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Chapter 47:: Changes

Posted by on September 4, 2012


 I don’t have anyone that proof reads my posts. If there are mistakes I apologize!

Wisdom has spent the last 2 months running between the hospital and tending the needs of her family. Preston was home after only 2 weeks. He has physical therapy once a week and is able to walk better. Skyler’s recovery time was taking longer since her body was trying to react to being human again. She refused to eat and demanded seeing random people that no one knew. Wisdom continued to work at the Science Facility thinking that she could possibly find answers for her daughter struggling with her new life.  Skyler was coming home today, and Wisdom couldn’t help but be scared. She wanted to have a peaceful home but everything was going to be new.

“Dear, She’s home!” Preston said peeking into the office. “Thanks” Wisdom got up and walked to the front door. There stood Skyler, a different Skyler than Wisdom was used to seeing. “Hi, we are so happy to have you home.” Wisdom smiled trying not to be overly excited. “Do I have anything else to wear than this?” Skyler stated looking down at her dress. “Yes, we bought you a bunch of stuff. Your room is…” Preston didn’t have time to finish. “I know where my room is, this is my house.” Preston wasn’t used to hearing Skyler talk to him that way. He stepped back realizing he was going to need to build a relationship with her again.

“Once again, welcome home. We are so happy that you are here, I’ve missed you so much.” Wisdom reached out for a hug but Skyler walked away. She glanced around the house as if trying to remember something. “You added more room’s didn’t you? Did you move my room?” Wisdom muttered out, “no, your room is in the same spot its always been. We added a room for your brother, and an office.” Skyler looked around walking towards her door running right into it. “OUCH… That HURT.” Wisdom and Preston didn’t know what to say. Skyler opened her door and quickly shut it and soon you hear it lock shut.

“Preston I’m not sure what to do. She’s so confused yet isn’t wanting help.” Wisdom tried to stay under control but she wanted to bust down Skyler’s door and shake this demon out of her and get her little girl back. “She will come around in time. She’s confused and we aren’t sure where her mind is right now. I still have nightmares.” Preston said assuring Wisdom that these things take time. “Maybe we could invite some people over and have a party of some kind?” Wisdom asked as a suggestion. “No I say if anything we keep it personal between the four of us. We don’t want to overwhelm her.” Wisdom smiled, “I’m not sure what I did without you, I love you so much!” Preston smiled, “I love you too.”

Skyler found a few things in the dresser and started to put things on. She let her hair down and looked at herself. She plopped down on the floor. “I’m not sure what I am suppose to do… I’m so confused… HELP ME!” She talked to herself as if she was talking to someone else. She pinched her thigh and bit her lip realizing she was in pain. “Life will be ok… things can be better.” she tried to assure herself.


“I know its been awhile since we have had a family meeting but there is lots going on and we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. School is starting back up in a few days. Skyler your going to be a Junior, you will have catching up to do this school year but your mother and I are here to support you fully and when you get discouraged, remember that you have lots of people who love you and support you. Deacon is entering Junior High, and will be facing lots of new challenges so we all need to be understanding of him and his life.” Preston was interrupted, “Are we done yet?” asked an impatient Skyler.

“I understand that you are board dear but you are part of the family and this information is important.” Preston added trying to not be over whelmed by Skyler’s attitude.  Wisdom soon spoke up, “We are also thinking about giving the house to Andrew and Fae as a wedding gift. Our family is going to be getting bigger soon and we are needing a bigger place.” Skyler froze. “Mom, your pregnant?”

“You couldn’t just let things be… you had to have more kids right? Make this a happy family right? Seriously… do you two understand what your doing? OH MY GOSH.” Skyler ran from the living room and slammed her door shut. Deacon stood up, “I’m going to bed now. Congratulations, I can’t believe I’m going to be a big brother!” He walked away with a big grin. “Well at least he handled it well,” Wisdom said sighing with relief. “Skyler will come around.”

Preston and Wisdom discussed a few other matters when Skyler came out of her room, “I need some air.” She walked out of the house quickly. Wisdom wanted to react but didn’t sometimes space was best. Skyler ran till her legs hurt. She soon found herself at the beach. She was enjoying watching the sun set and found some rocks to collect.

“Excuse me, do you know where I can rest for tonight?” The mans voice started Skyler and his thick accent added more curiosity to who he was. She thought to herself, if I just ignore him… he will go away. After a bit of silence to voice came again and this time much closer and in a different language one she couldn’t understand but he spoke it fluently.

It might sound odd but she didn’t feel scared but more comforted by this stranger. She turned around with a smile, “Hi I’m Skyler, We don’t get many outside visitors we have a small B&B but it’s already occupied at the time.” Skyler said in an informative voice.

