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Chapter 33:: The Truth Will Set You Free

Posted by on February 3, 2012

BIG THANKS: To YOU! I’m so happy you decided to stop by and read the next chapter of my Legacy of challenges. I have to say that if I could thank you a million times a day I would!
Sit back  with your favorite beverage, as well as a snack while you enjoy Chapter 33:: The Truth Will Set You Free ^_^

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Wisdom left to Andrews ranch to pick up Skyler’s new foal. Preston promised to stay at the house while Wisdom was away. She gazed in through the gate and happened to see Andrews sister tending the baby horse. Wisdom walked in slowly and was startled by Andrew standing right there ready to greet her.

 “Is she ready to come with me?” Wisdom asked Andrew looking over at TWO foals. “yes she’s ready, my horse is having a hard time caring for both her babies and with Sapphire being older she will adjust better. I will come over once a week and help Skyler with her horse.” Andrew said with a smile. “Thank you Andrew, I know she’s going to love this horse.” Wisdom said walking over to get the horse. Getting home was easy since she lived fairly close to Andrew. Skyler was fast asleep when Wisdom returned and wouldn’t even notice that there was a horse in the back yard till moring.

Wisdom wanted to figure out what the crazy contraption in the kitchen made. Chocolates, cookies, bread? Wisdom followed the instructions but some of the words wore off , so once the item was made Wisdom could look up better directions.

 “Oh neat, fortune cookies!” Wisdom said excited to read her fortune. She looked at the paper and read – The truth will set you free- Wisdom dropped the cookie slightly freaked out at how accurate the fortune was to her real life situation. She just wanted tomorrow to go smooth for Skyler’s sake.

“Teddy you are one stinky dog, you need to stop digging in the dirt.” Wisdom said trying to keep Teddy in the bath and not letting her jump out and soak the bathroom in a pool of water. Her two puppies kept barking while hearing their mom whimper. Wisdom feared that the dogs would wake up Skyler and so she quickly finished Teddy’s bath and headed to bed herself.

 Skyler woke up right away and saw a note on her mirror telling her to go outside for surprises. She was shocked to find a horse, tree house, and slip n slide. She was so happy, and using skills Andrew taught her she made her horse a bottle and fed her, “You are my horse now!” she said with the biggest smile imaginable.

Skyler put on her new swimming suit ready to test out her slip n slide. “Skyler, I’m going to invite a friend over ok?” Wisdom said while texting  Preston -Come on over… bring your trunks!- “Ok mom!” Skyler said checking out the tree house. He showed up and looked nervous. “Preston, relax… She’s a little girl she won’t hurt you.” Wisdom said with a slight giggle. “I know, I just…” Wisdom didn’t let him finish, “Skyler come here sweetie” she called

 Skyler skipped over “yes mommy” she said looking at Preston in wonder of  who he was. “Skyler this is Preston, he’s a good friend of mine and the one who bought you the tree house and slip n slide.” Wisdom said looking over at Preston.

“Thank you Preston, I love them. Are you going to help us break in the slip n slide?” Preston smiled, “Your welcome, and yes I would love to try out your new slip n slide.” The two ran over and started sliding.

but not before Skyler gave Preston a big hug. This warmed Wisdom’s heart. She has waited for the moment Preston knew of Skyler but now the hard part the topic of baby daddy. -Why can’t I think of anything else- Wisdom asked herself.

 “Wow Preston, you survived her thank you and a hug!” Wisdom said in a flirty tone. Preston just smiled, “You just wait… I will get you for that comment. I just want her to like me and not feel freaked out.” He motioned the I’m watching you to Wisdom and walked over with Skyler.

 “GO FOR IT SKYLER!” Cheered both Preston and Wisdom. Skyler was nervous it might hurt but after the first time she was ready for more. She was having a blast. Preston took a picture with his phone. “YAHOOOOO SKYLER!” He shouted getting ready for his turn.

 Both girls teased Preston when he went for his turn. They would make jokes about him falling, and that he was going to hurt himself if he wasn’t careful. Preston just told them to wait cuz pay back WAS coming. Skyler giggled at him trying to be serious.

