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Chapter 41:: Moving On

Posted by on April 15, 2012

COMING JUNE 5th 2012

While enduring a roller-coaster of emotions Wisdom found her self distracted when she would pick back up on doing the things she loves. Her garden seemed to have grown weak from neglect over the past weeks.  Wisdom focused on the fact that despite the painful void deep inside her nothing was going to change the fact that she is in fact having to face the world alone only seeing Preston and Skyler in her dreams.

Wisdom heard Andrew in the yard talking. “Andrew are you speaking to me?” She asked walking closer. “No this horse is missing her best friend and I was trying to comfort her. I’m not what she’s expecting and she’s getting aggressive with me.” He tried to brush her and she shook him off. “Maybe you should try, ” Andrew suggested. “ME, ummm I’m not sure I’m what she wants either.” Wisdom questioned hesitating to touch the horse. “Please try, here is her brush and start high up on her back and brush down towards her hooves.”

Wisdom took the brush and when to start brushing the horse Skyler loved unconditionally. “Hey girl, I know I’m not Skyler but we both loved her and we both miss her.” Wisdom’s words didn’t break her down to tears. “There you go Wisdom your doing great.”  Wisdom was amazed at how still the horse stood. “Did Skyler ever name her horse?” Wisdom asked Andrew not remembering the horse having a name. “She called her Baby.” Andrew said with a smile. “I like that name… Baby.” Wisdom got a few other lessons. She learned what Baby’s favorite snack was, what saddle she preferred, and how to clean her hooves.

“Wisdom how are you feeling, I don’t want you to feel over worked.” Andrew would hate if she had another episode and had to be admitted to the hospital. “I feel fine thank you. I’m just happy to not be in this house alone. I would go mad if I had to but you need to move on with your life and not baby sit me. I will be fine. Your welcome to come over when ever you want and you will be teaching the baby how to ride and care for the horse.” Wisdom said with a grin. “I like being here… My sister and her husband handle the ranch while I’m not there and your a good friend. I want to be here for you.”

“How much longer till we meet him?” Andrew rubbed Wisdom’s belly. With her being in hiding not many people even know she’s pregnant unless they have heard the latest gossip in town. “I’m due any day. I feel huge, I don’t remember feeling this big with Skyler’s pregnancy.”

“Oh man Wisdom, need help getting your garden going again?”  Andrew chuckled. “Yeah, I didn’t realize how bad it was till today. I need to weed them you can water them.”  Andrew was happy to have Wisdom help him with something since she’s been feeling as though she’s been a burden on him and his life.

“Wisdom do you think you will date or marry again?’ Wisdom thought about the question presented to her. “I’m not sure to be honest. But I’m eloping and keeping him under lock and key so nothing can happen to him.” She said in a teasing way. Andrew added, “Your just a great girl and I would hate to see you give up only because everything fell the way it did. You deserve to be happy.” Wisdom soon added, “I deserve to have Preston and Skyler here and you living your own life but life isn’t fair that way and I’m stuck here trying to pick up broken pieces of my heart. I worry everyday that I’m going to mess up and my son will end up in the same place my brother and Skyler ended up.”

“Wisdom you can’t think like that…” Andrew looked at Wisdom. He’s had feelings for her for some time now but always knew Preston was in the picture. He’s gone and wants to make his move but is afraid its to soon. Wisdom ignored his advice and focused on weeding her plant. “Don’t forget to water the tree’s too.” She stated changing the topic even more.

Wisdom felt bad that she wasn’t allowing Andrew to express his feelings but she wasn’t ready to love again. She wasn’t sure she would ever be ready. Having Andrew around is great but she wants him to be happy and not wait around for her to possibly never want to settle down. Wisdom started thinking about her single friends. She wanted to try to set Andrew up with someone.

