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Chapter 39:: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

Posted by on March 31, 2012

Thank you so much Ashby for this BEAUTIFUL dress. I love it!
You’re an amazing friend ^_^

People and objects where catching fire left and right. Fighting through the pain of being burned Violet continued her search for the 4 people MIA. Dawn got off the phone and ran over to Violet. “Marcus (Preston’s Dad) has been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. They think he will be fine but they can’t give me any information about Wisdom, Skyler, or Preston.”

No one could stay calm at this moment especially when Grim decided to show up. “This can’t be good…” One person cried out.

Wisdom had been announce dead, she had a grave as well as a ghost until Skyler’s sweet dog and best friend talked to grim and saved her. She came back looking PERFECT. She stroked her face softly in awe that she was alive. She turned to find Preston and Skyler but she soon realized that they were missing.

Preston had died. Grim had no reason to keep Preston here and with no death flower, unlucky trait, or anything to save him he had to go. He looked over at Wisdom and spoke in her mind, “I will never stop loving you.” A tear fell from Wisdom’s cheek while she watched her true love leave the earthly world.

Nothing had made her happier than when she was with Preston. “I will never stop loving you Preston Turner…” she whispers. Her heart was breaking and her body feeling numb. “WHY WHY WHY, we were happy,” Wisdom began to think to herself not quite understanding how this could happen after all that she had been through.

Wisdom opened her eyes and saw what no mother should ever have to see…

Skyler’s ghostly body hovering over the ground. “GRIM, please don’t take her.” Violet pleaded knowing that they had a friendship back in the day. Soon Skyler’s sweet voice came into Wisdom’s head, “Mommy, its ok, … I will love you always.”  Just then both grim and Skyler disappeared.

“NOOOOO, Don’t take them please don’t take them. Bring them back Dear God, please…. please bring them back.” Wisdom pleaded in tears running to the 2 graves.

Wisdom fell to the ground grieving in pain.  Praying, hoping, WISHING that there was a way they both could be saved…

-=-=-=- 4 Days Later -=-=-=-

The funeral hall was packed with people honoring the lives of both Preston and Skyler. Wisdom was given their ashes. The support she had was with out a doubt something no one has ever seen before. These Two sims were very loved, “Dear… I don’t want you to be alone. Andrew has offered to stay with you and help you with the animals as well as  anything you need done around the house. I will come over every night for dinner. Nothing is going to stop you from loving them, nothing is going to quickly heal your pain. You have got to trust that someday you will smile again.” Violet said hugging her daughter.

“Mom… I just want to be alone. I just want to stop fighting. Everything in that house reminds me of them, do I take pictures down or do I leave them up. Do I go through with this pregnancy only to know that something could happen to this baby too, mom I’m tired of being strong and fighting through my pain. I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m heart broken. All I keep thinking about is what I could have done differently. Why did Teddy save me mom? She was closer to Skyler… Mom I can’t do this I truly can’t do this.” Wisdom walked away quickly.

“Wisdom wait up.” Andrew called. Wisdom kept walking, “Wisdom please? I know your hurt but let me help. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to just please let me take care of you and the animals till your feeling better.” Andrew requested.


“I’m a friend, a friend who is offering to help. I’m moving in with you if not to take care of you but help you learn how to take care of Skyler’s horse.” Andrew was trying to get Wisdom to understand his intentions. “Please don’t say her name…  That name is sacred and precious to me I just can’t hear it right now. Take her horse though…” Wisdom handed him the keys to the gate, and began to walk away.

“WISDOM, they died but you are here… you are living and you have Preston’s baby growing inside you. It won’t replace Skyler, and it won’t bring Preston back but it deserves a the same mom Skyler had. Everything is going to be ok… you might not see it now, you might not feel it tomorrow but things will get better.” Andrew hugged Wisdom, I will be at your house tonight to tend the animals if you need me. I will then talk to you in the morning seeing how you feel.”  Wisdom felt the baby move, the life that was living inside her was the only part of Preston she would have. “Thank you Andrew.” Wisdom whispered.




Thank you for reading, I’m still taking baby name requests.
This post was not easy (emotionally)  for me to write. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen next and so I hope that you
are still interested in continuing my legacy of challenges. I’m sorry for any mistakes in this post I never had a chance to go back through and read it for my quick edit!

22 Responses to Chapter 39:: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

  1. Jamee Snuffer

    That was such a sad story, I’m in shock and yet amazed at the pictures you got. Loved it. Look forward to the next one.

  2. Jennifer

    So heartbreaking. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out my friend.


  3. Casey

    NO!! poor wisdom, the happiest day of her life turned into the saddest 🙁 I teared up reading this.

    • Sims Fan

      I know, my game sure did throw a curve ball. You know the saddest thing? Preston doesn’t even show up as her husband 🙁 I was devastated when I saw the family tree BUT when the baby is born he will show up as its dad so that makes me happier.

  4. Razz

    Oh my gosh!! I have tears, welled up, and threatening to fall. This is so sad….I pray Wisdom will find peace and love again.

  5. Hailey

    :'( It’s never easy to lose a child or a man you love. I prey for Wisdom at this time of sadness. It’s good to keep a positive attitude and mourn for the ones you lost. Everything will most likely get better for Wisdom once the baby is born. RIP Preston and Skyler!!

    ~Dawn Turner

    • Sims Fan

      thank you, yes Wisdom HAS to stay focused on the baby she’s carrying.

  6. Sonny Wells

    ;____: Oh my heart. I had a horrible feeling in my gut that something would happen to poor Skyler, but Preston too?! Oh man…this was very well-written for something that was unplanned. Your worked very well with it and I can definitely sense the sadness in poor Wisdom’s voice :c I wish her luck with her coping process…
    As sad and heartbreaking as this was, it was still an excellent chapter. Keep it up! <3

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you so much Sonny, it was a difficult one for me to write picturing this as my husband and child… I appreciate your comments.

  7. Stiles McGraw

    This is so deeply emotional! It is one thing to read a blog…it is another to actually feel their emotions WITH them!

  8. April Seasons

    I cried. How a moment of happiness can be shattered so quickly….. I love this post.
    It reminds me of how important life is.

  9. Nathalie

    I have read this 3x and every time i cry, i cant believe this happen. wisdom be strong we r here for u. love your chapters keep writing

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you for commenting, I’m going to take about a week off from blogging since I’m going out of town but I hope to have a post out next week!

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