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Chapter 50: A New Generation

Posted by on August 13, 2013

Skyler’s POV

Making it through college wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Ameen was a wonderful support and always reminded me that in the end this will be so helpful starting off higher in the Journalism career. Didn’t take us long to pack everything and move back home… my home. Ameen was feeling so much pressure to return back to Egypt we got a rental knowing he needed to go back and face his father. You may be a little confused but I will catch you up to speed.

When Ameen and I first met he seemed to amazing to be real. We got along perfectly and when he explained he had no place to stay I snuck him in my bedroom to sleep. My parents never found out till one night I snuck out to meet up with Ameen and my mom followed me. To my surprise she was extremely welcoming and wanted him to stay with us till he got settled. He later explained he traveled from Egypt when his parents were forcing him into a marriage he didn’t want. I felt like this was something I only read about in Jamee Snuffer’s Medieval series but here it was in my reality. I was devastated when he said he had to return. He started packing to move when he made a deal with his dad giving him more time. They agreed he could attend college here in the states but must return soon after graduation.

These plans didn’t stop Ameen from promising me his hand in marriage. He told me that we will be husband and wife no matter what. I wear my engagement ring with a bittersweet feeling. I would love to be his bride but not at the expense of him losing everything his family has worked for. I’m not blood royalty so I couldn’t marry him and be passed off as a princess since there are other kingdoms Ameen can wed into a royal bloodline.

So now here we are, engaged, in a rental, graduated, and wondering how much more time we have till we are torn apart.

A good workout can relieve so much stress and leave you feeling… oh forget it. This sux, Ameen texted me shortly after I started my workout requesting we needed to talk. I trust that his news can’t be to horrible but the last thing I need is to show up at home and there are his guards taking him away and I never see him again. I know what its like to lose someone so precious and feel so close yet so far away. I was given a second chance  and I didn’t want to waste it swooning over a man I can really have. I blame my heart for falling for his charming personality and good looks. When the treadmill slows down I stop my work out early and ride my bike home.


 I walked in the door and Ameen sat quietly watching Survivor. “I got your text, sorry I didn’t text you back.” Ameen turned and smiled, “You look as beautiful as an Egypt sunrise.” He said smiling at me. I couldn’t help but give him a little smile back. I sat down and braced myself for horrible news. He didn’t seem to be in a bad mood but he hid his emotions well. When you are a Prince you learn to not show your true emotions till you know you’re alone. He does however let his guard down around me, like when he talks about having to go back without me. He breaks down a little knowing his feelings for me are stronger than he ever felt possible.

Ameen began to speak, “I made an arrangement with my father. He’s allowing me to give up royal duties if I remain Prince and help run the kingdom till my younger brother is of age. I do plan to come visit as often as I can but I’ve still been cut off from the family fortune since I’m declining the throne.  Although I want to make sure my father doesn’t go back on his word so we need to get married NOW!”

The excitement erupted like a volcano, “Now? meaning today?” I asked trying to comprehend what he was telling me. “Yes, today… now, such as get your dress on lets do this.” He stood up and walked to the other room I assumed he was getting changed so I changed into the gown I bought with my mom before going to college. I found it on sale and was going to have it dyed red since brides in Egypt tend to wear bright colors on their wedding days. I didn’t expect to be married this soon, and without my parents but I knew they would understand and later when Ameen returns we could have a big wedding reception. I then remember the last wedding reception I attended… maybe just sending out an announcement will be best.

My dress is easy to manage and we went up into the mountains to a pretty location. It began to rain but we didn’t care… it was our moment a moment we would cherish forever.

Wedding Collage
My bouquet was a simple daisy that Ameen picked for me. It was close to the spot where we exchanged our vows. The cool rain felt nice on my warm body as my heart raced. We took a romantic picture together and texted it to my family. Everything lasted about a 20 minutes but again, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I had right here. After kissing me lightly Ameen told me that he must return home this month. My heart broke but understood, my family was used to this… My Grandma Violet was a 101 baby challenge mom who didn’t find her one and only till the end of her challenge and then she was in the hospital recovering from having her brain tumor removed. My mother was a single mom for most of my life till my “real” dad Preston came back and even then on her wedding day both Preston and I died. Given a 2nd chance at life when my birth father paid for the expensive surgery that would bring us back. And here I am, Generation 5 of a long line of strong, smart, beautiful women who all fell hard for the men they loved and were willing to sacrifice everything to have their happily ever after. I would be no different.

Thank you for reading, like before I don’t have an editor so please excuse any and all mistakes you find. Thank you for reading my story and enjoy the following sims pictures…

Screenshot-850A beautiful wedding picture

5 generations
Five Generations, four have been blogged, and three have been challenges.

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