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Chapter 36:: Ready, Set, GO.. GO.. GO!

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Yes this is short… but its an update non the less 😀

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won a contest and was gifted the SCORE Television <3

This SHOULD have been in the last post but better late than never?

“We really need to add a few more rooms to this house,” Wisdom grunted using her computer swiftly to write so many books to win a free honey moon. Preston and Wisdom would have to wait to enjoy the honey moon but none the less it would be fun to win something.

The contest is between 3 sims the bride, groom, and one of the parents of the couple. Each sim had to have a skill mastered.
Painting- 30 paintings
Athletic- Fitness Nut
Gardening- Master Farmer

Then one of those 3 had to write these books:
Fantasy- 2
Drama- 6
Fiction- 3
Humor – 1
Mystery -4
Non Fiction – 2
Romance – 5
Science Fiction – 7
Trashy – 4

For as hard as the homless challenge was Wisdom was grateful to have already been awarded Master Farmer. She decided she would take on the task of writing the books. They set up the desk outside because there was no room in the house.

Preston too had mastered his fitness but had yet to do his 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts. He went straight to the gum and began his cardio workout. And 58 hours later… he now had the Fitness Nut award.

Becoming a brush master doesn’t sound hard till you actually try. Having to paint 30 paintings was no small task for Violet who has NO painting skills and was having to start from scratch much like Wisdom trying to write all these books. Time felt like it was standing still yet slipping away. Preston and Skyler made sure to bring Wisdom and Violet food, water, and even supplies (paper and paint)

“I’m GOING to win this honeymoon” Wisdom mutters to herself not ready to be defeated. Preston leans over her shoulder, “one of the sexiest things is a determined woman.” He kissed her cheek and walked away. Wisdom soon felt a blister forming on her thumb from hitting the space bar to much she didn’t realize she uses the same thumb to hit the space bar EVERY time she hits the space bar.

After going at this pretty much none stop for 4 days everything was finished. Wisdom mailed in the information with the certificates printed with the date and time of completion. Now they all just had to wait and see.

A low budget wedding isn’t hard to pull off just keep the basics and leave the frilly stuff to the people who want to focus on the “showing off” and not the true meaning of what a wedding is all about. Dawn and Violet frantically looked for dresses that were beautiful but in the right price range. They each found one and both dresses were free. “Dawn meet me at Wisdom’s house with your dress. I know its last minute but the sooner she picks one the better idea we have on what kind of venue needs to be booked.” Violet spoke quickly but kept a kind tone. “You got it. Be there as soon as possible.” Dawn hung up the phone and asked a few of her kids to help her get the dress into the car.

Preston was at the base TRYING to get and extension on his leave so he could be here for the wedding, and Skyler’s birthday. The mom’s showed up and snacked Wisdom and Skyler running to the bedroom. Each mom with had their dress in hand. “They are both beautiful… how am I going to pick one?” Wisdom questioned. “Here try this one on first. She helped Wisdom into the dress and then sat on the bed. “STRIKE A POSE MOM!” Skyler said leaning on Violet’s shoulder.

“So what do you think of it.” Dawn asked keeping her opinion to herself till Wisdom made her opinion known. “I like it… it has the shorter look I thought I would like I know this will look nice next to Preston’s uniform but… I just can’t seem to figure out what’s missing, maybe its because its so plain.” Both Violet and Dawn agreed that it looked nice on Wisdom but it was missing something.

“Wisdom, try my dress. Its not short but it has lots of pretty details. But don’t feel pressured to like it. If you don’t we will find you the perfect dress before the wedding,” Dawn assured Wisdom.

Wisdom stepped out of the room to get in the dress. When she walked in Skyler couldn’t hide her feelings. “mommy you look wonderful. If you don’t wear it keep it for my wedding.” Everyone laughed at the statement. “So how does it make you feel Wisdom?” Asked Violet laying down on the bed.

This might not have been what I kept picturing myself wearing but now I can’t picture anything else. I love this dress, I love how I feel, look, and wow… I feel amazing.” Everyone cheered. They agreed that no matter what this was Wisdom’s wedding dress. Wisdom started to cry and Dawn was right there to comfort her soon to be daughter.

“Wisdom, I’ve loved you like a daughter since you were very young. Nothing makes me happier than to see my son marrying you. And not only am I getting you but your daughter Skyler. I’m the happiest woman alive adding you and Skyler into my family tree.” Dawn hugged Wisdom close. Wisdom was touched by Dawns kind words.


Wisdom got back into some regular clothes, and was hugging Dawn and Violet good bye as Preston walked in the door. He talked to his mom for a little while and then hugged her good bye. Preston walked over to Wisdom “So, any good news on having a longer stay here?” Preston shook her head. “no they are working hard to see what they can do and since its only a month that I have to serve they are seeing if I can just do it on base.” Wisdom looked sad,  “Its just with everything going on the wedding, Skyler’s birthday and…” Wisdom stopped. And what?” he asked. “We’re pregnant. I’m not going to be due till after everything happens but I want you here for our babies birth. If you have to go back… you will miss it.”

“We… WE are having a baby?” Preston swooped Wisdom off her feet. “I’m so excited… oh my gosh I better get busy adding a few more rooms to the house.” Preston sat her back down and got his phone out. “and who are you calling?” Wisdom asked hesitantly. “I’m calling Andrew and Cole to see if they can help. Who all knows about the baby?” Preston asked while dialing. “Just you. I wanted to wait till after the wedding to announce it. With all the rushing we are having to do the last thing I want people to think is that we are rushing to race a baby bump when you had no idea I was pregnant when you proposed to me.”

Preston hung up the phone. “So you don’t want me to tell Andrew and Cole?”  Wisdom smiled, “You can tell them we want a guest room and an office… but no I don’t want people knowing until after the wedding. We have a week to plan everything. I won’t be showing much till Skyler’s party. Its plenty of time to have to announce the baby.” Preston understood and kissed Wisdom softly. “I’m so excited!” Preston stated. “I am too,” Wisdom added.


During the 4 days of the competition Dawn was a huge help around the house.

Preston is amazing… he’s working on maxing his handy skills. I love his goals 🙂

Skyler had a dance recital
(Preston, Wisdom, Violet, and Dawn attended)


While doing home renovations we saw this and HAD to get a picture.

8 Responses to Chapter 36:: Ready, Set, GO.. GO.. GO!

  1. Hailey

    Awe I’m so glad I could help Wisdom and Preston with the wedding! ^_^ I can’t wait until their wedding day and Skyler’s birthday. 😀 This is all too exciting I couldn’t stop grinning while reading this chapter. :3 Love it!

    ~Dawn Turner (Mother of the Groom)

  2. Jennifer

    Great post. I so can’t wait to see the wedding. Wisdom is going to look so stunning and Preston so handsome.

    Hugs and Love
    Aunt Ashby

  3. April Seasons

    Great, as usual. So happy for them!

    • Sims Fan

      They are very excited 😀 Its going to be an exciting end of march beginning of April for them!

  4. Razzmatazz

    This was totally awesome!! Wisdom is beautiful 🙂

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you, she’s one of my favorite sims. Thanks for reading <3

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