 While Skyler took a few turns of her own Preston made mention, “She’s amazing Wisdom. Your doing a great job raising her.” Wisdom smiled, “thanks but it hasn’t been easy.”

While enjoying a quick picnic lunch Skyler asked, “Mom, what are we going to do next?” Wisdom smiled, “Well you have a few more gifts. from me. I know that Gama Vi and Papa AJ brought you something last night.”  “Oh I can’t wait!” Skyler said with excitement.

Wisdom got up, “I need to fix something here quick. You two keep each other entertained.” Wisdom went to the side of the house and pulled out the parts to build one of the gifts she got Skyler. But the hopscotch mat was something already put together. “MOM! WOW JUST WHAT I WANTED,” Skyler couldn’t help but jump up and down. Wisdom also filled the sand box, and started to put together the elephant slide.

 Skyler watched from her tree house as her mom and Preston put together her slide. She began to think to herself. -What if Preston is my dad… What if my mom is easing me into the idea of having a dad in my life. If Preston is my dad is he bribing me with gifts to make me like him more? – Skyler questioned many things as her mom and Preston flirted back and forth. “Skyler come down its finished!” Wisdom called. “coming mom!” She answered sliding down the fireman’s pole.

“Climb up there Sky so I can get a picture of you!” Wisdom said getting out her camera. “ok mom but you do know who helped you put this together… think its safe?” Skyler said teasing Preston some more. “haha, nice one Skyler but you just wait. After dark I challenge you to a game of Nintendo football.” Preston said trying to joke right back. “Bring it on old man!” Skyler said as she waved at her mom holding the camera.

Skyler went flying down the slide and had her eyes set on her mom with the camera taking pictures as quickly as her camera would register them. “Mom can I check out the sand box?” Skyler asked.  “Yes that’s from my parents. They knew you were getting the rest of your gifts today and wanted you to get it with them.” explained Wisdom.

“Skyler your very good at making sand castles,” Preston complimented Skyler. “Thank you but your doing something that you don’t have to.” Skyler said looking up at him squinting her eyes from the bright sun. “What’s that Skyler.” he asked almost nervous for her response. “Well, now that I’m older I tend to like it when people call me Sky.” She said looking back down at her castle. “My mom calls me Skyler from time to time but she’s my mom. I don’t need everyone calling me Skyler.” She said with a smile. “Ok… I will make sure to TRY to call you Sky. Might take me a bit of getting used to I just learned your real name.” Preston as well as Skyler chuckled at his comment.

Skyler finished her castle and looked around the back yard… “hey Preston wanna slip n slide or play hop scotch?” She asked with a half smirk on her face as though she was thinking pretty hard. “lets try out your hop scotch board and then head inside… its getting dark.” He replied. “Ok good plan. Mom wanna join?” Skyler called, “No you go ahead without me. Just cuz we are celebrating, house work still needs done.”

Preston revealed that he had never played hop scotch before. “Its ok… I learned from some girls at school. Its easy watch!” Skyler then did a step by step example of what to do while explaining. “So you don’t want to step on the square that your rock lands on or you can’t go anymore.” Skyler finished her demonstration. “WOW your so talented, first slip n sliding, then sand castles, and now hop scotch?” Preston cheered.

Wisdom stopped gardening to correct Preston’s statement, or better add to it. “She’s also a talented dancer, and horse care giver.” Wisdom smiled at Preston. “I stand corrected… your the most talented girl I know OTHER than your mother.” Skyler giggled and continued to play hop scotch till her mom called her inside.

 They all ate pizza and Preston held Skyler to the challenge he presented earlier.  He put the game in and Skyler was fast at picking up on what she needed to do. Wisdom cleaned up the house and gave Skyler the best advice she could give in a moment like this, “Don’t go easy on him because he’s older than you. Kick his butt!” Both girls giggled and Preston rolled his eyes jokingly.

Skyler took her mom’s advice to heart. “Ummm Sky, you do know you could be like normal kids and ignore your mom and be nice.” Preston said realizing he was loosing. “Sorry but don’t hate the player hate your slow fingers.” Preston reached over and tickled Skyler. She laughed so hard she dropped her controller. She still won and was getting tired. They had spent all day outside in the fresh air. “Night mommy and Preston.” Skyler hugged them both and headed to bed.

