Chapter 41:: Moving On

COMING JUNE 5th 2012

While enduring a roller-coaster of emotions Wisdom found her self distracted when she would pick back up on doing the things she loves. Her garden seemed to have grown weak from neglect over the past weeks.  Wisdom focused on the fact that despite the painful void deep inside her nothing was going to change the fact that she is in fact having to face the world alone only seeing Preston and Skyler in her dreams.

Wisdom heard Andrew in the yard talking. “Andrew are you speaking to me?” She asked walking closer. “No this horse is missing her best friend and I was trying to comfort her. I’m not what she’s expecting and she’s getting aggressive with me.” He tried to brush her and she shook him off. “Maybe you should try, ” Andrew suggested. “ME, ummm I’m not sure I’m what she wants either.” Wisdom questioned hesitating to touch the horse. “Please try, here is her brush and start high up on her back and brush down towards her hooves.”

Wisdom took the brush and when to start brushing the horse Skyler loved unconditionally. “Hey girl, I know I’m not Skyler but we both loved her and we both miss her.” Wisdom’s words didn’t break her down to tears. “There you go Wisdom your doing great.”  Wisdom was amazed at how still the horse stood. “Did Skyler ever name her horse?” Wisdom asked Andrew not remembering the horse having a name. “She called her Baby.” Andrew said with a smile. “I like that name… Baby.” Wisdom got a few other lessons. She learned what Baby’s favorite snack was, what saddle she preferred, and how to clean her hooves.

“Wisdom how are you feeling, I don’t want you to feel over worked.” Andrew would hate if she had another episode and had to be admitted to the hospital. “I feel fine thank you. I’m just happy to not be in this house alone. I would go mad if I had to but you need to move on with your life and not baby sit me. I will be fine. Your welcome to come over when ever you want and you will be teaching the baby how to ride and care for the horse.” Wisdom said with a grin. “I like being here… My sister and her husband handle the ranch while I’m not there and your a good friend. I want to be here for you.”

“How much longer till we meet him?” Andrew rubbed Wisdom’s belly. With her being in hiding not many people even know she’s pregnant unless they have heard the latest gossip in town. “I’m due any day. I feel huge, I don’t remember feeling this big with Skyler’s pregnancy.”

“Oh man Wisdom, need help getting your garden going again?”  Andrew chuckled. “Yeah, I didn’t realize how bad it was till today. I need to weed them you can water them.”  Andrew was happy to have Wisdom help him with something since she’s been feeling as though she’s been a burden on him and his life.

“Wisdom do you think you will date or marry again?’ Wisdom thought about the question presented to her. “I’m not sure to be honest. But I’m eloping and keeping him under lock and key so nothing can happen to him.” She said in a teasing way. Andrew added, “Your just a great girl and I would hate to see you give up only because everything fell the way it did. You deserve to be happy.” Wisdom soon added, “I deserve to have Preston and Skyler here and you living your own life but life isn’t fair that way and I’m stuck here trying to pick up broken pieces of my heart. I worry everyday that I’m going to mess up and my son will end up in the same place my brother and Skyler ended up.”

“Wisdom you can’t think like that…” Andrew looked at Wisdom. He’s had feelings for her for some time now but always knew Preston was in the picture. He’s gone and wants to make his move but is afraid its to soon. Wisdom ignored his advice and focused on weeding her plant. “Don’t forget to water the tree’s too.” She stated changing the topic even more.

Wisdom felt bad that she wasn’t allowing Andrew to express his feelings but she wasn’t ready to love again. She wasn’t sure she would ever be ready. Having Andrew around is great but she wants him to be happy and not wait around for her to possibly never want to settle down. Wisdom started thinking about her single friends. She wanted to try to set Andrew up with someone.

They finished tending the garden and headed inside. “Mind if I take a nap?” Wisdom asked Andrew feeling tired. “No, but make sure you take your medicine.” Wisdom rolled her eyes at Andrew. He is so considerate. Wisdom got to her room and rested. Andrew finished cleaning the kitchen and headed outside to get the mail. When he heard Wisdom cry out. He dropped the mail and ran to her side.
He heard screams from inside the house and went running, “WISDOM ARE YOU OK?”  Andrew ran to the bedroom, “I’m… I’m in labor. Oh my gosh I’m having the baby.” Wisdom looked up at Andrew in terror. “Your going to be ok… here we are going to go to the hospital come on.” He grabbed her bag and went straight to the hospital. He stood by her side till Violet came.
Wisdom was worried that the baby wouldn’t survive and when the doctor said ITS A BOY she was overjoyed. Placed directly in her arms she caressed his face and cried tears of joy. “Mommy loves you little man. Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Skyler will always love you. The doctor took Wisdom’s son over to the islet, Wisdom relaxed comfortably while they measured and weighed her precious baby boy.

Thank you for reading!

I’m very happy to say that Wisdom is resting at home safely. And her

son’s name will be announced in the next post!

Pictures where NOT taken

in the hospital because I wanted to keep it simple. You will be seeing

pictures coming soon!

My latest video is on you tube check it out (Colorful Kitten) I would

appreciate if you like and subscribe to my youtube channel!


Two colorful kittens (inspired by Calista Smith)

This my daughters Simself. The cat above this picture is the cat she made when pets was released.

I want to wish her a happy 5th birthday
April 16, 2012. She is a pretty fabulous kid and I treasure every moment
God gives me with her. 

I have a friend who plays Sims 3 on my computer. She has her own adorable family
Here are her 3 oldest kids (two are twins) I had to share this cute picture of them
having a pillow fight!


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Chapter 40:: Gone To Soon (memories)

Told from Wisdom’s Point Of View till told otherwise…

I laid in my bed, praying I could be numb  from the demons of pain and torture my heart was feeling. My body cried out to me wondering when I would feed its hunger. And the baby hardly moved. I was deteriorating slowly, locking my door from the world.  “Wisdom, its Andrew. I have lunch for you. Please eat the doctor and I are worried your not getting the nutrition the baby needs.”

I can’t stand when people mention the baby. It makes me feel guilty in the choices I’ve been making. I slowly sit up feeling weak and dizzy. I walk towards my mirror seeing my reflection and a picture of Preston made me break down once again. I question how many more tears I have to cry, how many more days will I feel as if all is lost. I was startled when I soon heard a pounding on the door. “WISDOM, You can’t do this anymore. I’m taking down your door. If you don’t get out here soon.” Shouted a concerned Andrew.

I opened the door, “Good I’m glad you heard me. I hope you like what I made.” he said to me turning away to get me a serving. All I could see were black dots covering my eyes and I fell hard to the ground. I could still hear things around me. but I couldn’t speak “Wisdom… WISDOM.” I wanted to tell him I was ok but I had no energy. As I laid on the floor I drifted into a sleep.

I slowly stood up to see Preston. I ran over to him embracing him. I could smell his c0logne,  “Preston, is this really you?” I closed my eyes hearing him speak gave me butterflies. “Yes, its me… I’m always going to be here even when you can’t see me. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember and I will love you forever.”

“Why did this happen to us? We were getting everything put together.” I asked “I was meant to come into your life and show you that true love is real. I was also there to show Skyler that she deserves a real father in her life.” Preston kissed my forehead. His lips as soft as silk. “Preston, I don’t want to wake up… I want to stay here with you forever.”

Preston stepped slightly to the side not letting Wisdom go, “But what about our son? He needs you Wisdom. He needs you to teach him how to be the best person possible. He’s going to be a challenge at times but know that I’m helping him in the ways that I can.” Wisdom knew she had to wake up at some point. She kissed Preston one more time. “In my heart I hold memories, and there you’ll always be.”

I woke up to see Andrew and Cole hovering over me… “What happened?”  I sat up quickly. “I called Cole since he’s a doctor to check you to make sure you and the baby were ok. I was worried, he has given you a strict meal plan to get you back to good health.” Andrew explained while Cole put his equipment away, “You had us worried there for a moment but your heart beat and the baby’s heart beat is strong.” Cole stated.

I looked down at my stomach, “This is Preston’s son… I’m going to protect him with my life.”

Simple Plan… Gone To Soon

In a blink of an eye, I never got to say good bye…
You were gone to soon

Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this tribute for Preston and Skyler. I hope to lighten the mood in posts to come!

