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Chapter 49:: A Fresh Start

Posted by on November 18, 2012

Thank you Lattesandcoco, These are so great and I can’t wait to add them to the new house.

Wisdom had Prom, I actually wish I had taken more time to prepare for it but anyway I was
pretty excited to see that she won PROM QUEEN! She gets it from her mom ^_^

I have no editor so I apologize in advance for any mistakes you may find while reading….

Yes, it has been quite some time since I’ve written and so much has changed in not only my personal life but in my sims lives. Today I sit here with ideas flowing and wishing I had enough time to get in my game and take pictures. I then realized the story is in its words and not what the pictures show. I apologize for doing this but I’ve decided to move on to the next generation and I would love your help in deciding which child of Wisdom’s we follow into the next generation of my Legacy of Challenges.

We started our journey with Violet Newbie taking on the 100 baby challenge and she took it a step farther and had 101 babies. Her 101st child was born and carried the challenge to Generation 2 doing the homeless challenge while raising her daughter Skyler. Wisdom’s life had so many things that went wrong but she eventually got her prince charming and oldest daughter back from the dead while also raising her son Deacon and her Newest daughter Amily.

Now on to a little bit about each of the children to choose from and where their story’s could go…


Skyler has had an interesting life thus far. With living on the streets with her mom while she was just a baby and into her toddler years. She then moved in with her Grandma Violet and Grandpa AJ while her mom got onto her feet. Skyler also endured the rejection of her birth father who decided to sign his rights away so he could focus on his new family while she was a child. After watching her mother and step father (Preston Turner) join as one she was excited to be soon entering into her pre teen years when she died with her new father Preston by her side. While Wisdom mourned the death of her true love and first born she lost all hope of ever seeing them again when the one person who abandoned Skyler at such a young age then came to her aid. Skyler’s dad (Lonnie) decided he was wrong to abandon his daughter and even though he can’t get his rights back he wanted to make Wisdom’s suffering end. He paid for the procedure to bring Preston and Skyler back from the dead. Preston’s recovery was much faster than Skyler’s as she struggled with life as a teenager when she felt much younger inside. She then spiraled out of control searching for a thrill to make her feel alive. She soon met Ameen… a handsome yet mysterious man who showed Skyler that life is worth living and loving. Yet he holds a secret that no one see’s coming. Choose Skyler and follow her journey with finding out the truth and how she handles it.

Deacon; he’s now a teenager and loves to be out in the woods. While getting used to his sister and father coming back from the dead he loves getting the father-son moments he missed out on for so many years. While out as a child he found a fairy house but he has yet to see this fairy and travels the same journey everyday looking for answers. As a child he soon found what he had been dreaming of. A small purple fairy dancing they would meet each day but he would do all the talking while she just listened. One day Deacon searched for his friend and she was no where to be found… Will he find her? When he does how will she react to him as a teenager now? To follow Deacon on this journey pick him!

Amily; the tiny miracle that came into the world with Preston’s return to the earthly world. Her future is unknown but there are sure to be struggles in her life with being the only child around who has a ghostly appearance. Follow Amily’s life by choosing her!

ALL CHILDREN will be teens when their story begins. Please choose who YOU would like to see take on the next generation. The challenge has already been chosen and that challenge will be worked into their story lines that have already been proposed above. I’m only giving the voting a few days so the sooner you comment with your vote the better… VOTING ENDS ON NOVEMBER 21, 2012  THANK YOU!

27 Responses to Chapter 49:: A Fresh Start

  1. slughorn28

    I am going to choose…Um…well…er…Decon.


  2. Catlover800

    Ooh, I’m going to say Amily, just because she has a gorgeous name and she’s a ghost, which is especially cool!

  3. Sims Fan

    My friend just read this and texted me saying she votes for SKYLER… its a 3 way tie…

  4. Addy

    I say…Amily

  5. dylansimse

    DEACON 😛

  6. Hailey

    I want to see Amily’s journey for generation 3! 😀

  7. Logan Fey

    Hi Violet!
    Deacon for me!

    Logan XOXO

  8. Ashley

    As much as I love ghost babies, she is still just a baby so I’m going to vote for Skyler. I like her story so far and would really like to see how everything turns out for her.

  9. mizdyamond

    For my vote I would loved any of your beautiful children to go and continue the legacy but I pick Amily

  10. LoganWorm

    Deacon please!

  11. Liliecilor

    I want to see Skyler’s Story 😀

  12. Angela Pleasant Keaton

    I know the vote’s over with, but I would’ve voted for Amily 🙂

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