Chapter 31:: Final Day

Thank you for joining me for the Homeless challenge. I can’t believe this is the last post of the “challenge” an now on to getting Wisdom’s life together and then preparing the generation ready for their challenge.  

Going down memory lane when I started blogging I had NO comments for until one came requesting the name Violet for a baby. I freaked out with excitement over that one comment.  I often find myself going back to my old blog and reading that comment when I feel like giving up. I want you to know that your comments are my fuel to keep going. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope you continue reading and are excited for Wisdom future and the next generation as I am!

RowanDM, Thank you for gifting me these. I’m sorry I didn’t put these in my last post I saved them to the wrong folder BUT they are here! I appreciate it so much.

Wisdom has been harvesting the money tree but realizing she has gone several days without cashing in. After selling several bundles for hundred of dollars Wisdom decided to just turn the rest in together. Bringing in more money than Wisdom could have imagined possible. That money tree has really been a blessing.

With having Skyler stay with Wisdom’s parents its easier to use more daring locations to find interesting goodies such as rare butterflies, gems, and creatures.

Fishing has never been better. Wisdom had a personal goal of catching 15 Piranha’s and that was fulfilled in 4 hours. And each one being worth at least $40 that was an awesome asset to her fund to no longer being homeless.

Every night Wisdom continues to check  the junk yard to see what can be salvaged. Its amazing the things that only need fixed and cleaned and they are in working order. Wisdom’s not picky and will salvage everything she can. Mainly because what she can’t use can be sold to help her buy other house hold items.

In one trip Wisdom found almost everything that would be needed to have a perfect room for Skyler.  Skyler is having a birthday party soon and how better to celebrate than to show her a brand new room complete with all the things a little girl would like.

 Wisdom felt like it was a sign that she was able to find a dresser, toy box and end table on the same day.

The coffee table was beautiful. It needed a good polish and sanding but wow Wisdom was in love with it and pictured it in a cozy living room with a fire place.

With trying to meet all her wishes Wisdom had hear about a Flaming Fruit Plant… Who would have imagined it being so hard to find. Its a rare fruit that needs harvested every 4 days. Wisdom found out that someone in town had one and Wisdom offered to tend her garden for a week in return she would be able to keep up to 4 of the flame fruit. It worked out perfectly and Wisdom was able to add flame fruit to her garden.

Dinner was always Wisdom’s favorite part of her day. She would prepare by it at her parents house within the 5:30-6:00 hour. It was a hot meal and time to catch up with her parents but most of all…

 She would always be able to tuck Skyler in at night. Skyler loved being at Gama Vi’s but would often ask, “Mommy stay?” Wisdom would shake her head no and respond, “Not tonight, but soon!” Wisdom did this every night, but she couldn’t bare leaving Skyler all the time. She was within $1,000  of her goal and she was determined to reach it.

But when Wisdom was summoned to court for trespassing. She was found sleeping in a public park and that must be against the law. She was called to court (costing $200) and then she lost the case and cost her $213. Setting her back, she was now for sure having to find a house or build one since there were no safe places to rest since the cops are on the lookout for her knowing she was homeless.  This isn’t a huge deal since once Wisdom cashes in all her fish and produce she will have MORE than $20,000. The next big step is finding a house and FAST.

Not only does the house have to be good for both Wisdom and Skyler BUT a house dog and puppy safe. Teddy is expecting puppies!!! Wisdom really wanted to have her home before she delivered. She wanted to have everything moved in and as many things salvaged as possible.

 New items are popping up all the time and even if Wisdom can’t use them she hopes to fix them up then sell them. Or sell them as is. Either way she could make a little money. While salvaging though things a man showed up and walked into the office.

Wisdom freaked out, She didn’t like being here alone with a stranger. But what if he was a new staff member. He could help her move a few things. She debated talking to him and finally her legs started walking in the mans direction. She didn’t know what to expect.

Wisdom was nervous but wanted to hold her own. “Hi sir, are you a new staff member? I could use some help.” The man turned and Wisdom about fell over. The only thing that held her up was her hugging the man she was afraid of a few moments back.

“PRESTON? I… I thought you were across seas in the military?” Wisdom asked not thinking about what all happened the last time they saw each other. “I was… well I am in the military but I’m off on leave for awhile. I figured I would come back and catch up with a few people. I wanted to look you up, but we didn’t end things well.” He said while embracing Wisdom. “Preston… I was was stupid, and I’m sorry. Can you forgive me. I was so confused and I had no idea how much I would miss you.” Wisdom stated holding back tears.

“In all honestly Wisdom I’m the one who should, and is, sorry. I let the coward in me take over. I was to afraid of you turning me down that I made up a fake girlfriend to protect myself from getting hurt. When in the long run… it hurt worse the way I did it. I hope we can move on and be friends?” He spaced out the words be friends. Wisdom didn’t know if that was a sign he still liked her or that he truly just wanted to be friends.

