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Chapter 42:: Introduction

Posted by on April 29, 2012

~Wisdom’s Point of View~
WARNING: More pictures than actual writing, I’ve been very busy and this post was
needing to get out sooner than later so PLEASE bare with me! 

(Thank you to everyone who requested names and it was a hard choice but I decided on Dylan Simse’s suggested name Deacon)

Waking up in the early mornings  when I hear Deacon’s cries isn’t hard. I actually lay awake waiting for him to call me into help tend his every need. “Deacon, hey handsome,” I whisper as I slowly creep into his room trying not to startle him. He continued to fuss while he sucked on his wrist a known sign that he’s hungry. I smile as lean over his crib and lift him gently.

I’m reminded of both Skyler and Preston when I look into Deacon’s eyes. His coos are priceless and his every need is met immediately. Our bond is stronger than most mothers have for their child. To bad these are just distant memories to him being so little.


Wisdom closed the book of photos and captains reminding her of Deacon’s baby days that are now no longer her reality. A spunky, wild, FUN toddler is now running round her house keeping her busy.

“Deacon, time to go. The beach is waiting!” Wisdom called out looking around the room to find where the giggles where coming from. “There you are, ready to go?” Deacon climbed out of the toy box and reached up for Wisdom to pick him up, “BEACH TIME!” he shouted.

Wisdom swooped him up and tickled his bare tummy. She strives to give him an adventure everyday and never take a second of being with him for granted.  Wisdom gathered their beach bag and walked to the park.

The beach was fairly quiet for such a nice evening but Wisdom figured it would be a good to have less people there. “What do you think Deacon? Isn’t it pretty?” Wisdom asked walking over to the warm sand. “PLAY IN SAND!” Deacon screamed out.

“Mommy, this is fun!” Deacon said with a giggle. Wisdom clapped her hands to the song the little sea horse sang while it blew bubbles.

Wisdom didn’t realize the fair skinned woman sitting on a beach chair behind them until the woman spoke up, “What a handsome son you have. I bet your told this a lot but have you thought about putting him the modeling career?” The woman stood up making Wisdom curious she picked Deacon up and turned to talk to the friendly stranger.

“Sorry if I’m imposing, My name is Amy, I’m currently working for a modeling agency that is new to town. I’m needing to help find fresh young faces for a few jobs that are open for toddlers. Is not easy finding unique toddlers but your son has a photogenic face and unique features. Is his hair natural?” Amy asked.

“His hair is natural, its from his father’s side. He is a happy toddler who loves to smile.” Wisdom said bouncing him on her hip. “Can I take some pictures of him to show my boss?” Amy asked reaching for her camera bag. Wisdom was skeptical, “What company do you work for? Do you have a business card.” She asked questioning how truthful this sim was being. “We are a company that is based out of Bridgeport called Star Quality or SQ for short.” Amy handed Wisdom a few magazines, business cards, and employee applications.

“Oh yes! I’ve heard of you before. You guys do lots of young talent things more than just modeling correct.” Wisdom said with a bit of excitment. “Yes, and we started to expand our business and we branched out to Sunset Valley first. We have worked with lot of the 100 baby challenge mom’s and we thought that here would be a good place to run into some.” Amy explained. “I’m not a 100 baby challenge mom but I’m the 101st baby from Violet Newbie Lemi’s baby challenge. This is my son Deacon and we would be honored to have a few of his pictures submitted to your company.”

Wisdom got Deacon into position and then stepped back, “He looks great Wisdom.” Amy said getting a new memory card in her camera. Wisdom sat back and filled out the information sheet and application while Amy got to work. “Look here Deacon give me a big smile.” She would make funny voices to get his attention but also just observed him and what he did on his own.

Amy took several shots of Deacon and a few of  Deacon with Wisdom. “I will e-mail these to you even if we choose to go another way, but he did amazing and I can’t see us not wanting him. And you can go home talk it over with your husband and realize this isn’t for you we will give you all rights to your photos and not use them with no questions asked.” Amy was kind and handled herself well. Wisdom and Deacon thanked her for taking pictures and they headed home.


“How was your day at the beach?” Andrew asked getting inside from taking care of the animals. “It was fun wasn’t it Deacon?” Wisdom looked over at Deacon filling his face with oat meal. “Amy took pictures!” Deacon spoke up almost as if reminding Wisdom. “Amy? Who’s Amy?” Wisdom closed the refrigerator, “She’s an employee at SQ, Star Quality, she saw Deacon and thought he would be a great model for a few projects they have coming up.”