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Chapter 39:: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

Thank you so much Ashby for this BEAUTIFUL dress. I love it!
You’re an amazing friend ^_^

People and objects where catching fire left and right. Fighting through the pain of being burned Violet continued her search for the 4 people MIA. Dawn got off the phone and ran over to Violet. “Marcus (Preston’s Dad) has been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. They think he will be fine but they can’t give me any information about Wisdom, Skyler, or Preston.”

No one could stay calm at this moment especially when Grim decided to show up. “This can’t be good…” One person cried out.

Wisdom had been announce dead, she had a grave as well as a ghost until Skyler’s sweet dog and best friend talked to grim and saved her. She came back looking PERFECT. She stroked her face softly in awe that she was alive. She turned to find Preston and Skyler but she soon realized that they were missing.

Preston had died. Grim had no reason to keep Preston here and with no death flower, unlucky trait, or anything to save him he had to go. He looked over at Wisdom and spoke in her mind, “I will never stop loving you.” A tear fell from Wisdom’s cheek while she watched her true love leave the earthly world.

Nothing had made her happier than when she was with Preston. “I will never stop loving you Preston Turner…” she whispers. Her heart was breaking and her body feeling numb. “WHY WHY WHY, we were happy,” Wisdom began to think to herself not quite understanding how this could happen after all that she had been through.

Wisdom opened her eyes and saw what no mother should ever have to see…

Skyler’s ghostly body hovering over the ground. “GRIM, please don’t take her.” Violet pleaded knowing that they had a friendship back in the day. Soon Skyler’s sweet voice came into Wisdom’s head, “Mommy, its ok, … I will love you always.”  Just then both grim and Skyler disappeared.

“NOOOOO, Don’t take them please don’t take them. Bring them back Dear God, please…. please bring them back.” Wisdom pleaded in tears running to the 2 graves.

Wisdom fell to the ground grieving in pain.  Praying, hoping, WISHING that there was a way they both could be saved…

-=-=-=- 4 Days Later -=-=-=-

The funeral hall was packed with people honoring the lives of both Preston and Skyler. Wisdom was given their ashes. The support she had was with out a doubt something no one has ever seen before. These Two sims were very loved, “Dear… I don’t want you to be alone. Andrew has offered to stay with you and help you with the animals as well as  anything you need done around the house. I will come over every night for dinner. Nothing is going to stop you from loving them, nothing is going to quickly heal your pain. You have got to trust that someday you will smile again.” Violet said hugging her daughter.

“Mom… I just want to be alone. I just want to stop fighting. Everything in that house reminds me of them, do I take pictures down or do I leave them up. Do I go through with this pregnancy only to know that something could happen to this baby too, mom I’m tired of being strong and fighting through my pain. I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m heart broken. All I keep thinking about is what I could have done differently. Why did Teddy save me mom? She was closer to Skyler… Mom I can’t do this I truly can’t do this.” Wisdom walked away quickly.

“Wisdom wait up.” Andrew called. Wisdom kept walking, “Wisdom please? I know your hurt but let me help. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to just please let me take care of you and the animals till your feeling better.” Andrew requested.


“I’m a friend, a friend who is offering to help. I’m moving in with you if not to take care of you but help you learn how to take care of Skyler’s horse.” Andrew was trying to get Wisdom to understand his intentions. “Please don’t say her name…  That name is sacred and precious to me I just can’t hear it right now. Take her horse though…” Wisdom handed him the keys to the gate, and began to walk away.

“WISDOM, they died but you are here… you are living and you have Preston’s baby growing inside you. It won’t replace Skyler, and it won’t bring Preston back but it deserves a the same mom Skyler had. Everything is going to be ok… you might not see it now, you might not feel it tomorrow but things will get better.” Andrew hugged Wisdom, I will be at your house tonight to tend the animals if you need me. I will then talk to you in the morning seeing how you feel.”  Wisdom felt the baby move, the life that was living inside her was the only part of Preston she would have. “Thank you Andrew.” Wisdom whispered.




Thank you for reading, I’m still taking baby name requests.
This post was not easy (emotionally)  for me to write. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen next and so I hope that you
are still interested in continuing my legacy of challenges. I’m sorry for any mistakes in this post I never had a chance to go back through and read it for my quick edit!

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Chapter 38:: Till Death Do Us Part

Thank you for reading

-From Wisdom’s POV-

As my father walked me down the aisle I looked back on my childhood through till now. This moment, when I become Mrs. Turner. Nothing in the world mattered more to me than Skyler and Preston. My heart pounded in my chest looking at Preston in his uniform. How bitter sweet of a moment it was knowing soon he would be leaving me once again. Trying hard not to cry I continued to look only at Preston.

The minister then asked my dad, “Who has prepared the woman for marriage?” My father answered with a small frog in his throat. “Her mother and I.” In that moment my father gave my hand to Preston. He looked at him and said, “She is a rose, a flower with many layers. Each layer makes her more beautiful. Please, cherish my rose and keep her safe.” My dad stepped back. Preston got down on one knee soon stating, “I will” and kissed my hand.

Skyler wrote a poem in school and she felt it fit to read now.

In Her Eyes
The depth of a father’s love shows in his daughter’s eyes.
What’s known is what’s shown from sunset to sunrise.
A foundation built on more than just what is spoken.
It’s commitments kept and promised that go unbroken.
An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase.
The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face.
A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand,
Yet so immaculate it’s obvious that, by God, it was planned.

Preston I love you.

(Michelle W. Emerson)

The poem was beautiful and Skyler read it perfectly with the perfect emotions and accents. Preston couldn’t resist giving Skyler a hug. He then went back to finish the ceremony.

I said my vows…
I vow to be as wonderful to you as you have been for me. I will cherish you, love you, and stand by your side through anything and everything we are put through. Sometimes, I wondered if love is worth fighting for. Then you came back into my life and I was ready for war. Preston, you swore to protect our country. I stand here in front of family and swear to protect your heart.

Preston said his vows…

My dearest Wisdom, I never knew how capable of loveing someone I was till I met you. You have had my heart for as long as I can remember. I vow to love you, and be there for you and Skyler always. The best part of being me is knowing I have you. I will never not love you.

Our minister spoke “Here is an example of how powerful love is. They were brought in and out of one another’s lives several times and now they will be once again taken from each other. This is what love is, this is what we are here celebrating, and this is Mr. And Mrs. Preston Turner. Preston PLEASE kiss your bride!”

The ceremony was about 15 minutes. Nothing fancy and nothing that will be in the running for wedding of the year. But it was ours, our time to shine and our time to feel as if the world was perfect with no interruptions. We decided to invite people to the house and have a casual barbecue to hang out and open gifts. We rented a karaoke machine and photobooth to help celebrate.


“I will be late getting back to your house. I have to stop and get your father from the air port. He was suppose to be here but his flight got delayed but don’t worry he will be here.” Dawn said checking the time to see when she had to leave. Preston added, “That’s great, I’m glad that Skyler and Wisdom will get to meet him.”

“Congratulations Preston and Wisdom!
On behalf of the bride and groom I invite you all to their house for food & fun!” Adabelle announced.

Everyone chatted for a little while and most decided they would stop at home to change and then head to Wisdom’s house.

While waiting for people to arrive Preston and Skyler decided to try out the Karaoke machine. While guests arrived.

Wisdom was talking to Preston’s dad enjoying the beautiful music when…

Violet looked up in confusion… “What is that thing?”

Preston’s dad and Wisdom look up after hearing Violet yell out.

Wisdom was soon stuck with fear, freezing her body as stiff as stone. She screamed out to catch Preston’s attention just in time. He quickly dropped his microphone and covered Skyler.

Just then there was an explosion. Violet covered her head quickly and closed her eyes. “METEOR!” She yells as loudly as she could.

There was fear in the air as people caught fire and screamed for help. Neighbors and firefighter came from all directions hearing peoples cries for help.

Violet started screaming when she saw the crater the meteor made. People running everywhere she couldn’t find Wisdom, Preston, or Skyler. But that was the least of her troubles.

Violet was on fire and needed help. Dawn ran over to see her friend in distress.

She quickly got on the phone, “Ambulance we need medical assistance now… PLEASE HURRY!” She hung up the phone and started to put out the fire as many people where doing. The screams from everyone was almost to much for Dawn to handle… “PRESTON… SKYLER…. WISDOM?” She looked around yelling their names.

