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Chapter 45:: Happily Ever After

Posted by on July 13, 2012

RELEASED July 10, 2012

“Nothing says SUMMER like camping out, wouldn’t you agree?”  Wisdom asked as she sat down after starting the fire. “Seriously why did it take us this long to think of it?” Adabelle added eating the first smore of the night. The mom’s sat around the fire pit while the kids played in the sprinkler. Wisdom looked around remembering her homeless days and what a nightmare it was to live. Its probably why she waited so long to camp out. “I think its great to get the kids together,” Another mom added interrupting Wisdom’s thoughts.

Wisdom’s Lawyer and now good friend poked the logs in the fire pit, “Well I know some of us haven’t met yet so let me go first with introductions. I’m Shaine, Wisdom and I met when she needed help with the paternity test for her daughter Skyler. I have a daughter Yasmine, who is here and she’s actually dating Adabelle’s son Charlie.” Wisdom smiled glancing over at Adabelle whispering, “Charlie’s dating? Oh wow… life would be different if Skyler was still around.” Adabelle just smiled. Shaine, took a sip of her coffee and continued. “I was actually invited by not only Wisdom but by Adabelle too.” 

What a small world it can be, Elli said looking at Wisdom remembering their shady past of living with Wisdom’s half sister Kestell, and Elli making living conditions hard on Wisdom thinking she wanted to be with her boyfriend when in reality it was just a misunderstanding. “I’ll go next, after college Kinnick and I decided it was time to start a family we tried for several years and considered adoption. With fertility treatments being expensive and risky and Kinnick is now older we used a sargent and we received our 3 children Lenna, Kevin, are twins and Jenta who is still a toddler. We are blessed each day that we have with them since their presence was something we didn’t see. This outing is something we have longed to have for years and having it is a dream come true. Wisdom loved hearing Elli speak of her love for her kids and Kinnick.

Megan smiled and spoke up, Well in high school I got pregnant with and older man and we wanted to make things work we went on to have 3 more kids together only for him to cheat on me with someone younger. We got divorced and he’s had 2 kids and 1 miscarrage with his current wife BUT I’ve re married to an amazing man Nick and we have 5 kids together. I brought my daughter Christa, leaving the older and younger kids at home. I’m also a GRANDMA! My oldest daughter is married and has a daughter Julianne. They live in California so I don’t see them often. She smiled and sat back in her chair as if giving the floor to the next mom.

Wisdom knew everyone so she didn’t think an introduction was needed but before she could say that Adabelle chimed in. “I’m Wisdom’s cousin but more than that we are best friends. We spent everyday together since we were young and we are are still close to this day. I have 2 boys but… I’m expecting baby #3 and we are thinking we might be having a little girl this time but we aren’t finding out and so only time will tell.” All the moms smiled, offered congratulations, and a few giggled with excitement. Wisdom faked a smile not because she wasn’t happy for her friend but because her life had taken just a drastic turn from where she saw things that it was hard for her not to think that she too should be announcing a pregnancy.

Wisdom got lost in thought picturing her and Preston with their 5 kids and surprise baby on the way. The house was crowded but happy. She came back to reality with Adabelle’s voice sounding concerned… “Wisdom? You ok?” Wisdom turned to face her friend. “Yes just haunted by memories is all.” She took a sip of her tea and walked away from the fire pit. Adabelle stood quickly to follow Wisdom.

“You sure your ok? I know that you miss them and I know that its hard looking at others and seeing their lives but you have forgotten all the wonderful things you have. Look at him Wisdom… He’s smart, beautiful, funny, much like his dad and sister. You might not have what you thought you were going to have but you have more than others. I couldn’t imagine being you and what you have been through but you have managed to make it without hesitation.” Wisdom interrupted, “I’m happy for you and I do understand my situation and what all it entails. I just want my happily ever after like everyone else who spoke does. When is it my turn?”