“Do you think its a good idea to expose him to this so young?” Wisdom asked preparing dinner. “Well, I think that its up to you really. He’s a cute kid and he’s great to be around. Maybe it would be a good thing for both of you.”

“Thanks Andrew, I need another opinion on this. I’m used to being a single mom but its harder this time in some ways since Deacons dad was a great man who wanted him more than anything.” Wisdom tried hard not to get chocked up. “I think your doing a great job with Deacon and this is a great opportunity for him.” Andrew said comforting Wisdom.

Andrew took Deacon into the other room to practice walking. Deacon is so close to doing it without help. “Andrew, if they call back do you mind going with us to the photo shoot. I just want an extra set of eyes and ears there with me.” Wisdom said getting dinner finished. “Yes, I would be happy to join you if that’s what you wish.”

They finished dinner and cleaned things up Deacon had his bed time story read to him and he was so tried he was almost completely out in Wisdom’s arms. She carried him to his crib laying him down gently he woke up suddenly. “Night night kisses?” He said looking up at Wisdom.

While watching Deacon fall back asleep Wisdom heard her phone ringing from the living room. She didn’t want to rush and so she took her time. When she heard the beep that she had a voice mail it made her think it was an emergency so she left Deacons side to go check it.

Before listening to the voice mail she called the number back, she didn’t recognize it but thought it could be the agency. It rang a few times and then a bubbly teenager sounding voice came on the phone, “STAR QUALITY agency where you can go from a nothing so something over night how can I direct your call?”

“Hello, this is Wisdom Turner and you just called me?’ The voice spoke up quickly, “yes Hi Mrs. Turner, we are happy to inform you that Mr. Swail loved the pictures Amy brought in of your son… Deacon. We would like to set up an appointment for Deacon to have a photo shoot next week. We have a few other clients we need to schedule as well we will be in touch check your e-mail for more information and the pictures taken today.

“Thank you so much we”  The girl on the other end hung up the phone before Wisdom could finish her statement. She then put it away and headed to bed. “Preston watch over your son, he’s going to be needing a guardian angel if he chooses this industry for his future life style.”

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my little update. I’m excited to have so many amazing fans and friends who make writing enjoyable. Here are Amy’s pictures of Deacon taken at the beach and other random pictures taken in my game and a friends town that she has in my game.

15 Responses to Chapter 42:: Introduction

  1. Karni

    Deacon is SO adorable…I can see why Amy would want his pictures <3 This post was adorable ^_^

  2. Hailey

    Awe Deacon is such a cutie pie!! I know he’ll make a great model one day, let’s just hope that he won’t get a swelled head when he’s older. XD
    I love that Deacon got his grandpa’s hair. 🙂 It makes for a perfect rock star. :3
    Love, love, love this update and I can’t wait to read more soon and see if my little grandson will becomes a star. <3

    ~Dawn Turner

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you Dawn, His hair does give off the rock star image! I’m excited for the next few posts and I know exactly where his future is going 😀 It will be announced sooner than later!

  3. Jamee

    Awwi, hes so cute. I loved this chapter, it wasnt short, it was just perfect.

    • Sims Fan

      Thanks Jamee, I was worried it was more pictures than words. He is pretty handsome if I don’t say so myself. I’m able to say that cuz he was born in the game haha

  4. Nathalie

    Deacon is SO adorable……. I love this chapter and the picture of him and Wisdom. Cant wait to read more. <3 🙂

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you Nathalie, I like having up beat “happy posts” I do however miss Preston and Skyler but its nice to have happy posts once again!

  5. Love Sierra

    That was amazing! Deacon is so cute ^_^

  6. Cheyene (Chey)

    Deacon’s photos are so adorable!!!

  7. Catlover800

    Deacon is adorable!! ^_^

    ~Calista Smith

  8. Stiles McGraw

    I love how you have sewn all the little points together…Amy working for a modeling agency based out of Bridgeport and expanding into Sunset Valley. And Deacon is definitely “Star Quality”! He is such a pretty child. I think this right here is going to be my favorite focus point in your story in the future. I can’t wait to see where you go with this. A new world getting ready to open!

    • Sims Fan

      Thank you so much! I’m excited to see how this generation plays out. I hope I get LOTS of in game curve balls but no more meteors. Those are just to darn scary.

  9. Sims Fan

    Sierra, Cheyene, And Calista thank you for your kind words. I think he’s pretty darn cute myself 😀 I’m excited to have a male heir for this generation of my legacy!

  10. Jennifer

    Too cute. This was a cute update. I can’t wait to see what is in Deacon’s future.


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