No one saw this coming, no one could have stopped this horrible act of nature…


With this having such a tragic ending I ask that we keep all comments here so that people who have not read it can have the shock that you did. This was NOT planned, my game decided what I had planned wasn’t good enough. So PLEASE no comment spoilers on my facebook pages, groups, or anywhere else other than here and in private messages.

Thank you

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Chapter 37:: Ready or Not…

With less than a week to prepare Wisdom was frantic to get everything in order for the wedding. A good friend of the family told her about a beautiful church that is available this weekend. Wisdom was sure she wanted to be married in a church and got her mom and Preston to go with her to check it out. They walked in to find it set up beautifully. It was a tiny bit dark but the lights were turned off. “What do you think Wisdom? Do you like it?” Asked Preston walking farther into the dark sanctuary.

“We would need to change a few things. but nothing a few decorations, pictures, and people dressed up can’t fix. I love the red carpet… goes well with our red, white and blue theme.” Wisdom said stepping closer. “The arch will be similar to this one but it matches our wedding colors.” Wisdom pointed out.

“The church has several decorations here already that they told us we could feel free to go through. If we have the wedding on Monday, that would work out best since they already had church today so we have plenty of time to set up and tare down before they have church again.” Preston explained. “TOMORROW? GET MARRIED TOMORROW… ARE WE READY?” Wisdom said in a state of shock.

“Wisdom, I go back at the beginning of April. If we want to be married, have Skyler’s party, and the renovations on the house finished. Now is the only time that works.” Preston explained carefully. He didn’t want any information to slip with Violet sitting close by. “Well I think it looks great here. and don’t you have the wedding arch finished and in the back of your truck?” Violet asked Preston. “Yes Vi, I have everything we would need.”

While Preston worked on the wedding arch, Violet placed a candle in each window sill. “This looks nice, what do you guys think?” Preston looked over and gave Violet a thumbs up. He phone started to go off. “Oh man I need to take this sorry ladies.” Preston walked into the men’s room. “So the rooms are finished? Perfect, just make sure you install all of the pluming fixtures. The guest bedroom I have that furniture but I need to arrange it.”   He hung up the phone and came into the sanctuary quickly.

Wisdom finished the front alter. “Look at us back in high school, what dorks we were.” Wisdom giggled. “Is that the heir loom that is passed down each generation? That’s neat to include.” Preston said taking a closer look. “Yes, my mom gave it to me in France. I figured someday we will be passing it down to the next heir for generation 3 and I wanted to display it.”

Stepping back to enjoy the decorations they talked about what all was going to happen. “Tomorrow arrive here at 9:00am we can get all the candles placed in the window’s and we have time to get some pictures before the wedding starts. We will do the bride and groom pictures AFTER the wedding as requested by Wisdom. Is everyone on the same page?” Violet asked trying hard not to forget anything.

Wisdom guided Preston to stand in front of her. “When I woke up today I had no idea that tomorrow would be our wedding day. I want to enjoy everything and not rush things but then on the other hand it  feels like its been a long time coming. Are you sure that you want to do this tomorrow?” Wisdom asked picturing Preston backing out. “Yes, I’m so ready to have you, Skyler, and our life as a family. This is the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m never going to let it go.” He pulled her in for a loving embrace.

The three of them finished up and headed to Wisdom’s house.

Skyler was at home with Dawn getting her dress fitted. With a red, white, and blue theme Wisdom wanted something to symbolize bringing all the soldiers home safely.  Going back to the song explaining the meaning of tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree. Skyler would be in a beautiful yellow dress with bright yellow bows all over it. Skyler would also have a poem to read that she wrote. Preston doesn’t know about the poem so its a neat surprise for him.

While Dawn finished Skyler’s dress Preston showed Wisdom a few things he and his friends had been up to. “What do you think of our Master Bath?” Wisdom was in shock… “THIS… THIS is what you have been doing? Its beautiful. I love the bright colors. Thank you so much. With having more kids having another bathroom in the house will be very handy.”

“I love the painting, who did it?” Wisdom asked. “Your mom, it was one of the painting during your challenge for the free honeymoon. I thought it would match with the lime green.” Wisdom gave him a big hug. “thank you!” Preston then blind folded her… “Don’t thank me just yet.

He then lead her to the living room.  He pulled down the tarp that had been covering the doors. “Now this room I arranged quickly while you were admiring Skyler’s dress so we can change thing around as you wish.” He pulled off the blind fold and opened the door.

“Our babies nursery?… OH MY GOSH…” She turned and….

Kissed Preston, “This is perfect for our son or daughter. Its so bright, colorful, and I LOVE IT. We just have to make sure our parents don’t come in here yet.” They both giggled and he showed her that there is a lock on the door. “Its going to be locked until everyone knows about the pregnancy.

Wisdom walked around the room pointing out little details she liked. “That looks like the one my Aunt Ashby gave me.” Preston smiled… “Yes, I thought it looked great in here. And that painting… was one from your mom’s collection.”

“I’m LOVING both the rooms, I can’t wait to add our little one in here!”
They left the room quickly and locked the door. Wisdom figured she could relax a little bit. “I’m taking Skyler out for ice cream with Charlie”

“I’m not going to do much. I’m pretty tired and want to relax a bit. Maybe I could call Adabelle and have a SMALL bachelorette party or something.” Preston laughed… “Like I said… have fun!” Wisdom brushed off his comment. She had so much on her mind and not being able to drink a bachelorette party didn’t sound very exciting. She started reading where she left off in her book “The Hunger Games”.

Soon the door bell rang. Wisdom put down her book and walked over to the door. Her Aunt Ashby and a few friends showed up… “Hey guys what’s up?” Wisdom asked surprised. “THERE SHE IS!!!! THE BACHELORETTE!” Ashby walked in with a few of Skyler’s friends. “Preston told us you were alone… and so us mom’s got our brains moving and figured you should have a bachelorette party before tomorrows shindig!” Dawn and Violet came out from the back yard, “and you thought we left didn’t you?”  The two mom’s laughed at Wisdom.

Adabelle grabbed Wisdom, “oh girl you have GOT to change.” She took Wisdom into the bedroom and started getting things out for Wisdom. After getting all dressed they came out to see many more people had shown up along with a few dancers. Wisdom could hardly breath from laughing so hard.

The two “officers” game in and were looking to arrest the bachelorette. They kept saying that they WOULD find her constantly glancing over at Wisdom. They started dancing and all the ladies got out their $1.00 bills. The music “I’m Sexy and I Know It” came on and everyone went CRAZY. Adabelle pushed Wisdom closer to the dancers and soon Wisdom was surrounded.

Wisdom was slightly nervous with having her Aunt, Mother, and soon to be mother in law all there but she soon realized maybe she wasn’t the one who needed to be embarrassed. “You sure you want to get married… being single is lots of fun.” taunted one of the dancers. The other one leaned in closer, “A pretty girl like you settling down is a crime.” Wisdom just kept dancing and laughing. There was nothing she could really say or do at this point in time.

Wisdom was having to much fun she forgot about all the things she wanted to get done before the wedding tomorrow. The officers wouldn’t let her stay to far away from them.

The party continued for a few more hours. With no one else knowing about her pregnancy she had to be careful to keep a non alcoholic drink in her hands and wouldn’t drink anything that was given to her from friends in fear of hurting the baby. Everything was done after several hours but Wisdom was growing tired. She wanted to rest but that’s not like her to rest during a party so she put on her game face and plugged through the festivities.


Thank you for reading my post. I’m happy to say that the wedding post will be out on Monday March 26th. I’m not sure on an exact time but it will be out before midnight central time. A fun tradition I’ve used at least one requested name in each generation. This baby is the baby who will receive the suggested name/names. I’m looking for unique names  not bizarre names. You can message your name request to me on facebook or add it with your comment. I’m excited to see what you come up with! I will give you credit for your name request being used 😀

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Chapter 36:: Ready, Set, GO.. GO.. GO!

Yes this is short… but its an update non the less 😀

VOTE FOR DYLAN! You can vote every 24 hours!

won a contest and was gifted the SCORE Television <3

This SHOULD have been in the last post but better late than never?

“We really need to add a few more rooms to this house,” Wisdom grunted using her computer swiftly to write so many books to win a free honey moon. Preston and Wisdom would have to wait to enjoy the honey moon but none the less it would be fun to win something.