Adabelle hugged her friend, “Your turn is right now Wisdom, your living your turn. You have control of your own happily ever after. Deacon will be gone for 3 weeks, what are you going to do in that time?” “probably nothing,” Wisdom said continuing the embrace from her dear friend. “NOPE, You are going to get all dolled up and go out. There is a new casino out, we can go rock climbing…” Wisdom glared at the WE can go rock climbing, “ok sorry YOU can go rock climbing and I can watch from afar as you flirt with the guy climbing next to you. Live your life Wisdom and stop living in memories or how you wish things had been. Deacon is here and needs you to be present. His getting into trouble is him screaming out for you to notice him.” 

Wisdom looked over at Deacon playing with his friends, “Hes a good kid Wisdom.” Adabelle added before she walked away. Wisdom just stood staring at Deacon. Adabelle was right, a happily ever after isn’t created over night and you have to allow your happily ever after to happen when its ready to come knocking.  The moms gathered the kids for a group picture. The kids couldn’t stop giggling with getting sprinkled with water.

Charlie and Yasmine enjoyed the hot tub when Charlie shot out. “Everything ok?” Yasmine asked “No, come on I need to talk to you.” They walked over closer to the woods. Yasmine was a little worried. She didn’t know what to expect.

“I picked these for you earlier, do you like them?” Yasmine screamed, “OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM!” Her mom came running and realized her scream was a good one. She waved Adabelle so they could spy on the to teenagers. Adabelle whispered, “He told me he was going to do this. I’m glad I get to see him ask her.” Adabelle began to smile. “What? Ask her what?” Shaine said in wonder. “Just watch.”

“Close your eyes… I just need to take you a few steps away.” Charlie stated holding Yasmine close.

“Candle’s?” Yasmine questioned as she opened her eyes. “I know I shouldn’t have done this… never mind.” Charlie began to walk away and Yasmine stopped him. “No, Its fine. I just need help understanding is all,” Yasmine smiled. “Well it says, U… Me PROM?” Yasmine gasped…. I LOVE IT… YES! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else!” She hugged him tight. Both Adablle and Shaine smiled in a distance and walked away. Charlie and Yasmine picked up the candles knowing that a few of the kids and adults were going to be taking a fishing lesson from Wisdom.

 An Hour Later

 The group of kids and adults were ready to go fishing. Adabelle and Kayla (Trenton’s mom) wanted to learn the fishing skill. Wisdom demonstrated and helped everyone get their lines ready. Deacon was having a few problems so she got closer to him, “Here honey don’t rush your line. You need to slow down a bit… yes, yes like that good job!” Deacon looked up at his mom, “thanks”

“Mom who taught you to fish?” Deacon asked throwing his line out once again, “I learned at level up camp. I can’t remember how high I got my fishing skill up but I do know I was the last to catch a fish and I hated fishing but your dad told me I could do it, so I proved he was right. Your dad was very good at that, telling me I could do anything and not allowing me to settle for anything less than my best.” Deacon smiled, “I love dad… is that weird?” Wisdom shook her head, “no its not weird. Your dad was amazing and he loved you more than anything. We always planned to have a big family so you were wanted by him. You are loved by him too.”  Deacon got excited, “MOM… MOM… I think I got one.” Deacon struggled with his line out of pure excitement. He figured it out and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his fish.

“Really, you are the little fish that gave me trouble?” He spoke to the fish as if it could respond with an answer. The fish began to flip and Deacon threw it back into the water. “You get bigger now you hear?” He yelled at the fish watching it swim out of sight. Wisdom hugged Deacon, “I’m so proud of you. Before you know it you will have your fishing mastered too!” Wisdom went on to help a few of the others who were having issues.


“OK KIDS… FIND A SPOT TO SIT AND ENJOY THE SHOW!” The kids all ran to find a spot as the adults light the fire works. Wisdom couldn’t help but feel as though Adabelle’s advice couldn’t have come at a better time. While eating dinner she received a text from a guy she met at the dog park last week asking if she would be interested to go out for dinner. As the kids ate their smores enjoying the fireworks. Wisdom was able to text, Sure… how about Monday night. She would have to take Deacon to the airport but it would give her plenty of time to get dressed up.

