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Chapter 34:: Skyler’s Dad Is…

Posted by on March 3, 2012

Thank you Charicharn for gifting me with The Dramtic Palm

When the doorbell rang it made Wisdom jump. She’s nervous about meeting her Lawyer for the first time and getting things set into motion. From what she knew Preston had already stopped by the hospital and gave them everything needed for an accurate DNA test.

“Hi Miss. Lemi, I’m Connie Rein your attorney. I’m happy we were able to squeeze in a meeting during my lunch.” She said shaking Wisdom’s hand firmly. “Yes, I appreciate you meeting me. Would you like something to eat?” Wisdom asked feeling guilty that Connie was missing her lunch. “No that’s quite alright I had a slim fast shake on the way here.”

Connie got out a note pad and pen, “Alright please explain your situation.”  “There are 2 possible men who could be my daughters dad. I’m wanting to have my ex boyfriend court ordered to do a paternity test so I could start getting child support and he could possibly have supervised visits.” Wisdom explained. Connie nodded writing as quickly as Wisdom spoke.

“This is doable except the supervised visits. That’s hard to have unless the dad has a criminal record that could harm the child in some way. Abuse, neglect, drugs, and things of that sort are considered harm to the child.

“Wisdom leaned forward, “Well I’m sure if you look up his criminal records you will find soliciting  prostitute, public intoxication, and drug paraphernalia. That’s only what I know though I have no idea if he has anything else on his record. I didn’t know him that well while we were dating,”

Connie wrote down a few more notes. “ok well here is what we need to do first. Call, e-mail, or even just drop by his house and ask him to go into the hospital and give DNA. If he refuses then I can get the court order.” Connie stated putting her things away. “Thank you Connie, I will do that and let you know how it goes. but I know if she’s his I will want him to pay child support.”  Connie nodded and shook Wisdom’s hand again. “We will be in touch.”

The door closed and Wisdom felt better already, just knowing things were being set into motion. Violet called her to get an update on how things were going. Wisdom explained everything but her mom assured Wisdom that Preston WAS Skyler’s dad and involving Lonnie wasn’t needed. Wisdom understood her mom’s point but also knew she wanted a test done by each man.

– 0 – o – o – o – o – In Skyler’s POV- 0 – o – o – o – o –

One of my birthday gifts was a diary/scrapbook. With February being so exciting I decided now is a great time to get started adding pictures and comments.

On February 5th Preston, mom and I watched the Super Bowl while the New York Giants and New England Patriots battled it out for the big title. Preston was all about the Giants winning so mom and I decided to cheer for them too.

When it was all said and done the Giants won 29-17. They were not the ones picked to win by many so there were several upset fans. But in this house we couldn’t be happier.

My mom and Preston also announced that they are officially a couple. They started dating after my birthday party. Preston is here almost all the time but he’s also busy seeing other friends and family while not being over seas. He goes back soon and I’m going to miss him.

February 14th, I went to my first school dance. It was a fundraiser for our school and also a way for parents to go out for Valentines day and didn’t have to hire a baby sitter. Charlie and I danced together most of the night but I was excited to hang out with my other friends from school too.

This is a picture of my friends. We are all around the same age too and will be ageing up around the same time. I’m excited that I have friends who will be in high school with me!

The school Gym never looked better!

February 17th- Dance is a hobby I’ve began to explore. I had no idea if I would be good at it or not. But while at a contest I won first place trophy. I’m doing lots of dance moves and enjoy showing them off to friends and family!

February 20th. Andrew told me about this and explained I should give my horse extra love on her special day. I fed her carrots, apples, and other fruit consistently that day. I think I spoiled her more than most people spoil their pets on appreciate your pet day but have you seen my beautiful horse? Who wouldn’t be able to spoil her?

I have learned how to clean horses hooves. Something that you can only do to a horse when it trusts you.