The contest is between 3 sims the bride, groom, and one of the parents of the couple. Each sim had to have a skill mastered.
Painting- 30 paintings
Athletic- Fitness Nut
Gardening- Master Farmer

Then one of those 3 had to write these books:
Fantasy- 2
Drama- 6
Fiction- 3
Humor – 1
Mystery -4
Non Fiction – 2
Romance – 5
Science Fiction – 7
Trashy – 4

For as hard as the homless challenge was Wisdom was grateful to have already been awarded Master Farmer. She decided she would take on the task of writing the books. They set up the desk outside because there was no room in the house.

Preston too had mastered his fitness but had yet to do his 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts. He went straight to the gum and began his cardio workout. And 58 hours later… he now had the Fitness Nut award.

Becoming a brush master doesn’t sound hard till you actually try. Having to paint 30 paintings was no small task for Violet who has NO painting skills and was having to start from scratch much like Wisdom trying to write all these books. Time felt like it was standing still yet slipping away. Preston and Skyler made sure to bring Wisdom and Violet food, water, and even supplies (paper and paint)

“I’m GOING to win this honeymoon” Wisdom mutters to herself not ready to be defeated. Preston leans over her shoulder, “one of the sexiest things is a determined woman.” He kissed her cheek and walked away. Wisdom soon felt a blister forming on her thumb from hitting the space bar to much she didn’t realize she uses the same thumb to hit the space bar EVERY time she hits the space bar.

After going at this pretty much none stop for 4 days everything was finished. Wisdom mailed in the information with the certificates printed with the date and time of completion. Now they all just had to wait and see.

A low budget wedding isn’t hard to pull off just keep the basics and leave the frilly stuff to the people who want to focus on the “showing off” and not the true meaning of what a wedding is all about. Dawn and Violet frantically looked for dresses that were beautiful but in the right price range. They each found one and both dresses were free. “Dawn meet me at Wisdom’s house with your dress. I know its last minute but the sooner she picks one the better idea we have on what kind of venue needs to be booked.” Violet spoke quickly but kept a kind tone. “You got it. Be there as soon as possible.” Dawn hung up the phone and asked a few of her kids to help her get the dress into the car.

Preston was at the base TRYING to get and extension on his leave so he could be here for the wedding, and Skyler’s birthday. The mom’s showed up and snacked Wisdom and Skyler running to the bedroom. Each mom with had their dress in hand. “They are both beautiful… how am I going to pick one?” Wisdom questioned. “Here try this one on first. She helped Wisdom into the dress and then sat on the bed. “STRIKE A POSE MOM!” Skyler said leaning on Violet’s shoulder.

“So what do you think of it.” Dawn asked keeping her opinion to herself till Wisdom made her opinion known. “I like it… it has the shorter look I thought I would like I know this will look nice next to Preston’s uniform but… I just can’t seem to figure out what’s missing, maybe its because its so plain.” Both Violet and Dawn agreed that it looked nice on Wisdom but it was missing something.

“Wisdom, try my dress. Its not short but it has lots of pretty details. But don’t feel pressured to like it. If you don’t we will find you the perfect dress before the wedding,” Dawn assured Wisdom.

Wisdom stepped out of the room to get in the dress. When she walked in Skyler couldn’t hide her feelings. “mommy you look wonderful. If you don’t wear it keep it for my wedding.” Everyone laughed at the statement. “So how does it make you feel Wisdom?” Asked Violet laying down on the bed.

This might not have been what I kept picturing myself wearing but now I can’t picture anything else. I love this dress, I love how I feel, look, and wow… I feel amazing.” Everyone cheered. They agreed that no matter what this was Wisdom’s wedding dress. Wisdom started to cry and Dawn was right there to comfort her soon to be daughter.

“Wisdom, I’ve loved you like a daughter since you were very young. Nothing makes me happier than to see my son marrying you. And not only am I getting you but your daughter Skyler. I’m the happiest woman alive adding you and Skyler into my family tree.” Dawn hugged Wisdom close. Wisdom was touched by Dawns kind words.


Wisdom got back into some regular clothes, and was hugging Dawn and Violet good bye as Preston walked in the door. He talked to his mom for a little while and then hugged her good bye. Preston walked over to Wisdom “So, any good news on having a longer stay here?” Preston shook her head. “no they are working hard to see what they can do and since its only a month that I have to serve they are seeing if I can just do it on base.” Wisdom looked sad,  “Its just with everything going on the wedding, Skyler’s birthday and…” Wisdom stopped. And what?” he asked. “We’re pregnant. I’m not going to be due till after everything happens but I want you here for our babies birth. If you have to go back… you will miss it.”

“We… WE are having a baby?” Preston swooped Wisdom off her feet. “I’m so excited… oh my gosh I better get busy adding a few more rooms to the house.” Preston sat her back down and got his phone out. “and who are you calling?” Wisdom asked hesitantly. “I’m calling Andrew and Cole to see if they can help. Who all knows about the baby?” Preston asked while dialing. “Just you. I wanted to wait till after the wedding to announce it. With all the rushing we are having to do the last thing I want people to think is that we are rushing to race a baby bump when you had no idea I was pregnant when you proposed to me.”

Preston hung up the phone. “So you don’t want me to tell Andrew and Cole?”  Wisdom smiled, “You can tell them we want a guest room and an office… but no I don’t want people knowing until after the wedding. We have a week to plan everything. I won’t be showing much till Skyler’s party. Its plenty of time to have to announce the baby.” Preston understood and kissed Wisdom softly. “I’m so excited!” Preston stated. “I am too,” Wisdom added.


During the 4 days of the competition Dawn was a huge help around the house.

Preston is amazing… he’s working on maxing his handy skills. I love his goals 🙂

Skyler had a dance recital
(Preston, Wisdom, Violet, and Dawn attended)


While doing home renovations we saw this and HAD to get a picture.

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Chapter 35:: Future Plans


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“Wisdom, are you ready for our date?” Preston held Wisdom close taking in her sweet perfume of lilac. “Where do you plan to take me? There isn’t a lot to do here in town.” Wisdom said pulling away slowly. “Well candle lite dinner at Bistro’s followed by a night stroll on the beach.”

“I LOVE BISTROS!” Wisdom said with excitement. She quickly got ready while Preston for a baby sitter.

Wisdom quickly straightened her hair and got dressed up. “Wisdom… you… you…” Preston could hardly speak. “Thank you handsome.” Wisdom said walking down the stairs carefully.

“What’s behind your back?” Wisdom asked leaning over to give him a kiss. Preston stepped back. “Well I know you love white roses sooo…” Without another word.

“Oh my gosh these are lovely.” Wisdom breathed in the flowers aroma. She ran the flowers inside and came out quickly to see that Preston opened the door for her. On the way to Bistro’s Preston could finally mutter out. “You look beautiful Wisdom.”  Wisdom reached over and held his hand. “Preston I don’t deserve you.” She unbuckled her seat belt so she could cuddle on his arm. It was a little hard for Preston to drive but he liked the way if felt having her so close.

While at Bistros Preston and Wisdom enjoyed their dinner. Many topics were mentioned but Preston couldn’t help but ask a burning question. “Can I ask you something about Lonnie?” Preston cleared his throat and set his fork down. “I guess, but I don’t want to spoil our date.”

 “You know that I’m leaving soon. Can you handle Lonnie without me? I hate to bring this up now but its on my mind.” Wisdom was quick to respond. “Lonnie is nothing but a coward.”

“I’m meeting with Lonnie tomorrow to discuss Skyler. I have a feeling he’s going to pull the same crap he did when she was born but maybe he’s grown up, and even when your not here you give me the strength to get through any situation. I will never have to face anything alone ever again.” Wisdom continued to eat. Preston smiled, “Good, I’m glad you feel that we can handle anything as long as we are together.” They finished dinner and headed over to the beach.

“You ready to go sweetie?” Preston asked holding her hands. “yep, I think a stole on the beach sounds heavenly.” As they walked to the car Wisdom noticed that Preston was acting a little off. “Everything ok?” She asked confused. “yes, I’m fine.” The drive to the beach was fairly quiet. Wisdom kept thinking she said the wrong thing. Lonnie is nothing that needs to be worried about.

The night was cool an the sound of waves crashing into rocks made the walk enjoyable. “I must say Wisdom you make everything easy. You make me feel alive in ways I’ve never felt before.” He slowly slipped his hand around her small frame. “Preston, I almost regret telling Skyler you aren’t her dad. We could have made things less complicated and Lonnie wouldn’t be in the picture. I feel as though I messed everything up.” Wisdom turned to face Preston.