Deacon then pulled on his mom’s shirt, “I saved a spot for you mom.” Wisdom smiled and followed her son to the spot he made up for the two of them. Wisdom’s heart began to flutter similar to the one she felt when she would see Preston . Her happily ever after was turning out to be pretty good.


Deacon Simse, Dylan Simses’ Sim that he created to model his toddler poses. He is now Deacon’s best friend.

Authors Notes: Thank you for reading. I’m very happy to have this post out and I’m not going to focus on length as much as I want to focus on getting the story told. If a chapter needs to be long it will be and if it needs to be short it will be. I do enjoy your comments and I have a few questions to parent to and you can answer by commenting below.

Question – When did you start reading my blog and why have you continued to read it?

I will select different answer/s and post them at the end of my next post as well as a new question. Thank you for reading!

13 Responses to Chapter 45:: Happily Ever After

  1. jamee

    Love, Love, Loved it. It was amazing. I can’t wait for more. The pictures were amazing. I love your story, look forward to more.

  2. Hailey

    I loved it. It was worth waiting for. 😀

    I started reading your blog back when Violet was around the 30’s in her challenge. I continued to read it because not only cause your my friend, but because your talents in writing and keeping the story interesting is what inspires me to become a better writer. Your truly amazing.

    ~Dawn Turner
    Hailey <33

  3. slughorn28

    Great post. So fun and full of knowledge. I don’t remember when I started reading your blog, but I continue because you (Violet Newbie) are my BFF and I enjoying reading about the Newbie/Lemi generations.


  4. entelligent

    Great post. Full of excitement and friendship. I just LOVED it Sim Fan!
    AMAZING Chapter 😀

  5. Pretty. Odd. Legacy

    Hey Vi! Omg, it’s Amber, do you even remember me?! I can’t remember the last time we talked! I miss you, girl! <3
    Something that I love about your posts is that none of it seems forced. You have storylines and wonderful ideas, but you also play the game and enjoy it…which is something I REALLY wish I had the ability to do! So kudos to you!
    Oh boy, I've been reading your blog for a VERY long time. I think I started reading when she was dating that guy….oh god, what was his name? The one with sandy-blonde hair that was shirtless when she woke up or something or another…and then he cheated on her and she wrote on his house in the middle of the night? Hahaha, I miss the challenge days! </3
    I continue to read because of what I said before. You really do enjoy the game, and you make it look so easy. I've admired you for a long time and will continue to do so. You're amazing. c:

    • Sims Fan

      Oh wow Amber it has been awhile. Thank you for commenting and yeah I think your talking about Joseph Leborn? I honestly can’t remember if that’s his name right now lol. Thank you Amber your comment made me smile.

  6. challengeseasonslegacy

    Great chapter! Sorry I commented so late.
    I honestly began reading your blog when Wisdom was pregnant with Skyler but then I caught up from your old “Random Sims Stories” blog to here.
    I honsetly admire you so much. When I see a comment from you on my blog or a like of one of my pictures I feel hounered for you to have read it/ liked the photo.
    All your caracters look alive without tons of custom content. I love your blog.
    ~April Seasons/ Love Sierra/ Natalie Windfield/ Hannah <3

    • Sims Fan

      I do my best to use little custom content. I appreciate your comments and your sweet words thank you!

  7. Cheyene Burnette (@fitnessfan10898)

    Great chapter! I enjoyed reading about a camping trip, seeing as hubby, kiddos and I love to camp and hike…have done so once a year the past three years 🙂

    I started reading your blog when Violet was in her 30’s (as far as kiddos go) as well, although I did go back and read all your chapters. I have had many of alias I know, but this one will be forever, because I have recently become a fitness fanatic for real 🙂 I do have a sim FB account under CL Sims and a personal one, under my real name 🙂


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