Wisdom thinks to herself: oh my gosh, here I am looking at a man I’ve wanted to be with since I was young and he could be the dad to my baby… THE DAD TO MY BABY. How do I bring up that topic? and just friends… JUST FRIENDS? This is horrible I had my chance and I lost it. He’s not seen me with short hair, ugly clothes, and digging through metal before. I bet he’s thinking I’m a huge loser and he’s better off not with me. I just want to hang out… and figure out our REAL feelings.

Preston thinks to himself: I hope she can’t see that I’m sweating… I’m sure she knows. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and so taken. I just know she’s got some great guy who loves her more than ever had the guts to follow through with. I just want to know everything about her now and see if there is a possible future for us. I’ve almost finished serving my time across seas. How neat would that be to come home to her, our family, our pets, our life… I have to come clean about my REAL feelings. Just friends? There is no way I could just be her friend for another moment.


“Where are you staying at these days?” Preston asked breaking the silence. “I’m currently homeless. Looking for an open lot to build. I need something that our needs.” She’s dreamed of this place for months now.  “Are you lot/house hunting with a boyfriend, fiance, husband?” he asked trying to figure out who all was in her our from her statement. “HA, no boyfriend, no husband, just me, my daughter, and her dog,” Wisdom handed Preston a picture.

Preston took the picture “OH wow, she’s beautiful. Its amazing how much she looks like you. How old is she now?” He asked “She’s going to be a child soon. She’s very smart and hilarious.  There is never a dull moment when she’s around. I miss her like crazy. She’s with my parents  right now till I get settled into a new place. One of the reasons I’m in a rush.” She said looking at her watch to see the time. “Well…  I’m going to be around for a little while. Give me a call if you find an open lot and need help building or if you find a house and need to move stuff in. I couldn’t imagine not having a house. Your more than welcome to stay the night at my house while your building.” Preston made a point to say. Wisdom pictured staying at his place but she felt comfortable with Preston but with their relationship being pretty much new again Wisdom wanted to make sure not to rushed into any decisions. She’s learned from her mistakes. After declining his offer Wisdom put his new number in her phone and headed to her lot to sleep.

Early the next day Wisdom turned in all of her produce and fish from her inventory. She no longer needed to be homeless and lot/house hunting could begin.  But after looking in the shopper Wisdom realized that all houses where at least 36,000 or more. All the houses in her price range were taken. She would now have to look into empty lots to build. After crying for a few minutes while realizing this was all really happening, Wisdom decided it didn’t matter where the lot was located as long as she could have a house.

 A lot that had a reduced price twice was right in Wisdom’s budget. She sent out texts to Preston, her parents, and Andrew. Not many other people knew she had been homeless. Andrew showed up in no time to start working but Preston had yet to show up. Wisdom and Andrew waited for an hour but then realized it could just be the two of them working. Wisdom wanted to be upset but at least she had someone there willing to help.

Wisdom and Andrew started on the foundation but while hitting the heat of the day they both needed to shed a few layers, ate a quick snack. They then start unpacking Wisdom’s inventory of mostly items from the junk yard. Realizing they could finish unpacking at night they went back to the foundation. “Wisdom, your very good at this.” Andrew said impressed. “Thank you, my parents ran a house building business for a few years. I guess its in my blood. I just wish we had more help we are going to be here for days.” She said wiping her brow.

Just then they heard cars honking from a block away. Then Preston got out of the driver seat and opened the side door. Out popped many of Wisdom’s friends. “Megan, Adabelle, Cole, Kinnik?” Wisdom said naming each of her friends. Preston then spoke up, “I figured more hands would make for less work. I wanted to surprise you. Sorry it took so long.” Preston had a big smile on his face. Adabelle walked up to Wisdom, “I had no idea you were homeless, those rude comments I made. Please forgive me. I’m so proud of you and my parents are too. They wanted to help but they are watching Charlie and Jermichael.” Adabelle gave Wisdom a big hug.

Wisdom couldn’t believe how supportive her friends where. “You guys are amazing, thank you so much for helping me.” She said over joyed. They all got busy working and camped out over night so that they could work early in the morning.

Some of these are from my other towns. Not all are related to Wisdom’s story line.

Wisdom’s inventory (to date) while building she’s still going to go back and check for other items.

Preston Turner (Dawn Turner’s son)

Andrew playing his guitar for the group

Camping out! Feels like the old times hanging out and enjoying life.

OUCH… When I loaded my game she was paused like this.

Wisdom found this turtle by City Hall.


My simself and my husband’s simself

These are my daughter’s sim self’s. FACT: When I loaded both my husband and my simself I had them in CAH. Their genetics made both these girls. Oddly enough they look as close to my girls as they can get. I just had to give my younger daughter’s simself lighter hair and blue eyes. nother interesting fact is that they all live in a house that is 90% identical to my real house.

Cupcake Pool
Made by request. I made a video on how I did this. I’m going to be posting it on youtube soon.

The Sims 3 page is getting a new layout. Looks like a mixture of facebook and google+. We shall see

I’ve known so many others to have been given this and I FINALLY GOT MINE! I got this in an e-mail January 21st.