“You didn’t mess anything up. I messed up leaving you in the first place. But Lonnie can’t ruin what we have. He can’t change the way I love Skyler or the way I love you. I let you go once I will never make that mistake again.”

Preston got down on one knee. “I know its only been a few months since I’ve been back in your life but I NEVER want to loose you again. I want you by my side forever, and not just as a friend or girlfriend but as my wife.”

Preston reached in his pocket. Wisdom could hardly breath or even think at the moment. “Wisdom you are perfect in every way possible. I’ve asked your dad permission and now I’m asking you.”

“Will you marry me Wisdom Eve? I can’t picture any one else to live my happily ever after with.” Preston opened the box to reveal Violet’s (Wisdom’s mom) engagement ring. “Is that my mom’s ring?” Preston nodded, “Yes you will have your own wedding band to go with it but your mom wants to keep this ring in the family.”

Wisdom reached out her hand. “I would love to be your wife.” Preston slid the ring on her finger. It needed re-sized so Wisdom didn’t leave it on for long.  “We will get it sized correctly in the morning!” Preston said getting ready to stand up.

Preston and Wisdom just held one another. Wisdom then whispered, “My forever starts and ends with you.”  That was music to Preston’s ears. They stayed in a loving embrace for what felt like hours when they realized they needed to get home and relieve the baby sitter from watching Skyler.

They got in the front door, Wisdom was so excited she ran into Skyler’s room waking her up. “SKYLER… GUESS WHAT?”  Skyler slid out of bed. “Mom can this wait till the morning?’ Wisdom shook her head no, “No dear this can’t wait… Preston and I are ENGAGED! We’re getting married!”

“REALLY MOM? Skyler said as excited as possible when getting woken up at 12:39am. “Yes, we are hoping to get married before he goes back over seas so that means we should be married around the time of you ageing up. Are you ok with that?” Skyler ran over to Preston.

“Yes I’m fine with it… as long as I can call Preston daddy for now on.” Preston smiled, “Yes you can call me dad, daddy, or father. It would be an honor to be considered your dad.” Skyler held him tight. And soon Skyler was feeling tired. Preston tucked her in bed and then joined Wisdom in the bedroom.

“Tomorrow you talk to Lonnie right?” Wisdom cuddled closer to Preston. “Yes, why did you want to go with me? I would rather go alone and have you spend time with Skyler.”  Preston answered “oh yeah I figured all of that but I want you to know that no matter what he says, does, or tries to convince you of. Remember that you have me and Skyler waiting for you back at home. And he can NEVER hurt you again.” Preston kissed Wisdom’s cheek. “Thanks I needed to hear that. I hope he wants to be a part of her life. Skyler deserves to know her real dad and he has a daughter her age that would be great for him to bond with both girls together.” Wisdom added trying to give the situation a positive outlook.

“I can’t wait to call you Mrs. Turner.”
“I can’t wait to be addressed to as Mrs. Turner.”

They fell asleep running wedding ideas past each other. They knew that the wedding had to be small, simple, and romantic. This would be no small task but one they were willing to do. And shortly after the wedding they will be celebrating Skyler’s birthday as well as sending Preston over seas so he can finish his deployment sentence.


That morning Skyler didn’t have school and so both Preston and her started moving Prestons things in. He then planned to take Skyler out for ice cream to discuss what kind of party she wants to have. “Do you need help moving?” Wisdom asked Preston while cleaning up dishes. “No, Sky and I can handle this. Your engagement ring was sized down and you can pick it up before you see Lonnie, you also need to start making final arrangements with your mom, my mom, and Adabelle for the wedding. We don’t have allot of time to do all these major event but we need to make it all work.” Wisdom agreed, “Oh wait, you mentioned my ring its ready? That was quick?”

“My good friend Robert is good at that stuff. He owes me a few favors and I decided to use one of those favors to make sure we had the ring asap. When you go dress shopping, grocery shopping, birthday party planning, or even a meeting with your ex I want you to wear it and enjoy your engagement for as brief as its going to last.”

Wisdom picked up her ring then headed for the park, she wanted to meet in a neutral spot since there are many lives that are about to change in this family. “Good, your finally here lets get this over with.” Lonnie said heading over to a picnic table, “Listen… I have a life and your kid aren’t in it. I’m pretty pissed off that you decided to bring this shit back up after… how many years? You are just stuck on having me in your life aren’t you.”

“NO, I DON’T want you, but as a man you have a duty to support your daughter for 18 years. I would rather it be emotionally but financially is also a way to show support. We have been fine without you but she’s your daughter… you have two daughters with your wife what makes Skyler so different from them?” Wisdom asked.

“My daughters were created out of love. They were wanted and I love them beyond measures. But you trapped me by getting pregnant, a trap I was going to escape from at all costs. I’ve moved on and I don’t have room in my life for a kid I never wanted. She is a stranger and will forever remain that way. I know that she’s friends with Anita but Anita is unaware that they are half sisters and I expect you not to tell Skyler. And if you have… she better know how to keep a secret.”

Wisdom fought back all tears, “Our daughter is without a doubt one of the best things to have happen to me. She wasn’t planned no matter what you think but she’s loved by me and many others. You can sit there smug and ignorant but I know that deep down its eating at you. The fact that you have decided this makes it easy for me.” Lonnie then handed her papers.


“What’s all this for?” She asked flipping through the papers. “These are my papers saying I’m no longer held responsible for your daughter.” Wisdom sat the papers down and handed Lonnie a box “Well this is what you have missed out on…” Wisdom took the papers and walked away leaving Lonnie alone with the box.

Lonnie looked at the top of the box For my Daddy  Sliding the lid off he soon saw pictures, projects, and letters. He picked out the first letter and began to read it.

Dear Dad, I’ve asked my mom many times about you and she told of how you rescued her from a fire. You sound so brave and strong. I know that you didn’t want me and that you feel like I ruined a lot of things in your life but I still love you. On my birthday I make the same wish and that is to meet you. I know you may be scared and to be honest I am too. You don’t have to shower me with presents or money just love. I’m great kid, I listen, obey my mom, and always say please and thank you. I get good grades and from what it sounds like I’m as adventurous as you are. I hope that someday you decide you want me in your life but till that day I will just keep making the same wish.   Your Daughter, Skyler



A friend of mine got LOTS of in game pictures of my simself with a few of my friends from facebook. I didn’t post ALL of the pcitures just a few of my favorites.

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Chapter 34:: Skyler’s Dad Is…

Thank you Charicharn for gifting me with The Dramtic Palm

When the doorbell rang it made Wisdom jump. She’s nervous about meeting her Lawyer for the first time and getting things set into motion. From what she knew Preston had already stopped by the hospital and gave them everything needed for an accurate DNA test.

“Hi Miss. Lemi, I’m Connie Rein your attorney. I’m happy we were able to squeeze in a meeting during my lunch.” She said shaking Wisdom’s hand firmly. “Yes, I appreciate you meeting me. Would you like something to eat?” Wisdom asked feeling guilty that Connie was missing her lunch. “No that’s quite alright I had a slim fast shake on the way here.”

Connie got out a note pad and pen, “Alright please explain your situation.”  “There are 2 possible men who could be my daughters dad. I’m wanting to have my ex boyfriend court ordered to do a paternity test so I could start getting child support and he could possibly have supervised visits.” Wisdom explained. Connie nodded writing as quickly as Wisdom spoke.

“This is doable except the supervised visits. That’s hard to have unless the dad has a criminal record that could harm the child in some way. Abuse, neglect, drugs, and things of that sort are considered harm to the child.

“Wisdom leaned forward, “Well I’m sure if you look up his criminal records you will find soliciting  prostitute, public intoxication, and drug paraphernalia. That’s only what I know though I have no idea if he has anything else on his record. I didn’t know him that well while we were dating,”

Connie wrote down a few more notes. “ok well here is what we need to do first. Call, e-mail, or even just drop by his house and ask him to go into the hospital and give DNA. If he refuses then I can get the court order.” Connie stated putting her things away. “Thank you Connie, I will do that and let you know how it goes. but I know if she’s his I will want him to pay child support.”  Connie nodded and shook Wisdom’s hand again. “We will be in touch.”

