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Chapter 37:: Ready or Not…

Posted by on March 25, 2012

With less than a week to prepare Wisdom was frantic to get everything in order for the wedding. A good friend of the family told her about a beautiful church that is available this weekend. Wisdom was sure she wanted to be married in a church and got her mom and Preston to go with her to check it out. They walked in to find it set up beautifully. It was a tiny bit dark but the lights were turned off. “What do you think Wisdom? Do you like it?” Asked Preston walking farther into the dark sanctuary.

“We would need to change a few things. but nothing a few decorations, pictures, and people dressed up can’t fix. I love the red carpet… goes well with our red, white and blue theme.” Wisdom said stepping closer. “The arch will be similar to this one but it matches our wedding colors.” Wisdom pointed out.

“The church has several decorations here already that they told us we could feel free to go through. If we have the wedding on Monday, that would work out best since they already had church today so we have plenty of time to set up and tare down before they have church again.” Preston explained. “TOMORROW? GET MARRIED TOMORROW… ARE WE READY?” Wisdom said in a state of shock.

“Wisdom, I go back at the beginning of April. If we want to be married, have Skyler’s party, and the renovations on the house finished. Now is the only time that works.” Preston explained carefully. He didn’t want any information to slip with Violet sitting close by. “Well I think it looks great here. and don’t you have the wedding arch finished and in the back of your truck?” Violet asked Preston. “Yes Vi, I have everything we would need.”

While Preston worked on the wedding arch, Violet placed a candle in each window sill. “This looks nice, what do you guys think?” Preston looked over and gave Violet a thumbs up. He phone started to go off. “Oh man I need to take this sorry ladies.” Preston walked into the men’s room. “So the rooms are finished? Perfect, just make sure you install all of the pluming fixtures. The guest bedroom I have that furniture but I need to arrange it.”   He hung up the phone and came into the sanctuary quickly.

Wisdom finished the front alter. “Look at us back in high school, what dorks we were.” Wisdom giggled. “Is that the heir loom that is passed down each generation? That’s neat to include.” Preston said taking a closer look. “Yes, my mom gave it to me in France. I figured someday we will be passing it down to the next heir for generation 3 and I wanted to display it.”

Stepping back to enjoy the decorations they talked about what all was going to happen. “Tomorrow arrive here at 9:00am we can get all the candles placed in the window’s and we have time to get some pictures before the wedding starts. We will do the bride and groom pictures AFTER the wedding as requested by Wisdom. Is everyone on the same page?” Violet asked trying hard not to forget anything.

Wisdom guided Preston to stand in front of her. “When I woke up today I had no idea that tomorrow would be our wedding day. I want to enjoy everything and not rush things but then on the other hand it  feels like its been a long time coming. Are you sure that you want to do this tomorrow?” Wisdom asked picturing Preston backing out. “Yes, I’m so ready to have you, Skyler, and our life as a family. This is the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m never going to let it go.” He pulled her in for a loving embrace.

The three of them finished up and headed to Wisdom’s house.

Skyler was at home with Dawn getting her dress fitted. With a red, white, and blue theme Wisdom wanted something to symbolize bringing all the soldiers home safely.  Going back to the song explaining the meaning of tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree. Skyler would be in a beautiful yellow dress with bright yellow bows all over it. Skyler would also have a poem to read that she wrote. Preston doesn’t know about the poem so its a neat surprise for him.

While Dawn finished Skyler’s dress Preston showed Wisdom a few things he and his friends had been up to. “What do you think of our Master Bath?” Wisdom was in shock… “THIS… THIS is what you have been doing? Its beautiful. I love the bright colors. Thank you so much. With having more kids having another bathroom in the house will be very handy.”

“I love the painting, who did it?” Wisdom asked. “Your mom, it was one of the painting during your challenge for the free honeymoon. I thought it would match with the lime green.” Wisdom gave him a big hug. “thank you!” Preston then blind folded her… “Don’t thank me just yet.

He then lead her to the living room.  He pulled down the tarp that had been covering the doors. “Now this room I arranged quickly while you were admiring Skyler’s dress so we can change thing around as you wish.” He pulled off the blind fold and opened the door.

“Our babies nursery?… OH MY GOSH…” She turned and….

Kissed Preston, “This is perfect for our son or daughter. Its so bright, colorful, and I LOVE IT. We just have to make sure our parents don’t come in here yet.” They both giggled and he showed her that there is a lock on the door. “Its going to be locked until everyone knows about the pregnancy.

Wisdom walked around the room pointing out little details she liked. “That looks like the one my Aunt Ashby gave me.” Preston smiled… “Yes, I thought it looked great in here. And that painting… was one from your mom’s collection.”

