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Chapter 35:: Future Plans

Posted by on March 17, 2012


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“Wisdom, are you ready for our date?” Preston held Wisdom close taking in her sweet perfume of lilac. “Where do you plan to take me? There isn’t a lot to do here in town.” Wisdom said pulling away slowly. “Well candle lite dinner at Bistro’s followed by a night stroll on the beach.”

“I LOVE BISTROS!” Wisdom said with excitement. She quickly got ready while Preston for a baby sitter.

Wisdom quickly straightened her hair and got dressed up. “Wisdom… you… you…” Preston could hardly speak. “Thank you handsome.” Wisdom said walking down the stairs carefully.

“What’s behind your back?” Wisdom asked leaning over to give him a kiss. Preston stepped back. “Well I know you love white roses sooo…” Without another word.

“Oh my gosh these are lovely.” Wisdom breathed in the flowers aroma. She ran the flowers inside and came out quickly to see that Preston opened the door for her. On the way to Bistro’s Preston could finally mutter out. “You look beautiful Wisdom.”  Wisdom reached over and held his hand. “Preston I don’t deserve you.” She unbuckled her seat belt so she could cuddle on his arm. It was a little hard for Preston to drive but he liked the way if felt having her so close.

While at Bistros Preston and Wisdom enjoyed their dinner. Many topics were mentioned but Preston couldn’t help but ask a burning question. “Can I ask you something about Lonnie?” Preston cleared his throat and set his fork down. “I guess, but I don’t want to spoil our date.”

 “You know that I’m leaving soon. Can you handle Lonnie without me? I hate to bring this up now but its on my mind.” Wisdom was quick to respond. “Lonnie is nothing but a coward.”

“I’m meeting with Lonnie tomorrow to discuss Skyler. I have a feeling he’s going to pull the same crap he did when she was born but maybe he’s grown up, and even when your not here you give me the strength to get through any situation. I will never have to face anything alone ever again.” Wisdom continued to eat. Preston smiled, “Good, I’m glad you feel that we can handle anything as long as we are together.” They finished dinner and headed over to the beach.

“You ready to go sweetie?” Preston asked holding her hands. “yep, I think a stole on the beach sounds heavenly.” As they walked to the car Wisdom noticed that Preston was acting a little off. “Everything ok?” She asked confused. “yes, I’m fine.” The drive to the beach was fairly quiet. Wisdom kept thinking she said the wrong thing. Lonnie is nothing that needs to be worried about.

The night was cool an the sound of waves crashing into rocks made the walk enjoyable. “I must say Wisdom you make everything easy. You make me feel alive in ways I’ve never felt before.” He slowly slipped his hand around her small frame. “Preston, I almost regret telling Skyler you aren’t her dad. We could have made things less complicated and Lonnie wouldn’t be in the picture. I feel as though I messed everything up.” Wisdom turned to face Preston.

“You didn’t mess anything up. I messed up leaving you in the first place. But Lonnie can’t ruin what we have. He can’t change the way I love Skyler or the way I love you. I let you go once I will never make that mistake again.”

Preston got down on one knee. “I know its only been a few months since I’ve been back in your life but I NEVER want to loose you again. I want you by my side forever, and not just as a friend or girlfriend but as my wife.”

Preston reached in his pocket. Wisdom could hardly breath or even think at the moment. “Wisdom you are perfect in every way possible. I’ve asked your dad permission and now I’m asking you.”

“Will you marry me Wisdom Eve? I can’t picture any one else to live my happily ever after with.” Preston opened the box to reveal Violet’s (Wisdom’s mom) engagement ring. “Is that my mom’s ring?” Preston nodded, “Yes you will have your own wedding band to go with it but your mom wants to keep this ring in the family.”

Wisdom reached out her hand. “I would love to be your wife.” Preston slid the ring on her finger. It needed re-sized so Wisdom didn’t leave it on for long.  “We will get it sized correctly in the morning!” Preston said getting ready to stand up.

Preston and Wisdom just held one another. Wisdom then whispered, “My forever starts and ends with you.”  That was music to Preston’s ears. They stayed in a loving embrace for what felt like hours when they realized they needed to get home and relieve the baby sitter from watching Skyler.

They got in the front door, Wisdom was so excited she ran into Skyler’s room waking her up. “SKYLER… GUESS WHAT?”  Skyler slid out of bed. “Mom can this wait till the morning?’ Wisdom shook her head no, “No dear this can’t wait… Preston and I are ENGAGED! We’re getting married!”

“REALLY MOM? Skyler said as excited as possible when getting woken up at 12:39am. “Yes, we are hoping to get married before he goes back over seas so that means we should be married around the time of you ageing up. Are you ok with that?” Skyler ran over to Preston.

“Yes I’m fine with it… as long as I can call Preston daddy for now on.” Preston smiled, “Yes you can call me dad, daddy, or father. It would be an honor to be considered your dad.” Skyler held him tight. And soon Skyler was feeling tired. Preston tucked her in bed and then joined Wisdom in the bedroom.

“Tomorrow you talk to Lonnie right?” Wisdom cuddled closer to Preston. “Yes, why did you want to go with me? I would rather go alone and have you spend time with Skyler.”  Preston answered “oh yeah I figured all of that but I want you to know that no matter what he says, does, or tries to convince you of. Remember that you have me and Skyler waiting for you back at home. And he can NEVER hurt you again.” Preston kissed Wisdom’s cheek. “Thanks I needed to hear that. I hope he wants to be a part of her life. Skyler deserves to know her real dad and he has a daughter her age that would be great for him to bond with both girls together.” Wisdom added trying to give the situation a positive outlook.