The door closed and Wisdom felt better already, just knowing things were being set into motion. Violet called her to get an update on how things were going. Wisdom explained everything but her mom assured Wisdom that Preston WAS Skyler’s dad and involving Lonnie wasn’t needed. Wisdom understood her mom’s point but also knew she wanted a test done by each man.

– 0 – o – o – o – o – In Skyler’s POV- 0 – o – o – o – o –

One of my birthday gifts was a diary/scrapbook. With February being so exciting I decided now is a great time to get started adding pictures and comments.

On February 5th Preston, mom and I watched the Super Bowl while the New York Giants and New England Patriots battled it out for the big title. Preston was all about the Giants winning so mom and I decided to cheer for them too.

When it was all said and done the Giants won 29-17. They were not the ones picked to win by many so there were several upset fans. But in this house we couldn’t be happier.

My mom and Preston also announced that they are officially a couple. They started dating after my birthday party. Preston is here almost all the time but he’s also busy seeing other friends and family while not being over seas. He goes back soon and I’m going to miss him.

February 14th, I went to my first school dance. It was a fundraiser for our school and also a way for parents to go out for Valentines day and didn’t have to hire a baby sitter. Charlie and I danced together most of the night but I was excited to hang out with my other friends from school too.

This is a picture of my friends. We are all around the same age too and will be ageing up around the same time. I’m excited that I have friends who will be in high school with me!

The school Gym never looked better!

February 17th- Dance is a hobby I’ve began to explore. I had no idea if I would be good at it or not. But while at a contest I won first place trophy. I’m doing lots of dance moves and enjoy showing them off to friends and family!

February 20th. Andrew told me about this and explained I should give my horse extra love on her special day. I fed her carrots, apples, and other fruit consistently that day. I think I spoiled her more than most people spoil their pets on appreciate your pet day but have you seen my beautiful horse? Who wouldn’t be able to spoil her?

I have learned how to clean horses hooves. Something that you can only do to a horse when it trusts you.

 -=-=-=-=-=-Back to 3rd Person -=-=-=-=-=-

Skyler shut her book and slid it under her dresser.  Getting dressed she heard her mom call her to the living room. “coming mom,” Skyler answered quickly almost tripping when stepping into her shorts.

“What’s up mom?” she asked plopping on the couch. ” I have news to share with you Skyler. You know how you have been asking me for some time who your dad is?” Skyler nodded her head yes. “Well there is something I need to tell you. I couldn’t tell you who your dad was because I wasn’t 100% sure who he was. You had two possible fathers. One was my college sweet heart and the other is Preston.”

Skyler sat just staring at her mom. “And…” Skyler said waiting for her mom to finish. “And I’m now 100% sure who your dad is. Would you still like to know?” Skyler got excited… “YES, I WANT TO KNOW!” Wisdom glanced at the papers to make double check to make sure she didn’t over look anything. “Your dad’s name is…. Lonnie. He was my college sweet heart. He has two daughters and one you go to school with. Anita?”

Skyler jumped up interrupting her mom, “ANITA IS MY HALF SISTER? She’s one of my friends how did I miss this?” Wisdom began to explain. “Well her mom is the one who usually communicates with me. You and Anita get along right?” Skyler shook her head yes and walked to her room in a gloomy fashion. Wisdom knew that it would take time for Skyler to adjust to this new news.

Skyler began to cry when in her room. She was sure that Preston was her dad and now Anita being her half sister made things worse since yes they are classified as friends but Anita is a bit of a bully and Skyler has been avoiding her lately. “This isn’t good.” Skyler told herself.

Wisdom listened through the door to Skyler’s reaction she thought to herself, “At least she knows the truth.”

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Chapter 33:: The Truth Will Set You Free

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Wisdom left to Andrews ranch to pick up Skyler’s new foal. Preston promised to stay at the house while Wisdom was away. She gazed in through the gate and happened to see Andrews sister tending the baby horse. Wisdom walked in slowly and was startled by Andrew standing right there ready to greet her.

 “Is she ready to come with me?” Wisdom asked Andrew looking over at TWO foals. “yes she’s ready, my horse is having a hard time caring for both her babies and with Sapphire being older she will adjust better. I will come over once a week and help Skyler with her horse.” Andrew said with a smile. “Thank you Andrew, I know she’s going to love this horse.” Wisdom said walking over to get the horse. Getting home was easy since she lived fairly close to Andrew. Skyler was fast asleep when Wisdom returned and wouldn’t even notice that there was a horse in the back yard till moring.

Wisdom wanted to figure out what the crazy contraption in the kitchen made. Chocolates, cookies, bread? Wisdom followed the instructions but some of the words wore off , so once the item was made Wisdom could look up better directions.

 “Oh neat, fortune cookies!” Wisdom said excited to read her fortune. She looked at the paper and read – The truth will set you free- Wisdom dropped the cookie slightly freaked out at how accurate the fortune was to her real life situation. She just wanted tomorrow to go smooth for Skyler’s sake.

“Teddy you are one stinky dog, you need to stop digging in the dirt.” Wisdom said trying to keep Teddy in the bath and not letting her jump out and soak the bathroom in a pool of water. Her two puppies kept barking while hearing their mom whimper. Wisdom feared that the dogs would wake up Skyler and so she quickly finished Teddy’s bath and headed to bed herself.

 Skyler woke up right away and saw a note on her mirror telling her to go outside for surprises. She was shocked to find a horse, tree house, and slip n slide. She was so happy, and using skills Andrew taught her she made her horse a bottle and fed her, “You are my horse now!” she said with the biggest smile imaginable.

Skyler put on her new swimming suit ready to test out her slip n slide. “Skyler, I’m going to invite a friend over ok?” Wisdom said while texting  Preston -Come on over… bring your trunks!- “Ok mom!” Skyler said checking out the tree house. He showed up and looked nervous. “Preston, relax… She’s a little girl she won’t hurt you.” Wisdom said with a slight giggle. “I know, I just…” Wisdom didn’t let him finish, “Skyler come here sweetie” she called

 Skyler skipped over “yes mommy” she said looking at Preston in wonder of  who he was. “Skyler this is Preston, he’s a good friend of mine and the one who bought you the tree house and slip n slide.” Wisdom said looking over at Preston.

“Thank you Preston, I love them. Are you going to help us break in the slip n slide?” Preston smiled, “Your welcome, and yes I would love to try out your new slip n slide.” The two ran over and started sliding.

but not before Skyler gave Preston a big hug. This warmed Wisdom’s heart. She has waited for the moment Preston knew of Skyler but now the hard part the topic of baby daddy. -Why can’t I think of anything else- Wisdom asked herself.

 “Wow Preston, you survived her thank you and a hug!” Wisdom said in a flirty tone. Preston just smiled, “You just wait… I will get you for that comment. I just want her to like me and not feel freaked out.” He motioned the I’m watching you to Wisdom and walked over with Skyler.

 “GO FOR IT SKYLER!” Cheered both Preston and Wisdom. Skyler was nervous it might hurt but after the first time she was ready for more. She was having a blast. Preston took a picture with his phone. “YAHOOOOO SKYLER!” He shouted getting ready for his turn.

 Both girls teased Preston when he went for his turn. They would make jokes about him falling, and that he was going to hurt himself if he wasn’t careful. Preston just told them to wait cuz pay back WAS coming. Skyler giggled at him trying to be serious.

 While Skyler took a few turns of her own Preston made mention, “She’s amazing Wisdom. Your doing a great job raising her.” Wisdom smiled, “thanks but it hasn’t been easy.”

While enjoying a quick picnic lunch Skyler asked, “Mom, what are we going to do next?” Wisdom smiled, “Well you have a few more gifts. from me. I know that Gama Vi and Papa AJ brought you something last night.”  “Oh I can’t wait!” Skyler said with excitement.

Wisdom got up, “I need to fix something here quick. You two keep each other entertained.” Wisdom went to the side of the house and pulled out the parts to build one of the gifts she got Skyler. But the hopscotch mat was something already put together. “MOM! WOW JUST WHAT I WANTED,” Skyler couldn’t help but jump up and down. Wisdom also filled the sand box, and started to put together the elephant slide.