“I’m LOVING both the rooms, I can’t wait to add our little one in here!”
They left the room quickly and locked the door. Wisdom figured she could relax a little bit. “I’m taking Skyler out for ice cream with Charlie”

“I’m not going to do much. I’m pretty tired and want to relax a bit. Maybe I could call Adabelle and have a SMALL bachelorette party or something.” Preston laughed… “Like I said… have fun!” Wisdom brushed off his comment. She had so much on her mind and not being able to drink a bachelorette party didn’t sound very exciting. She started reading where she left off in her book “The Hunger Games”.

Soon the door bell rang. Wisdom put down her book and walked over to the door. Her Aunt Ashby and a few friends showed up… “Hey guys what’s up?” Wisdom asked surprised. “THERE SHE IS!!!! THE BACHELORETTE!” Ashby walked in with a few of Skyler’s friends. “Preston told us you were alone… and so us mom’s got our brains moving and figured you should have a bachelorette party before tomorrows shindig!” Dawn and Violet came out from the back yard, “and you thought we left didn’t you?”  The two mom’s laughed at Wisdom.

Adabelle grabbed Wisdom, “oh girl you have GOT to change.” She took Wisdom into the bedroom and started getting things out for Wisdom. After getting all dressed they came out to see many more people had shown up along with a few dancers. Wisdom could hardly breath from laughing so hard.

The two “officers” game in and were looking to arrest the bachelorette. They kept saying that they WOULD find her constantly glancing over at Wisdom. They started dancing and all the ladies got out their $1.00 bills. The music “I’m Sexy and I Know It” came on and everyone went CRAZY. Adabelle pushed Wisdom closer to the dancers and soon Wisdom was surrounded.

Wisdom was slightly nervous with having her Aunt, Mother, and soon to be mother in law all there but she soon realized maybe she wasn’t the one who needed to be embarrassed. “You sure you want to get married… being single is lots of fun.” taunted one of the dancers. The other one leaned in closer, “A pretty girl like you settling down is a crime.” Wisdom just kept dancing and laughing. There was nothing she could really say or do at this point in time.

Wisdom was having to much fun she forgot about all the things she wanted to get done before the wedding tomorrow. The officers wouldn’t let her stay to far away from them.

The party continued for a few more hours. With no one else knowing about her pregnancy she had to be careful to keep a non alcoholic drink in her hands and wouldn’t drink anything that was given to her from friends in fear of hurting the baby. Everything was done after several hours but Wisdom was growing tired. She wanted to rest but that’s not like her to rest during a party so she put on her game face and plugged through the festivities.


Thank you for reading my post. I’m happy to say that the wedding post will be out on Monday March 26th. I’m not sure on an exact time but it will be out before midnight central time. A fun tradition I’ve used at least one requested name in each generation. This baby is the baby who will receive the suggested name/names. I’m looking for unique names  not bizarre names. You can message your name request to me on facebook or add it with your comment. I’m excited to see what you come up with! I will give you credit for your name request being used 😀

9 Responses to Chapter 37:: Ready or Not…

  1. April Seasons

    Jemima? Rebella? Destiny? (I know I did one too many but it was too fun!)

    Clifton? Rapheal? Julius?
    Awsome post, as usual!

  2. Razzmatazz

    OMGosh! I can’t believe their big day’s almost here…I love these two together. Great job Vi! 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    What a great post. It looks like a great time was had by all. I can’t wait to attend the wedding.

    Hugs Ashby

  4. Sandy

    Great post! I’m so excited! I think if the baby is a girl you should name her Ellie, and a boy you should name him Jackson(:

  5. Hailey

    WOOOW!! What an awesome party that was. I sooo can’t wait until the wedding and finally see my Preston marry the woman he loves so much. I’m so happy that they both found love with each other, I wish them luck and I can’t wait to find out the gender of my newest grandchild. 😀 Amazing Post!

    ~Dawn Turner

    Name Suggestions:
    Girl Names: Penelope, Barbara (Barbie), or Harper
    Boy Names: Spenser, Grant, or Kurt

  6. Sims Fan

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments and name suggestions. I’m not sure what time the wedding post will be out tomorrow but it WILL be out 🙂 Thanks for showing your support <3 SimsFan1121

  7. Casey

    I’m so excited they’re getting married! For names (I hope I’m not too late) I like Bobbie for a girl and Declan for a boy.

  8. DSimse

    I like the name Deacon, Love the post btw!

    • Sims Fan

      thanks, and I love that name. On of my favorites from a movie I loved as a child.

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