“I can’t wait to call you Mrs. Turner.”
“I can’t wait to be addressed to as Mrs. Turner.”

They fell asleep running wedding ideas past each other. They knew that the wedding had to be small, simple, and romantic. This would be no small task but one they were willing to do. And shortly after the wedding they will be celebrating Skyler’s birthday as well as sending Preston over seas so he can finish his deployment sentence.


That morning Skyler didn’t have school and so both Preston and her started moving Prestons things in. He then planned to take Skyler out for ice cream to discuss what kind of party she wants to have. “Do you need help moving?” Wisdom asked Preston while cleaning up dishes. “No, Sky and I can handle this. Your engagement ring was sized down and you can pick it up before you see Lonnie, you also need to start making final arrangements with your mom, my mom, and Adabelle for the wedding. We don’t have allot of time to do all these major event but we need to make it all work.” Wisdom agreed, “Oh wait, you mentioned my ring its ready? That was quick?”

“My good friend Robert is good at that stuff. He owes me a few favors and I decided to use one of those favors to make sure we had the ring asap. When you go dress shopping, grocery shopping, birthday party planning, or even a meeting with your ex I want you to wear it and enjoy your engagement for as brief as its going to last.”

Wisdom picked up her ring then headed for the park, she wanted to meet in a neutral spot since there are many lives that are about to change in this family. “Good, your finally here lets get this over with.” Lonnie said heading over to a picnic table, “Listen… I have a life and your kid aren’t in it. I’m pretty pissed off that you decided to bring this shit back up after… how many years? You are just stuck on having me in your life aren’t you.”

“NO, I DON’T want you, but as a man you have a duty to support your daughter for 18 years. I would rather it be emotionally but financially is also a way to show support. We have been fine without you but she’s your daughter… you have two daughters with your wife what makes Skyler so different from them?” Wisdom asked.

“My daughters were created out of love. They were wanted and I love them beyond measures. But you trapped me by getting pregnant, a trap I was going to escape from at all costs. I’ve moved on and I don’t have room in my life for a kid I never wanted. She is a stranger and will forever remain that way. I know that she’s friends with Anita but Anita is unaware that they are half sisters and I expect you not to tell Skyler. And if you have… she better know how to keep a secret.”

Wisdom fought back all tears, “Our daughter is without a doubt one of the best things to have happen to me. She wasn’t planned no matter what you think but she’s loved by me and many others. You can sit there smug and ignorant but I know that deep down its eating at you. The fact that you have decided this makes it easy for me.” Lonnie then handed her papers.


“What’s all this for?” She asked flipping through the papers. “These are my papers saying I’m no longer held responsible for your daughter.” Wisdom sat the papers down and handed Lonnie a box “Well this is what you have missed out on…” Wisdom took the papers and walked away leaving Lonnie alone with the box.

Lonnie looked at the top of the box For my Daddy  Sliding the lid off he soon saw pictures, projects, and letters. He picked out the first letter and began to read it.

Dear Dad, I’ve asked my mom many times about you and she told of how you rescued her from a fire. You sound so brave and strong. I know that you didn’t want me and that you feel like I ruined a lot of things in your life but I still love you. On my birthday I make the same wish and that is to meet you. I know you may be scared and to be honest I am too. You don’t have to shower me with presents or money just love. I’m great kid, I listen, obey my mom, and always say please and thank you. I get good grades and from what it sounds like I’m as adventurous as you are. I hope that someday you decide you want me in your life but till that day I will just keep making the same wish.   Your Daughter, Skyler



A friend of mine got LOTS of in game pictures of my simself with a few of my friends from facebook. I didn’t post ALL of the pcitures just a few of my favorites.

14 Responses to Chapter 35:: Future Plans

  1. Jamee Snuffer

    Omg, another amazing post that made me so sad. Poor little skyler. I look forward to seeing the next post.

  2. Hailey

    I. Hate. Lonnie. He’s so mean. >:( Anyways, YAY! on the engagement! I’m so glad that Preston finally got his girl. :3 I’m happy that I can soon call Wisdom my daughter-in-law and Skyler my granddaughter. This post made me supper excited for the next. 😀

    ~Dawn Turner (Mother of the soon-to-be Groom) <3

    • Sims Fan

      Lonnie is horrible, but yay to Preston and Wisdom. I’m so excited.

  3. April Seasons

    Wow! So happy for the engagement!

    What a great couple! (Incase I can come to the wedding!) 🙂 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    Great post my friend. I am so glad to see Wisdom so happy with Skylar. It makes me sad about Lonnie.

    Can’t wait for the next post.


  5. Scarlett

    Ahhhh you used the box i gave you all that time ago <3

    -Scarlett x

    • Sims Fan

      YES, I FINALLY had a chance to use it lol. THanks for it 😀

  6. Razz

    Loved it!! Can’t wait to see what Lonnie says, and Yay for the engagement!!

    ~Razz – aka – Wisdom Berri Singleton

  7. Liana Masons

    Wisdom looked so lovely!
    Aww congrats too all of the little family.
    Euch! Lonnie -_-

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