They finished tending the garden and headed inside. “Mind if I take a nap?” Wisdom asked Andrew feeling tired. “No, but make sure you take your medicine.” Wisdom rolled her eyes at Andrew. He is so considerate. Wisdom got to her room and rested. Andrew finished cleaning the kitchen and headed outside to get the mail. When he heard Wisdom cry out. He dropped the mail and ran to her side.
He heard screams from inside the house and went running, “WISDOM ARE YOU OK?”  Andrew ran to the bedroom, “I’m… I’m in labor. Oh my gosh I’m having the baby.” Wisdom looked up at Andrew in terror. “Your going to be ok… here we are going to go to the hospital come on.” He grabbed her bag and went straight to the hospital. He stood by her side till Violet came.
Wisdom was worried that the baby wouldn’t survive and when the doctor said ITS A BOY she was overjoyed. Placed directly in her arms she caressed his face and cried tears of joy. “Mommy loves you little man. Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Skyler will always love you. The doctor took Wisdom’s son over to the islet, Wisdom relaxed comfortably while they measured and weighed her precious baby boy.

Thank you for reading!

I’m very happy to say that Wisdom is resting at home safely. And her

son’s name will be announced in the next post!

Pictures where NOT taken

in the hospital because I wanted to keep it simple. You will be seeing

pictures coming soon!

My latest video is on you tube check it out (Colorful Kitten) I would

appreciate if you like and subscribe to my youtube channel!


Two colorful kittens (inspired by Calista Smith)

This my daughters Simself. The cat above this picture is the cat she made when pets was released.

I want to wish her a happy 5th birthday
April 16, 2012. She is a pretty fabulous kid and I treasure every moment
God gives me with her. 

I have a friend who plays Sims 3 on my computer. She has her own adorable family
Here are her 3 oldest kids (two are twins) I had to share this cute picture of them
having a pillow fight!


16 Responses to Chapter 41:: Moving On

  1. Hailey

    Yay! My grandson is born. :3 I can’t wait to find out his name.
    I miss my Preston :'(

    ~Dawn Turner

    • Sims Fan

      I miss Preston too 🙁 Yes your GRANDSON! I will not have any hospital shots so the next post will start out with Wisdom home with her son. I hope that the little guy looks like his dad. And the name will be announced. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Karni

    So precious….I can’t wait to see the bebe <3 Wisdom is such a wonderful mommy <3 <3 <3 I hope she ends up dating again…though, she has had some tough time with relationships huh?

    Sigh…they grow up so fast

    Della <3

    • Sims Fan

      Thanks, she tries to be a good mommy. And yeah… she’s had somewhat rotten luck with relationships. Preston WHY OH WHY DID YOU DIE? lol

  3. Razz

    Yay for baby arriving safely!!

  4. Addy

    I always knew Andrew had a thing for her, when he was first introduced I was expecting them to get together but then Preston came back but when Preston died after being sad I thought “She’s so going to end up with Andrew once shes ready.” Lol. Great as always Vi, happy b-day to you’re little girl. Can’t wait to see the baby.


    • Sims Fan

      I think Andrew may have a tiny crush on Wisdom but I don’t know if she will ever bounce back from loosing Preston, but we shall see. I’m so excited to get the next 2 posts out because I’m not keeping this little guy a baby for very long. Thanks for the b-day wishes for my daughter. Hard to believe she’s 5 today. When we walked into the Pre School EVERYONE was saying happy birthday to her. How special that must have made her feel!

  5. Jennifer

    Awesome post my friend. I can’t wait to see what little Turner’s name is. I am glad they are both safe and loved.

    Hugs Ashby

  6. Catlover800

    Aww, it’s so sad the Preston died but I can’t wait to see the baby! I knew it would be a boy! ^_^

    The kitties are so cute too!!!! 😀

    ~Calista Smith

    • Sims Fan

      Still hard to believe that he’s gone too and yes A BOY! Hehe you inspired me 😀

  7. DSimse

    I like the name Deacon, Love the post!

  8. stiles mcgraw

    I am hoping that eventually Andrew will be able to help bring Wisdom around to understand that Preston would want HER to be happy. I think that Wisdom is forgetting that little fact.
    And as far as the new little baby boy goes……Old things may pass away but new things will take their place…sometimes even better than you can imagine!!! Here’s to new life!….a new beginning!

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