 Skyler watched from her tree house as her mom and Preston put together her slide. She began to think to herself. -What if Preston is my dad… What if my mom is easing me into the idea of having a dad in my life. If Preston is my dad is he bribing me with gifts to make me like him more? – Skyler questioned many things as her mom and Preston flirted back and forth. “Skyler come down its finished!” Wisdom called. “coming mom!” She answered sliding down the fireman’s pole.

“Climb up there Sky so I can get a picture of you!” Wisdom said getting out her camera. “ok mom but you do know who helped you put this together… think its safe?” Skyler said teasing Preston some more. “haha, nice one Skyler but you just wait. After dark I challenge you to a game of Nintendo football.” Preston said trying to joke right back. “Bring it on old man!” Skyler said as she waved at her mom holding the camera.

Skyler went flying down the slide and had her eyes set on her mom with the camera taking pictures as quickly as her camera would register them. “Mom can I check out the sand box?” Skyler asked.  “Yes that’s from my parents. They knew you were getting the rest of your gifts today and wanted you to get it with them.” explained Wisdom.

“Skyler your very good at making sand castles,” Preston complimented Skyler. “Thank you but your doing something that you don’t have to.” Skyler said looking up at him squinting her eyes from the bright sun. “What’s that Skyler.” he asked almost nervous for her response. “Well, now that I’m older I tend to like it when people call me Sky.” She said looking back down at her castle. “My mom calls me Skyler from time to time but she’s my mom. I don’t need everyone calling me Skyler.” She said with a smile. “Ok… I will make sure to TRY to call you Sky. Might take me a bit of getting used to I just learned your real name.” Preston as well as Skyler chuckled at his comment.

Skyler finished her castle and looked around the back yard… “hey Preston wanna slip n slide or play hop scotch?” She asked with a half smirk on her face as though she was thinking pretty hard. “lets try out your hop scotch board and then head inside… its getting dark.” He replied. “Ok good plan. Mom wanna join?” Skyler called, “No you go ahead without me. Just cuz we are celebrating, house work still needs done.”

Preston revealed that he had never played hop scotch before. “Its ok… I learned from some girls at school. Its easy watch!” Skyler then did a step by step example of what to do while explaining. “So you don’t want to step on the square that your rock lands on or you can’t go anymore.” Skyler finished her demonstration. “WOW your so talented, first slip n sliding, then sand castles, and now hop scotch?” Preston cheered.

Wisdom stopped gardening to correct Preston’s statement, or better add to it. “She’s also a talented dancer, and horse care giver.” Wisdom smiled at Preston. “I stand corrected… your the most talented girl I know OTHER than your mother.” Skyler giggled and continued to play hop scotch till her mom called her inside.

 They all ate pizza and Preston held Skyler to the challenge he presented earlier.  He put the game in and Skyler was fast at picking up on what she needed to do. Wisdom cleaned up the house and gave Skyler the best advice she could give in a moment like this, “Don’t go easy on him because he’s older than you. Kick his butt!” Both girls giggled and Preston rolled his eyes jokingly.

Skyler took her mom’s advice to heart. “Ummm Sky, you do know you could be like normal kids and ignore your mom and be nice.” Preston said realizing he was loosing. “Sorry but don’t hate the player hate your slow fingers.” Preston reached over and tickled Skyler. She laughed so hard she dropped her controller. She still won and was getting tired. They had spent all day outside in the fresh air. “Night mommy and Preston.” Skyler hugged them both and headed to bed.

After getting Skyler tucked in , Wisdom walked out of her room to see Preston sitting in a chair. They started talking about what all has happened in the last year. Wisdom explained most of what happened except not mentioning Lonnie. She didn’t know if now was the time to talk about Preston possibly being Skyler’s dad. But then it happened. “So where is Skyler’s dad now?” he asked. Wisdom paused for a moment. “Well… ” She  took a deep breath and started.

 “I guess its time to be as honest as possible about everything. There are 2 possible men who could be Skyler’s dad. There is the one  that I can’t stand. He lied, cheated, and hurt me beyond words. Left me broke with a newborn and has shown no remorse in what he did to me or Skyler. I’ve heard he’s married and has 2 maybe 3 kids with her. I’m not sure I just know is that last time I saw him he was in jail.” Wisdom blinked slowly realizing what came next. “Now the other possible father loved me, and from what he says he still does. He hurt me but not on purpose he didn’t even know about the possibility that Skyler could be his until now… Preston we didn’t use protection. I slept with Lonnie not long after being with you. It happened all so fast and I… I thought when she was born I would know who her dad was by looking at her but I can’t. I wanted to tell you sooner, I just didn’t know how.” Wisdom broke down in tears.

 “I could be Skyler’s dad? I… Wisdom you should have told me sooner. I felt as though I cared about her, I figured it was because she was your daughter but now I feel like it could be that I’m her dad.” Preston sat back “Please don’t be mad at me. I want to know, I want Skyler to know the truth. I’m going to court order Lonnie to a paternity test he won’t do it willingly and I’m asking you will you please send your DNA in. I can’t handle not knowing.” Wisdom said almost sobbing.

 Wisdom sat trying to pull herself together. The tears came from holding this secret for so long and the fear of Preston being angry and not forgiving her. “Preston I want you to be her dad… that’s all I’ve wanted since realizing she could be yours. Please don’t be angry with me. I didn’t know how to tell you. I’ve wanted to, God knows I wanted to tell you but I’m to afraid.”

Preston knelt down, “Wisdom, I’m not angry… I’m shocked, happy, sad… SURPRISED. Skyler is a great girl I would be thrilled to know that she’s mine. Knowing I have a 50% chance of being able to call her mine is… the best feeling ever. I’m here for you, now and forever. Your not going to get rid of me just by telling me something I wanted to hear. I will go to the hospital and give them my DNA in the morning.”

Preston started to lean in to kiss Wisdom when they heard Skyler, “Mommy why are you crying?” Wisdom jumped off the couch and ran over to Skyler. “What are you doing up? I’m just…” she looks over at Preston to see him shrugging with no help. “I’m just…” Wisdom started before being interrupted by Skyler, “Are you so happy you have to cry? I did that last night. I was so happy to have a house, and my own room I cried myself to sleep.”

“Yes my dear, they are happy tears.” Wisdom gave Skyler and hug, “Good mom, I was worried something bad had happened again.” Skyler said with a sigh of relief. “Only happy tears dear… only happy tears. Now you go back to bed and ignore me and Preston talk about when we were younger getting into trouble together,” Wisdom said. “Oh yeah right, like I could ignore THAT mom.” Wisdom said walking back to her room.

Wisdom watched Skyler as she walked back to her room. Preston came up from behind her, “you want me to leave?” He asked quietly.

“No, I want you to stay… I have something else I need to tell you.” She said feeling another tear getting ready to fall. “What is it… does she have a twin sister too?” Preston said with a snicker. Wisdom chuckled, “No… or at least not that I know of.” she turned to look at Preston.

Wisdom spoke quietly, “Preston, I love you… I love how you make me feel, I love how honest you are with me now, I love that you care about Skyler even though you don’t know if she’s yours. I love you, Please don’t leave me again. I don’t think I could handle not having you in my life.”

Preston pulled Wisdom close, “I will never leave you willingly. I’m just ready to move forward with you and Skyler. No matter the results I will love you both.” Preston held her closer feeling nothing but Wisdoms soft skin “We will get through this together.” Wisdom pulled away, “Together is where I want to be. I will get in contact with my lawyer to send Lonnie the court order to go to the hospital to give his DNA. I hope he’s kind to me.”

Preston didn’t hesitate to respond, “I’m going to be there the whole time. I won’t let him hurt you, or Skyler.” Preston left realizing it was late. Wisdom waved good bye from the door then ran to her room. She went to get dressed but fell to the floor.

The emotions and topic subjects where to much for her to handle. She broke down trying to figure out everything. DNA tests, coming clean about feelings, having to see Lonnie again, Skyler being a child and soon knowing her dad… Everything was rushing though Wisdom’s head. She then said what her famous fortune revealed… -The truth will set you FREE-


I was checking on a few other families in my game and I came to one and saw this… OUCH. And thats a BABYSITTER standing on the baby… tisk tisk.

Thank you Dawn Turner for making this for me!

A friend of mine Raven Boyce has a homless challenge but she is doing a 100 baby challenge for fun. She named this little cutie after Wisdom! What an honor thanks ^_^

Raven Boyce also recreated my cup cake pool from my how to video. I’m so happy to see this and I would love if you want to make one send it to me!

