just a perk they are cousins! <3 thanks Ashby/Jen

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