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Chapter 46: Deadly Encounter

Posted by on August 6, 2012

Congratulations to Adabelle and Cole on the arrival of their THREE little girls
Baby 1 Ebony – Baby 2  Ivory – Puppy Ladybug 
Everyone is home and resting comfortably. Adabelle and Cole are blessed to have
four healthy children and an adorable new puppy to add to their family of 4 cats.

BIG NEWS Ea has announced that Seasons will be released on November 13, 2012
And with seasons comes… ALIENS among lots of other things.

New to the Sims 3 store is Date Night!

Wisdom’s favorite time of the day is in the morning when she tends her garden. Its growing rapidly and she’s working on finding more rare seeds to plant. “I sure do miss my money tree.” She said while watering the watermelons. She heard Andrews truck pulling up. He’s not been living with her for several weeks now. The house is far to quiet with it being to herself now that Deacon is off to level up camp. He’s written a few letters about the kids he’s meeting and of course being with his best friend Trent helps out a lot. She heard Andrew go into the house and it didn’t bother her since he has a house key and he lived here for several months after Preston and Skyler’s death.

“THERE YOU ARE!” Andrews voice rang as he ran towards Wisdom. Wisdom didn’t budge much, “Whats going on Andrew. Fae getting cold feet about marrying you next month?” Andrew didn’t respond but was very serious. “Where is your phone?” he asked looking down at Wisdom’s pocket as if wanting to check her pockets. “I’m not sure, must have left it inside why? Everything ok?” Andrew tried to catch his breath before speaking and spoke softly.

“I’m not sure how to say this but, you remember how mad you were the other night when Lonnie came over speaking that he would do anything in his power to bring Preston and Skyler back?” Wisdom sighed, “Really Andrew he was blowing smoke, don’t let it bother you.” Andrew stepped closer to Wisdom as if trying to get her to stop working and listen to him. “NO… that’s the thing Wisdom, I just got a phone call from the hospital. Preston and Skyler are there recovering from the science labs treatment. They wouldn’t tell me much since I’m not a blood relative but they tried calling you for an hour and gave up and called me.

 Wisdom dropped her watering can, “ANDREW… You better not be joking or I will probably never talk to you again.” Andrew shook his head frantically “No this isn’t a joke, look… Andrew showed Wisdom his phone and the call from the hospital that lasted 5 minutes. “My family…” Wisdom held out the vowels as she spoke. “Do you want me to drive?” Andrew asked getting out his keys.

 Wisdom’s emotions got the best of her and Andrew got slightly emotional as well even though he didn’t begin to cry he looked as if he wanted to. “Wisdom… its ok. Can you believe they are only a few minutes away. I can drive you, let me drive you.” Wisdom ran inside and grabbed her phone and keys. There were 4 missed calls from the hospital but no voice mails. Wisdom looked up at Andrew, “No I want to drive. Fae can come pick you up if I’m there to late but if this is real I don’t want to leave there side for a single moment. Andrew understood and followed behind Wisdom as she walked out to her car. “You be good Teddy.” Andrew said to Wisdom’s dog and threw her a, we are going away treat. He had no idea how long they would be gone. He also sent a quick text to Fae asking if she could check on Teddy in 5 hours.

As Wisdom drove she began to question if she should be driving. She was shaking and her emotions were on high. “Andrew is this a dream?” She asked needing reassurance. Andrew spoke, “No” Was all he could mutter. The drive that normally took around 6 minutes felt as though it was taking longer. There seemed to feel as though there were more stop lights and stop signs than normal.

 When they arrived they RAN through the hospital doors, “Hi I’m Wisdom Turner. I’m here to see… Preston and Skyler Turner.” Wisdom couldn’t help but pause before saying their names. The receptionist turned towards her computer and started typing. “Alrighty then I just need to see an ID Mrs. Turner.” Wisdom reached in her back pocket. “My ID? Why do you need an ID?” Wisdom handed it over. “You too sir, the receptionist said to Andrew.” She then added, “Since their condition is so rare we have to limit the visitors and we wanted to make sure the people who were suppose to see them get to see them. But you are both fine and here are your ID’s back. They are in rooms 225 and 227. Take this elevator up and give this to the nurses station they will then walk you to their rooms.” The receptionist smiled. “Thank you” Wisdom said looking to make sure Andrew was ready to go upstairs.

They entered the floor and a nurse greeted them, “Hi, we are happy you could finally make it they are right through here. The nurse opened the door and revealed Preston sitting in a chair looking over at Skyler’s bed where she laid peacefully. Wisdom fell to Prestons knee’s in tears. “Is this a dream?” Preston stroked his wife’s face, “No its a dream come true.”

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8 Responses to Chapter 46: Deadly Encounter

  1. Hailey

    OMG!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! PRESTON!!! *cries* I missed him so, and Skyler too. I’m so glad they’re back, Deacon is in for a surprise when he comes back home. 🙂
    Amazing chapter!

    (aka Dawn Turner)

  2. entelligent

    Preston and Skylar, THERE BACK!
    You know you just made my day with this chapter!

    Great post Violet, 🙂

    • Sims Fan

      I’m very excited to have them back, Thanks Dawn and Kurtis for your comments 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh.. Yeah for family reunions!!!! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I am so happy for Wisdom.


  4. mizdyamond

    I’m soooooooo happppyyyyyy right now all smile there back.

  5. challengeseasonslegacy

    This post made my day! Preston and Skyer are alive!
    -Love Sierra

  6. Cheyene Burnette (@fitnessfan10898)

    OMG! I was so hoping they’d come back into Wisdom’s life…YAY!!

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