 -=-=-=-=-=-Back to 3rd Person -=-=-=-=-=-

Skyler shut her book and slid it under her dresser.  Getting dressed she heard her mom call her to the living room. “coming mom,” Skyler answered quickly almost tripping when stepping into her shorts.

“What’s up mom?” she asked plopping on the couch. ” I have news to share with you Skyler. You know how you have been asking me for some time who your dad is?” Skyler nodded her head yes. “Well there is something I need to tell you. I couldn’t tell you who your dad was because I wasn’t 100% sure who he was. You had two possible fathers. One was my college sweet heart and the other is Preston.”

Skyler sat just staring at her mom. “And…” Skyler said waiting for her mom to finish. “And I’m now 100% sure who your dad is. Would you still like to know?” Skyler got excited… “YES, I WANT TO KNOW!” Wisdom glanced at the papers to make double check to make sure she didn’t over look anything. “Your dad’s name is…. Lonnie. He was my college sweet heart. He has two daughters and one you go to school with. Anita?”

Skyler jumped up interrupting her mom, “ANITA IS MY HALF SISTER? She’s one of my friends how did I miss this?” Wisdom began to explain. “Well her mom is the one who usually communicates with me. You and Anita get along right?” Skyler shook her head yes and walked to her room in a gloomy fashion. Wisdom knew that it would take time for Skyler to adjust to this new news.

Skyler began to cry when in her room. She was sure that Preston was her dad and now Anita being her half sister made things worse since yes they are classified as friends but Anita is a bit of a bully and Skyler has been avoiding her lately. “This isn’t good.” Skyler told herself.

Wisdom listened through the door to Skyler’s reaction she thought to herself, “At least she knows the truth.”

17 Responses to Chapter 34:: Skyler’s Dad Is…

  1. Charlie Evans

    Oh no! I was hoping that her dad would be Preston.

  2. Sonny Wells

    Alright, alright, I thought I was going to be right >..<
    Great update, as usual <3 😀

    • Sims Fan

      I know I wish It could have been him too but She’s his in his heart.

  3. Wisdom Berri

    Ooh….I can’t wait to see what happens next! I just wanna hug Skyler though.

    • Sims Fan

      Yes life is going to get exciting. I wish I could give her a hug too.

  4. Jennifer

    “At least she knows the truth” those are some loaded words my friend. Loved this post. I can’t wait to see what happens when Lonnie is asked to pay child support.

    Hugs Ashby

  5. Hailey

    Awe poor Skyler! Lonnie is her daddy.. -_- I would have loved to of had Skyler as my granddaughter, but I guess she isn’t. 🙁
    I’m glad that Wisdom and Preston are finally together! ^_^

    ~Dawn Turner (Skyler’s almost grandma) 😛

    • Sims Fan

      I know 🙁 but guess what you never know what the future holds.

  6. Catlover800

    Skylar’s dad is Lonnie!! D: I was really hoping it would be Preston. I’m so glad Skylar knows though, she deserves to know the truth.

    Both Wisdom and Skylar are beautiful!! I can’t wait for the next update!!!

    ~Calista Smith

    • Catlover800

      Oops! I hate when I make typos. I meant “Skyler,” not “Skylar.” *facepalm*

      Sorry, just wanted to clear that up.

    • Sims Fan

      I don’t think Lonnie deserves a daughter as amazing as Skyler but he is. And I understand who you meant! Thanks for your comments

  7. Liana Masons

    Awe, I was hoping it’d be Preston, see I very much dislike Lonnie for what he did to Wis.
    Can Preston be her dad and Lonnie just be like her biological father? 😀
    Good post, something i’d been waiting to find out for a while!

    • Sims Fan

      yes I worked hard to get this post out asap. I have things planned out and I hope you like how it all falls into place. Thanks I wish Preston was her dad too.

  8. Sandy

    This post was truly amazing! I am so excited for the next one

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you, I’m excited to get working on the next one 😀

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