After getting Skyler tucked in , Wisdom walked out of her room to see Preston sitting in a chair. They started talking about what all has happened in the last year. Wisdom explained most of what happened except not mentioning Lonnie. She didn’t know if now was the time to talk about Preston possibly being Skyler’s dad. But then it happened. “So where is Skyler’s dad now?” he asked. Wisdom paused for a moment. “Well… ” She  took a deep breath and started.

 “I guess its time to be as honest as possible about everything. There are 2 possible men who could be Skyler’s dad. There is the one  that I can’t stand. He lied, cheated, and hurt me beyond words. Left me broke with a newborn and has shown no remorse in what he did to me or Skyler. I’ve heard he’s married and has 2 maybe 3 kids with her. I’m not sure I just know is that last time I saw him he was in jail.” Wisdom blinked slowly realizing what came next. “Now the other possible father loved me, and from what he says he still does. He hurt me but not on purpose he didn’t even know about the possibility that Skyler could be his until now… Preston we didn’t use protection. I slept with Lonnie not long after being with you. It happened all so fast and I… I thought when she was born I would know who her dad was by looking at her but I can’t. I wanted to tell you sooner, I just didn’t know how.” Wisdom broke down in tears.

 “I could be Skyler’s dad? I… Wisdom you should have told me sooner. I felt as though I cared about her, I figured it was because she was your daughter but now I feel like it could be that I’m her dad.” Preston sat back “Please don’t be mad at me. I want to know, I want Skyler to know the truth. I’m going to court order Lonnie to a paternity test he won’t do it willingly and I’m asking you will you please send your DNA in. I can’t handle not knowing.” Wisdom said almost sobbing.

 Wisdom sat trying to pull herself together. The tears came from holding this secret for so long and the fear of Preston being angry and not forgiving her. “Preston I want you to be her dad… that’s all I’ve wanted since realizing she could be yours. Please don’t be angry with me. I didn’t know how to tell you. I’ve wanted to, God knows I wanted to tell you but I’m to afraid.”

Preston knelt down, “Wisdom, I’m not angry… I’m shocked, happy, sad… SURPRISED. Skyler is a great girl I would be thrilled to know that she’s mine. Knowing I have a 50% chance of being able to call her mine is… the best feeling ever. I’m here for you, now and forever. Your not going to get rid of me just by telling me something I wanted to hear. I will go to the hospital and give them my DNA in the morning.”

Preston started to lean in to kiss Wisdom when they heard Skyler, “Mommy why are you crying?” Wisdom jumped off the couch and ran over to Skyler. “What are you doing up? I’m just…” she looks over at Preston to see him shrugging with no help. “I’m just…” Wisdom started before being interrupted by Skyler, “Are you so happy you have to cry? I did that last night. I was so happy to have a house, and my own room I cried myself to sleep.”

“Yes my dear, they are happy tears.” Wisdom gave Skyler and hug, “Good mom, I was worried something bad had happened again.” Skyler said with a sigh of relief. “Only happy tears dear… only happy tears. Now you go back to bed and ignore me and Preston talk about when we were younger getting into trouble together,” Wisdom said. “Oh yeah right, like I could ignore THAT mom.” Wisdom said walking back to her room.

Wisdom watched Skyler as she walked back to her room. Preston came up from behind her, “you want me to leave?” He asked quietly.

“No, I want you to stay… I have something else I need to tell you.” She said feeling another tear getting ready to fall. “What is it… does she have a twin sister too?” Preston said with a snicker. Wisdom chuckled, “No… or at least not that I know of.” she turned to look at Preston.

Wisdom spoke quietly, “Preston, I love you… I love how you make me feel, I love how honest you are with me now, I love that you care about Skyler even though you don’t know if she’s yours. I love you, Please don’t leave me again. I don’t think I could handle not having you in my life.”

Preston pulled Wisdom close, “I will never leave you willingly. I’m just ready to move forward with you and Skyler. No matter the results I will love you both.” Preston held her closer feeling nothing but Wisdoms soft skin “We will get through this together.” Wisdom pulled away, “Together is where I want to be. I will get in contact with my lawyer to send Lonnie the court order to go to the hospital to give his DNA. I hope he’s kind to me.”

