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Chapter 43:: Spot Light

Posted by on June 1, 2012

::==:: CHECK IT OUT ::==::

This is one of the pictures I submitted! 

Wisdom and Deacon began learning how cut throat the modeling field was but managed to fit in well enough that Deacon was becoming quite popular and would be requested to do certain modeling gigs. He also made a new friend while modeling the directors son Trent.

Chad, the director, pulled Wisdom aside to explain what all was expected of Deacon today.  “He had a temperature last night and so he might be needing a nap if the first photo shoot goes to late.”  Wisdom explained to Chad. “What do I look like a doctor, if he’s here he needs to be ready and if he’s not then we will find another kid who’s healthy when he’s expected to work.” Chad stormed off leaving Wisdom flustered. “You ok Wis?” Andrew asked comforting her. “Did I make a mistake Andrew, am I pushing to much on Deacon?” She said in a shy, quiet voice. “He’s fine and  if his modeling isn’t needed here because he’s sick then maybe this agency isn’t for him. There are plenty of other places for him to go to peruse this.” Andrew stated glancing up catching Fae’s eye. She’s the young photographer who was captivated by Deacons spark at the beach, Fae smiled at him. Wisdom realized that Andrew’s attention was no longer on her and she turned to see what caught his eye.

  “For crying out loud go talk to her. You two flirt back and forth constantly but never muster up the nerve to actually talk. After her shift is over I’m going to get a cab and you ask her out. There is no way I’m going to stand here and allow you two to keep kidding yourselves.” Wisdom said with a smile. “Well fine I will but you sure you want to take a cab?” Wisdom nodded her head and walked over to Deacon to get him prepared for his first photo shoot.  Trent and Deacon where dressed and ready to go. Chad told the mom’s to take a seat and walked over to the boys.

“LOOK HERE BOYS!” called Chad. The boys started dancing and mimicking gestures shown to them. Fae didn’t stop taking pictures she didn’t want to risk missing the shot that would make the ad.  She gets a big bonus check if her photo is chosen. After a straight 3 minutes of pictures Chad yelled out, “DONE!” and cut the music and lights. He turned the lights back on giving people a chance to move scared of what they could run into if they moved when the lights are out but its a good way for Chad to get his point across that he’s done and wants to move on.

Next on the list of Deacon’s photos was the jean diaper. A neat promotion that Pampers is doing to help other countries have diapers for their babies. Deacon was starting to get fussy, so Fae did her best to get the pictures she needed but he was ready to be done. “One more Deacon your doing great buddy!” coached Fae trying to comfort Deacon. Yet feeling the pressure of her boss and a crush looking over her shoulder.

Deacon finished the photoshoot and then sat in his director chair watching his friend Trent take his turn on getting pictures taken. They had to wait to make sure that there were enough pictures taken to submit to the different company’s. “Its a wrap, and we will be in touch for other gigs that fit Deacon or that he’s requested for as we get them.” Chad shook Violet’s hand and left the room while talking on his cell phone.

“Please excuse my husband, he’s not always this way but work seems to bring out  the jerk in him. I’m Kayla, Trent’s mom I was hoping you and Deacon could join us for lunch in the park. We were planning to have a picnic.”  Wisdom wanted to say no do to Deacons not feeling well but with him being cooped up indoors most of the time getting outside could be good for him.

“That sounds wonderful, Deacon’s not been feeling 100% but I think some fresh air will do him good.” Wisdom said with a smile. Wisdom added, “I need to run home and get a few things but I will meet you at the park, did you have one in mind or just central park?” Kayla thought for a moment, “Central park would be perfect. I need to collect some common seeds since my harvest is running low.” The statement confused Wisdom. A high class woman who is quite wealthy does her own gardening? That’s not something you find everyday. “See you at Central,” Kayla walked away waving. Andrew ran over to Wisdom. “I have a date! We are going to go out for dinner tonight. She has a part time job she has to go work at now but is available at 7:00 tonight.” Andrew said with excitement.

Wisdom took a cab home to get her car and then headed to the park. She also brought some fruit salad she had made up the morning. When arriving to the park Kayla and Trent where already there and setting up the picnic blanket and food. “Over here Wisdom!” shouted Kayla as she waved. The picnic was wonderful and Kayla really did a great job setting things up to make it a classy picnic. There were real dishes not the paper stuff you throw away later. It appeared to be quite upscale with the cloth napkins and all. They each had glasses with straws. A cute thing that Kayla added to the cups were cup cake foil that covered the top of the cup with the straw sticking out so that bugs didn’t get in. “That’s a neat idea Kayla what made you think of it?” Wisdom asked admiring the picnic setting. “Its a trick my mom did. I’m the middle child of 7 kids we didn’t have lots of things others had so we found things to save money. Water bottles are expensive and not good for the environment so we did this instead. We did this for outdoor picnics all the time and it just stuck with me I guess.”  The boys ate quickly and were ready to play. Wisdom and Kayla didn’t eat much but they are used to not eating much with toddlers in the house. They headed to the play equipment. “So, you only have Trent? or do you have other kids too?” Wisdom asked getting Deacon situated.

