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Chapter 48:: A Bundle of Joy

Posted by on September 10, 2012

“I know I’ve let my gardening slide with this pregnancy but here you can have one of these bell peppers. I’m going to miss this garden but I know Fae has a green thumb and will tend its needs better than I am.” Wisdom got down and started picking the pepper. “Did you want to take one Deacon?” She asked holding one out to him. “No, I’m going to take an apple thank you!” He reached up and picked the biggest, reddest apple on the tree. “Ok Deacon you better change out of your uniform if your going to go play on you LAST day of summer break.”

“WISDOM!” Wisdom turned quickly to see who was talking, “oh wow Adabelle you startled me, but I’m happy to see you.” Adabelle smiled and rubbed Wisdom’s baby bump, “Your mom told me you were expecting. When are you due?”
“I’m due here any day now. I’m right now helping Andrew and Fae get settled into the house. They got married and as a gift I want to give them the house that Andrew not only helped me build but helped maintain when Preston was gone.” Adabelle smiled at Wisdom’s comment.

Adabelle looked down at her own baby bump, “Your expecting too I see!” Wisdom said. “Yes we are due here soon too we aren’t finding out the gender we have 2 girls and 2 boys so this one will be our surprise and we will find out what it is when he/she is born!” Adabelle then looked at the house. “So, when do you think the house will be ready?” Wisdom rubbed her neck. “Oh man, I would love to be moved before the baby is born but with each passing day I don’t see it happening. We are right now ripping wall paper and packing little things. We found a house closer to town. but we can’t have the horse till we get a city license so we are giving Andrew this one and then getting Skyler her own horse once we get the license and were settled.”

Adabelle sighed, “It must be nice to have your family back together. Are you going to continue to work at the Science facility?” Wisdom nodded, “Yes, I love working there and the people are great. Preston is going to be a stay at home dad till our little one starts school. He’s then going to join the police force like he planned to do when he left the army. He’s also considered working as a fire fighter but he’s leaning more towards the police force.” Wisdom shifted her weight off of her tired legs. “I would invite you in but the house is a mess with packing.”

Adabelle  hugged Wisdom, “I understand, I need to go the Ivory and Ebony from my mom’s house. I wanted to go for a walk but they are very active little girls and so my mom took them to the park! She’s such an amazing grandma, I don’t know what I would do without her.” Wisdom smiled, “She’s an awesome Aunt too.” Both girls laughed and said their goodbyes. Wisdom then thought about the last time she hung out with her mom. She quickly got out her phone and called her right away.

“Hey mom, I’m feeling good… I called because I wanted to know if you could meet me for lunch? Sounds great see you in a bit.” Wisdom ran in to tell Preston, Fae, and Andrew where she was headed, she then quickly changed, and headed to the beach. Her mom suggested a beach side picnic.

Wisdom started to get everything set up at the beach when her mom called, “Sorry I can’t make it. Kestell needs me to help her in Bridgeport. She  wouldn’t ask me if it wasn’t really important. Can we rain check?” Wisdom tried not to get mad but she did feel like her mom was letting her down. “Yeah mom, I understand. Maybe you could come over to our new house when we are settled in?” Wisdom added trying to end the conversation on a good note.   “Alright dear you take care of my beautiful grand kids and future grand baby.” and she hung up.

Wisdom enjoyed the meal on her own noticing it was getting darker, and darker sooner than it had ever before. Wisdom shrugged it off maybe the moon was blocking the sun or it just seemed darker than normal because she was getting tired. Footsteps came from behind her and a familiar voice, “Well hey there daughter in law. Out without the kids and hubby?” Wisdom smiled at Dawn. “Yeah kinda. I was going to meet my mom but she had to help my sister. “Well if you don’t mine a mother in law I would love to join you!” Wisdom scooted over to make room for Dawn.”

They enjoyed the food Wisdom prepared and then headed over to the water, “Another grandchild, how did I ever get so lucky?” Wisdom smiled. “I have no idea what people are talking about when they say monster in law. You are a true blessing to have around!” Wisdom and Dawn talked about life and how Wisdom was feeling. They both decided to have a get together with as much family as possible when the baby is born. It would be a great way for everyone to not only see the baby but see the house. Wisdom loved that Dawn always could put a positive spin on any situation. They finished talking and then went their separate ways.

It was still early but Wisdom thought she would try her luck at the graveyard and find a deathfish but needless to say she didn’t find what she was looking for but she started to hear suspicious noises coming from the bushes. She walked over there to see if it was the grim reaper. She wanted to thank him for giving Preston and Skyler a second chance… what she found was nothing but a shock.

Wisdom wanted to disappear before she could be seen but it was to late.  Skyler wasn’t in trouble, but why she chose the graveyard to meet a boy was what Wisdom couldn’t figure out.