I thought this was funny

Wisdom still goes back to her old lot and tend the garden! The money trees come in handy ^_^

What is this thing going to make?

Skyler loving her slip n slide

Skyler’s horse has met one of the puppies.

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Chapter 32:: New Beginnings

It might not look like much but in 3 1/2 days Wisdom and her friends were able to complete the house. They started moving things in so they had a good idea of what needed to be bought, salvaged, and sold. Other neighbors and friends stopped by off and on during the time period to make sure things were going smooth. Here enjoy this quick tour.

 The living room had a total of 8 things that needed salvaged. Only the tv and lamp were bought new. Wisdom also bought the widow covers. She didn’t like the rug so it was sold and it helped pay for salvaging a few things. Preston was very helpful with getting all the electrical work done.

The kitchen was to the left of the front door and living room. It was fairly small but required ALL new things other than the dishwasher and candy machine. Andrew put in the hard wood floors and had the cabinets donated from a friend. that really helped.

Skyler’s room had a total of five items salvaged. The walls were done before talking to Wisdom and she felt it needed to be brighter. Wisdom figured she could come back to it and fix it up.

Cole did the bathroom. Laying the tiles on the floor and walls, plus all of the pluming. Its a 3/4 room but perfect for Skyler and Wisdom’s needs.

Wisdom wasn’t picky about her room. She just wanted a BED!

Yep, in just 3 1/2 days the house was in living conditions. But several things still needed done. Preston, Adabelle, and Wisdom finished allot of the rest on their own since others needed to return to work.

Teddy’s puppies, Belle and Tiffany, were born during the building process and remained at Violet’s house till Wisdom was 100% ready for all 3 pets to return.

Preston, Adabelle, and Wisdom plopped in the living room, “Can you believe we did this?” Wisdom asked looking around in shock. “Wisdom you are amazing, I’m so happy that we are more than cousins. I don’t want you to ever feel like you can come to me ever again ok?” Adabelle reached up and brushed Wisdom’s leg. “I can’t wait to see Skyler… when is she coming home?” Preston asked. “I hope today but I need to finish fencing in the back yard an getting everything ready for her horse.”

“When are you having her party? I bought her a birthday gift and a house warming gift. They are kinda related but for 2 totally different reason of shy she’s getting them.” Wisdom looked up at the calendar. Well my parents are planning on bringing her home tomorrow. I will just have a small party my parents, me and Skyler. You can come over too if you like.” Wisdom added. Adabelle started to feel like a 3rd wheel.

“Well you two I bet my boys are missing me. I will see you soon ok?” Adabelle stood up and Wisdom walked her to the door. “Adabelle thank you for everything. I should have known I could have come to you.

Wisdom made her first home cooked meal. Her and Preston stayed up late working on the back yard and Wisdom headed to bed around 1:00am but Preston continued to work. When Wisdom woke up the food had gone bad and she wondered what had happened to Preston.

“Preston, … Preston, You need to wake up my parents will be here soon.” Preston opened his eyes slowly and smiled. “Good morning beautiful.” Wisdom fell backwards. Preston then realized what he had said and turned beat red. “Did you need to take a shower?” Wisdom asked trying to change the topic. “No, I will take care of that at home. I will see you later. Can I stop by tonight with Skyler’s gifts?” Wisdom nodded and walked him to the door. The words “Good morning beautiful” echoed in her ears.

Wisdom finished Skyler’s big girl room. It looked great and even had some kid touches. She couldn’t wait for Skyler to be home and be a child. What awesome opportunities would be there for her now.

She quickly ran out to check the mail and there were several packages.
1) contacts
2) A house warming gift from her Aunt Ashby and Uncle Asher
3) the installation notes for Skyler’s gift.

Wisdom got dressed quicky and heard a knock at the door. Her parents with the pets had arrived. Skyler was a little nervous about the house until They explained this is why mom was away so much. Wisdom took them all on a tour and showed off her hard work.

” What do you think Skyler? You like it?” Wisdom asked throwing Skyler in the air. “Mommy I love it, I love you too.” She said looking around.  Wisdom pulled out a cake from the fridge. You ready for cake and presents?

Before getting the candles lit A.J. wanted to talk to Wisdom, “Your mother and I are so happy to see you here. You have been on quite and adventure. I hope that you know we are always here and we want you to ALWAYS be 100% honest with us ok?” He asked Wisdom hugged him tight, “Ok daddy”

 Violet got the cake ready and started singing happy birthday. Wisdom, AJ and even Skyler joined in. Wisdom fought back emotions realizing her baby girl was no longer a baby but a healthy young lady who had the world at her finger tips.

Wisdom did a quick demonstration of what Skyler needed to do. Skyler leaned in and closed her eyes tight, “What are you doing sweetie?” Wisdom asked after finishing singing. “Making my birthday wish mommy.” Skyler said before puffing her cheeks out and blowing all of the candles out.  “YAY!” Everyone cheered for Skyler.

 “May all your birthday wishes come true!” Wisdom kissed Skyler’s head and stood back to watch her age up.

 Skyler twirled around twice and then jumped up in the air. Wisdom and her parents continued to cheer. Wisdom thought that maybe as a child it would be more evident on who her dad was. The last thing she wanted was to have a paternity test done when Skyler asks questions. This was going to be an interesting age. Skyler has allot of things happening and its all new, exciting, but kinda scary. Wisdom focused on Skyler but knew that  she had to talk to Preston about the possibility of him being Skyler’s dad.

 They enjoyed cake and Skyler was excited to see what gifts she was given. Wisdom warned her that she would be getting her gifts in the morning since it was getting late. Skyler didn’t argue and understood. She gave out hugs and kisses good night and brushed her teeth.

(Skyler’s New Look)

The bedtime routine continued like clock work. A bed time story (that Skyler picks out) and a lullaby. Wisdom was going to focus on working during the hours Skyler is at school so that she can spend as much time with her as possible.

Soon Skyler was fast asleep. Skyler watched her for a little while when she looked out back and saw Preston. She hit her head dumb founded she forgot he was stopping by. She ran out back to explain Skyler was already in bed.

 When she got outside there were a few new items. “Preston are these from you?” Wisdom asked shocked. “Yes, I didn’t get here till late but tomorrow after she gets home from school maybe we could all test them out!” Preston suggested. “I know she would love it and I think its awesome of you to think of her. She’s a great girl I know that you will love her to pieces. Andrew does.” Wisdom said with a smile.

Preston didn’t ask questions but asked if Wisdom could talk… catch up. She agreed to hang out and they sat next to the slip n slide.

 Wisdom: So your in the military. How long do you have till you go back?

Preston: I have a few months. Long enough to figure out what I’m going to do after my term is up. I’m not going to sign on for another year. I’m thinking of focusing on my future. Life is to short to spend it away from the ones you love.

 Wisdom looked away being distracted by a shooting star. “Preston you should make a wish.” She said with a giggle. She soon felt Preston lay his hand on her’s. “Why don’t you make a wish?” He asked with a smirk

Wisdom turned to look at Preston, “I have but one wish. It burns in my soul ever waking hour. I know that someday I will have to face the truth either it being in my favor or not but in this moment I’ve had clarification that no star can fix my problems.” Preston looked down, “I know your with Andrew. I saw the way he would look at you. I shouldn’t even be trying to…” Preston stopped.

 Wisdom began to explain the extent to her and Andrews relationship. She wanted to bring up the baby daddy topic but felt that in this moment that is just something that can wait till after he meets Skyler. He might not be ready to find out he’s a possible father to Skyler. “Wisdom can I be honest with you?” Wisdom smiled, “Always Preston.”

He slid closer to Wisdom “I’ve never stopped loving you. I don’t want you to feel obligated to saying you love me and even if you truly do love me the way I love you I want you to tell me on your own time. I would love to spend time with Skyler… I don’t know, I just feel drawn to her and although I have yet to truly meet her. I know that I will adore he as much as I’ve adored you for so long.” Wisdom’s heart began to race. She bit her bottom lip fighting back words she so badly wanted to say. “Preston… thanks for telling me how you truly feel. It means the world to me.” Wisdom said sliding a bit closer to Preston.



Adabelle and Wisdom goofing around
Adabelle watering flowers making the landscape look nice.
Slipping through my fingers
Holding hands on their own!
If ONLY it was this easy to keep kids young in real life.
First day of school

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