Preston didn’t hesitate to respond, “I’m going to be there the whole time. I won’t let him hurt you, or Skyler.” Preston left realizing it was late. Wisdom waved good bye from the door then ran to her room. She went to get dressed but fell to the floor.

The emotions and topic subjects where to much for her to handle. She broke down trying to figure out everything. DNA tests, coming clean about feelings, having to see Lonnie again, Skyler being a child and soon knowing her dad… Everything was rushing though Wisdom’s head. She then said what her famous fortune revealed… -The truth will set you FREE-


I was checking on a few other families in my game and I came to one and saw this… OUCH. And thats a BABYSITTER standing on the baby… tisk tisk.

Thank you Dawn Turner for making this for me!

A friend of mine Raven Boyce has a homless challenge but she is doing a 100 baby challenge for fun. She named this little cutie after Wisdom! What an honor thanks ^_^

Raven Boyce also recreated my cup cake pool from my how to video. I’m so happy to see this and I would love if you want to make one send it to me!

I thought this was funny

Wisdom still goes back to her old lot and tend the garden! The money trees come in handy ^_^

What is this thing going to make?

Skyler loving her slip n slide

Skyler’s horse has met one of the puppies.

16 Responses to Chapter 33:: The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Jennifer

    Wow Vi this was so original and fun and I loved it. I can’t wait to see what the DNA test shows us.


  2. Charlie Evans

    I sure cannot wait to see who is Skyler’s father! Wow, Sky is such a cutie!

    • Sims Fan

      I KNOW… feels like the longest kept secret in the history of blogs lol (kidding) but anyway thanks for commenting

  3. Hailey

    YAY! I’m so glad that Wisdom finally told Preston the truth and Skyler will finally meet her dad. I can’t wait for the next post! 🙂

    ~Dawnie T

    • Sims Fan

      OH YES! I get giddy when I see Wisdom and Preston together… 😀 I can’t wait for the truth to be out as well. Thanks Dawn!

  4. Catlover800

    Aww, I’m can’t wait to see if Preston is the father of Skyler. I really hope he is!!!

    Ooh, I love the extra pictures you add to the end of your posts. There always fun to look at!

    ~Calista Smith

  5. Cheyene

    Thank you so much for adding my Wisdom into your blog! You’re very welcome! I have finished the homeless blog, and I am seriously thinking about using my Wisdom for a 100 Baby Challenge that I will blog about 🙂

    Your Wisdom reminds me so much of Violet, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching her life unfold. Great job with your blog!

    ~Cheyene-aka-Raven Boyce

    • Sims Fan

      oh how fun, I can’t wait to see your challenge! thanks for stopping by and your very welcome!

  6. Liana

    I really enjoyed reading this post.
    Skyler is growing up so fast, and she seems really intelligent.
    It’s nice to see how well she gets on with Preston even though neither of them knew anything.
    I hope for everyone’s sakes that Preston is her dad, but time will soon tell, I guess.
    Wis told him she loved him, it was a “awe” moment. :p
    Can’t wait to read more, I just hope next is a happy chapter and your cliffhangers always leave me thinking of possible conclusions 😉

    -Liana 😀

    • Sims Fan

      Thanks Liana, yes I love Preston and Skylers natural relationship. I’m looking forward to playing my game and getting more pictures soon for the next post.

  7. Sonny Wells

    Yus! I finally got the time to sit down and read this! As always, I loved it. Knowing that Preston could possibly be Skyler’s Dad is just fantastic! She does kind of look like him, so I’m crossing my fingers over here! They look so good together as a little family 🙂 I’m glad that Wisdom confessed her feelings because it’s tough holding in something like that. *sigh* I’m looking forward to finding out the truth >.< It will set you free, Wisdom!
    Fantastic job! <3

    • Sims Fan

      I’m working hard on this next post… its taking a bit longer than normal because I want it to be exactly as I pictured. Not sure if its possible though lol. Thanks for reading Sonny!

  8. Theresa

    Skyler looks like a perfect blend of Wisdom and Preston. Fingers crossed that I’m right.

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