“Oh dear… is there a place I could camp out? I’m not much of an adventure Sim but if its for one night I think I could manage.” He said looking a tad worried. “I know… there is a place, well um, My mom and I used to,” Skyler paused for a moment, “My mother and I used to camp there all the time. I will show you!” She called a cab and they headed to the spot. “You are very kind, I will repay you. My name is Ameen.” He spoke clear English despite his accent.

“Oh my this had changed.” Skyler looked around hardly recognizing the place she once called home. The garden her mom worked so hard to keep alive and flourished was dying down and only a few plants remained. The pond was lively with fish and that made Skyler feel a little bit better. “I remember my mom teaching me to fish here. She actually planted this garden over here. There used to be a lot more.” Skyler added looking around. “Its very beautiful, but I don’t see shelter. Oh my what have I done?” Skyler turned to face Ameen wondering if he was asking her the question but it was evident something was bothering him something he didn’t want to share.

Ameen and Skyler sat down, “You traveled alone?” Skyler asked. “Yes, I’m not used to living this way but I guess I need to get used to it fast.” Ameen sat down next to Skyler. “I have a home but my mom and dad informed me we are moving. I’m not sure if we are moving to a new town, or just a new house but still I hate that I just started getting used to things and they throw me several curve balls.”

“My parents are… very controlling I couldn’t handle it so I ran away. I landed in Bridgeport but I couldn’t  fit in. I couldn’t even find someone to talk to or ask for directions. They were all so busy and not paying attention. I then found an art shop and sold some paintings to pay a taxi to get to a smaller town. I don’t think my parents will look for me here.” Skyler admired Ameens will power and the way he stood up for himself. “You might not feel adventurous but you are very much so that and more. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that but I bet it was fun.” Skyler added. Ameen shrugged his shoulders, “I better get a shelter built before it gets darker.”

Ameen looked tired, Skyler stared into his eyes and she thought about all that he had been through to get to this point of his journey, “Come with me Ameen, you can stay in my room. I will sneak you in and then lock my door my parents will never find out. We can then spend tomorrow figuring out a long term living quarters for you.” Ameen smiled at Skyler’s statement. “I don’t want to intrude.”

Skyler leaned in for a hug, “You have an affect on me Ameen, you make me feel safe and I want you to feel safe. Please come with me? Your not intruding I promise.” She asked.

A taxi pulling up to the house would be obvious so they opted to walk home. They talked the whole way. Skyler found out the Ameen was from Egypt and he wouldn’t be surprised if his family had already started looking for him. Skyler had a hard time understanding if his family was already looking for him he was very loved and for what reason would he have to run away? She felt he was keeping something from her but she let it be for now there was plenty of time for them to talk and get to know one another.

They arrived at Skyler’s house and it was quiet. She got in the house making quite a bit of noise letting her parents know she was home. She then slipped away quickly to her room where she let Ameen in through her window. They sat on her bed and talked all night long.  Ameen was asleep first. Skyler had time to lock her door and cuddle up next to him. He shifted his weight allowing room for her to lay next to him. She slept peacefully for the first night since she returned from the dead.

Its official we are expecting a little miracle. Due to arrive later this month! We are VERY excited ^_^

13 Responses to Chapter 47:: Changes

  1. Addy

    Poor Skyler. I hope things get better for her, I wonder what Ameen is keeping from her 😉

    Already having another baby ah o_6 ? LOL

    • Sims Fan

      Preston and Wisdom always wanted a big family. They got the doctors go ahead and POOF they are pregnant.

  2. entelligent

    Wow great chapter Violet 🙂
    I’m so happy Skyler has found someone she can relate too, she seems so happy now.
    Deacon just get’s cuter by the minuet!

    I can’t wait to see the new baby ^_^

    • Sims Fan

      Deacon will probably be a child for one more post. I hope to focus on him a little and then the baby should be here 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😀

  3. Jamee

    Oh wow, another gripping chapter. He looks like he’s got a big secret. I can’t wait to find out.

  4. slughorn28

    Great update..I’m so glad Wisdom go her family back but Skylar…..ooohh young lady learn some respect. LOL.can’t wait to find out Ameen’s secret.

    • Sims Fan

      I’m loving having everyone back! and I don’t think ANYONE will be able to figure out Ameen’s secret!

  5. Hailey


  6. pinkreina

    Poor kid, all that teenage angst and hormones plus dealing with being brought back.

  7. Cheyene Burnette (@fitnessfan10898)

    Great chapter! Can’t wait too see what becomes of Skylar and Ameen. Skylar looks so much like Wisdom…she’s gawgeous!!

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