“Mom, seriously what the hell. First the beach and now here. What are you doing stalking us?” Wisdom was shocked at the tone Skyler used. “Young lady I’m not following you. I’m not even mad at you. You have a boyfriend and there is nothing wrong with that. What I DO have a problem is that you are so defensive as if you are doing something wrong.” Skyler looked over at Ameen, “Mom this is Ameen. Ameen this is my mom Wisdom.” Wisdom reached out and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you. You aren’t from around here?” Wisdom asked knowing just about all the people who lived in Sunset Valley.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Turner for keeping your daughter to myself. She is quite captivating and I enjoy her company. I’m not from around here and honestly have no place to stay. She has been very kind to help me gather supplies and rough it in the outdoors. She was just trying not to make me feel anymore degraded than I already feel.” Skyler loved Ameen even more after the way he spoke to her mom. He didn’t yell and was not only kind but respectful. Wisdom smiled, We have a spare bunk in Deacons room, you don’t have to rough it anymore. We are moving soon but I’m sure we could find a place for you to stay soon.

Skyler also admired her mom, for not only being understanding but opening their home to Ameen a total stranger. Skyler remembered everything her mom did for her.

“Thank you mom… I love you!” Wisdom wished she had a recorder. Not only did her teenage daughter who had been rebelling lately she said I love you for the first time since she’s been back. “I love you too Skyler, more than you will ever understand until you are a mother yourself.” Ameen admired the beautiful moment shared between the two women. He only wished that he could do the same with his parents.

After explaining ground rules to the kids Wisdom began packing the books and found some recipe books. She wanted to make sure she knew all the recipes so that she could make more things. She was quick study and the kids fully supported her new hobby because salad, mac & cheese, and PB&J were getting old fast.


“Good morning beautiful,” Preston said in a chipper mood. “Well, good morning handsome!” She answered back. “I got offered a job at the police station I’m going down today to fill out paper work. You can quit your job now and be a full time mommy like you where with Skyler and Deacon!” Wisdom wanted to get angry but knew where Preston’s heart was. “I don’t want to quit, I love my job.” Preston looked puzzled. “Well… should we hire a baby sitter?” Wisdom shook her head quickly, “no, if anything I would rather a nanny. Someone who comes to our house and takes care of our little one. I don’t want different people coming and going out of our baby’s life.” Preston walked over to the kitchen for paper and pencil. I will look at different nanny sites online but for the time being you relax and enjoy these last moment of being pregnant we are having a baby TODAY!”

“Ok little one, anytime now we are excited to meet you!” Preston cooed at the baby. “Dear, I would LOVE to be moved into the house so we could bring our baby home to a house that’s NOT under construction.” Preston laughed, “We will silly just relax I have everything under control.”
Since heavy lifting is out of the question everyone decided it best they do the rest of the packing and moving when Wisdom was in the hospital recovering. Andrew and Fae where off looking at furniture and getting excited about the newest member that would be soon joining their family. Wisdom hated not doing anything but was able to catch up on the new hobby she acquired the night before.

It didn’t take long and baby Turner was ready to enter the world. Preston stayed very calm and drove Wisdom to the hospital. Labor took a total of 4 hours. Wisdom was very tired but couldn’t wait to hold and see her little one.

Although her pregnancy was normal and delivery went smooth doctors were baffled by the baby’s appearance. “Is she going to be ok?” Wisdom asked looking over at the doctors and nurses tending her baby girl. “We are just confused at her appearance, She’s perfectly healthy though and should be ok to go home in 2 days.” Wisdom looked over and just smiled. Preston’s genetics must till hold a genetic link to is past appearance in the afterlife. Wisdom cradled her daughter in her arms and admired her daughter. “Amily, I love you so much!”

Amily Shae Turner
7lb 2oz 19.5 inches
Mommy and baby are resting in their new home


Deacon was out searching for gems when he stumbled across something he had never seen before…

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  1. Hailey

    Woo, new granddaughter. 😀 Oh I can’t wait to see the next installment. I’m so excited. This was a great chapter, keep them coming. 😀

    (aka Grandma Dawn)

    • Sims Fan

      I’m very excited for the next post. I’m really enjoying where the story is going!

  2. Catlover800

    So cute! Can’t wait for the next post!! 😀

    ~Calista Smith

  3. slughorn28

    great post… I am glad to see that Skylar is getting back to normal. Thank you for your kind words regarding Ashby. *hugs*
    I can’t wait for your next post.


  4. Jamee

    This was epic, I can’t wait till the next chapter.

  5. Ria

    amazing chapter when will the next be out? 🙂

  6. Cheyene Burnette (@fitnessfan10898)

    Woohoo for Skylar and Wisdom’s breakthrough!! Ooh…I know what Deacon has stumbled upon, but won’t spoil it 🙂

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