“Yes, just Trent we are talking about having more but we just moved here and want to settle in before adding more children to our household. I won’t be having 7 though. At most we would like  3 children. Chad would love 3 boys. And you only have Deacon?” Kayla asked sweetly. “He has an older sister Skyler but she was killed by a meteor. Her and Deacon’s father died on my wedding night. It was quite awful and I was devastated. I had Deacon after his father passed away but he reminds me a lot of his sister and dad.”  Wisdom said drifting off in thought. “I’m so sorry Wisdom, you lost a child and husband all on what should have been the happiest day of your life. That’s unimaginable.”

 “If it weren’t for Andrew and Deacon I would have lost my mind by now. Deacon is a great reminder that even in the darkest of times there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would do anything to have Skyler and Preston back in my life but in order to use the science facility it costs over $20,000 per person you want to TRY to bring back. And half the time it only brings back their spirit. I have everything I need to make ambrosia but I need their ghosts to be brought back before I can even make it. Oh listen to me going off about the impossible.” Wisdom smiled and  turned her attention towards Trent, “Are you having fun buddy?”  Trent giggled and said “yes ma’am”

Wisdom and Kayla enjoyed talking about gardening among with other things they have in common. They boys liked finding seeds and sitting by them almost as if playing a game.

They finished collecting seeds when Kayla mentioned that she needed to go. “It was great hanging out and we should do it more often.” She picked up Trent and headed out of the park. “Ok Deacon you need a bath and then a nap.”

“Splish, splash little man!” Wisdom sang as the tub filled. Deacon giggled until it came time to flatten his hair. “Oh just wait, I can spike it up after we are done?” Deacon smiled, “YAY, I LOVE YOU MOMMY!” Wisdom chuckled, “I love you too.”

After playing for a bit Wisdom pulled him out of his warm bath to dry him off. He smelled so sweet after she lathered him in baby lotion. “Can you be any cuter Deacon?” Wisdom pulled him pulled him closer for a hug. The thought of him growing up wasn’t something Wisdom liked. She would often think of Skyler and what she would be doing in her ballet, piano, singing, and girl scouts. What would Preston be doing for a career after leaving the Military. Living life in the what if was all Wisdom had left of Skyler and Preston. Their voices were becoming harder and harder for her to recall. “Mommy ok?” Deacon asked as Wisdom began to tear up. “Of course I’m ok, I just don’t know if I want you to grow up… how about you stay small forever!” Wisdom suggested in a joking tone. “NOOOOOO I wanna be a BIG BOY!” Deacon said wiggling out of Wisdom’s arms.  “I guess I’ll allow it.” Wisdom said following Deacon.

Wisdom tucked Deacon in bed and read him his favorite book, she then walked out of the room and just stared at Skyler’s door. She hadn’t been in there since Skyler died. She wasn’t sure if she could do it but an energy she couldn’t explain pushed her towards the door. And soon she was standing face to face with it.

Wisdom said a prayer, “Dear God, If you could bring her back would you? If you could make this all a nightmare and have her sitting on the floor playing would you?” Without closing the prayer she opened the door and walked in.

Wisdom looked at Skyler’s tiny ballet shoes and dance trophy. Her favorite music sprawled out on her dresser. Wisdom put in one of the CD’s that was a self made CD. Wisdom put it in the player and just relaxed on Skyler’s bed to listen. But what came on was something that became Wisdom’s favorite CD. She could just picture her little girl dancing in the room while creating her own CD of favorite songs in her singing voice. Wisdom then finished her prayer…

“If there is a way to bring them back would you do it?”

Thank you for reading and I’m sorry that this had such a delay, I’ve been so busy and stressed with life. I became quite down and  to depressed to even load my game. I’m feeling better but still have a few flare ups of being down but I’m happy to be able to get a post out and start June off on a great note. Thank you for waiting and being patient with me. I hope to be better at getting these out without huge spaces between them.

Please enjoy the following pictures!

Andrew and Fae’s date went well. They are now dating and eager to not slow down their relationship there.

Despite Wisdom’s wishful thinking Deacon did age up…

into a healthy, happy, intelligent child.

8 Responses to Chapter 43:: Spot Light

  1. Amber Lights

    AMAZING job, girly! So glad to see you back into the writing scene!
    I know how tough it can get with writing…I’m currently going through exactly what you described. I’m here if you ever need to chat. <3

    • Sims Fan

      That’s so kind of you Amber, its not been easy and I still have moments where I get even get out of bed. I’m working through it and its nice to know I have someone to talk to 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Are those the Lemi Grey eyes I see or am I seeing it wrong? Lovely post my dear friend. I loved it. I am sorry you have been stressed and depressed. I’m here if you need me. I am looking forward to you next post.


    • Sims Fan

      Deacon has his dad’s eye color, kinda green kinda grayish. Thank you for your kind words it was really bad but getting better and its nice to know I have good friends who are here to help and support me. I’ve already started on the next pose 😀


    I just adore this legacy, one of my favourites 🙂

  4. CountessaLove

    Are you planning on using Deacon as the third generation? And if you are, are you going to be using him in a challenge?
    I love your writing by the way. You’re an amazing person.
    PS Love Ya! 😀

    • Sims Fan

      Yes I’m planning on him taking on my 3rd generation and his challenge will be announced soon 😀 I’m leading up to it!!!

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