FUNNY STORY: I was on Skype talking to some friends and I jokingly said that it was my birthday (on January 21st) they both were confused and I said no I’m just kidding my birthday is November 21st. Later that day I checked my e-mail and got this. Gotta love when things like that happen.

I made a “party girl” for Bridgeport. She’s my first oriental looking sims created by me. Her party days have been put on hold since becoming pregnant with twin girls!

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Chapter 30:: This Had to Happen


Skyler was much more talkative, alert, and nothing gets past her. To keep focused on her goals, Wisdom was often found in the library most mornings. Skyler would attend the toddler story hour and Wisdom would study. This was working out perfectly, but Wisdom knew the longer she was homeless the more aware Skyler would become.

Wisdom came up with a plan if she stayed out late with Skyler every night. Skyler would fall asleep and then they would hide out till morning. Wisdom would wake Skyler up and have a surprise of either the pool, park, or some activity for the day and Skyler doesn’t even question why she’s not been “home” yet. Wisdom enjoyed playing guitar in the park with Skyler because she would get more tips. It might have something to do with how cute Skyler’s singing and dance moves are.

While in Bridgeport Violet and A.J. couldn’t help but buy some new things for their growing grand daughter. Skyler’s hair is getting long and and her clothes were wearing out. They bought Skyler 2 new pajama sets and 2 new outfits. Skyler loved them but Wisdom felt bad she couldn’t afford CLEAN, nice things for her own daughter.

Wisdom mastered her fishing skills something that she never thought would happen. It was 9:00pm and she figured she could try to catch the ever so famous and difficult to catch Deathfish. Its been said to only come out at midnight and is very difficult to catch. Wisdom took Skyler to Adabelle’s house. Even with a newborn at home she has been asking for Skyler to come over so Charlie had a friend to play with. Wisdom took this offer and headed out to the graveyard to see what she could catch.

Right around midnight the water became smokey and a fish started swimming around slowly. Wisdom looked in for a closer look as it was exactly as people described it. Wisdom began to have second thought about catching this fish, but then started to think of how much it could be worth. All she had to do is catch 2 and then let them breed.

Wisdom caught a vampire fish first. It was very exciting but got her hopes up it was a deathfish. It was pushing 2:00am and Wisdom had figured all was lost until she pulled felt a pull on the line. She caught it so fast I almost didn’t get a picture. Not long after Wisdom went on to catch a total of THREE Deathfish.  They were all worth different amounts. But none were worth less than $200. Wisdom figured she could sell 1/3 deathfish and breed the other two like she had originally planned.

“Girl, you smell like fish. What have you been doing?” Adabelle asked Wisdom pinching her nose shut. Wisdom laughed, “Its my job to fish, and thanks to you I was able to catch a few deathfish last night. Thanks for taking Skyler,” she said reaching down to pick Skyler up.

“Anytime really! I’m no longer working now that we have 2 kids running around. I figured I would take time off till they are older and then go back to work,” Adabelle stated. “Yeah, I’m not sure what I would do if I had to work a normal hour job. I love being a self employeed angler… other than the fish smell,” both girls laughed and Wisdom headed to the pool to take a shower, and give Skyler a quick shower as well.


After taking showers the girls decided why not play for a little while at the pool. Wisdom soon noticed Andrew was swimming laps. She wanted to say something but didn’t want to look like a freak. He was swimming and not paying attention until Skyler spoke up and shouted, “LOOK MOMMY!”  pointing at Andrew. Andrew turned and waved, he got to the side of the pool quickly.

 “How are you lovely ladies doing?” He said climbing out of the pool. “We are good Andrew, and you?” Andrew ran his fingers through his hair, “I’m doing great. I was actually going to call you after I was done swimming laps.”

Andrew smiled, “You have to come over… my horse had her baby! I want Skyler to get used to the foal so they start developing a relationship! Skyler is going to be a child here soon or am I mistaking?”  “Your correct she will be a child here soon!” Wisdom said looking at Skyler.

They headed for Andrews truck. He wasn’t about to let them walk to his house. Skyler kept asking questions making Wisdom want to curl up and hide. But it didn’t bother Andrew one bit. He answered all her questions.

As they walked onto the lot they saw the baby foal sticking close her her mommy by the water. “She’s a bit timid still. She’s not wondering to far from Samantha.” Stated Andrew walking up to the horses. “Its a girl?” Wisdom asked. “Yes, we decided to name her Sapphire.” He explained. He petted her and fed her a carrot. “That’s a good girl, I won’t hurt you.” Wisdom was amazed to see how well Andrew was with the horse.

While petting the foal Andrew told Wisdom to put Skyler on her back. Wisdom stood close, “Will Sapphire buck her off?” Wisdom said a tad worried. “No, I’ve established enough trust with her. If I’m here with her she won’t hurt anyone. She might run away but I’m standing in front of her. She’s not going anywhere” He assured Wisdom.

Wisdom didn’t let Skyler get to comfortable before taking her off. Wisdom had to get to her mom’s house to talk to her about a few things. It was going to be a hard conversation but one that needed to take place.

When her phone began to ring she noticed the ringtone and told Andrew she had to leave. “Hey mom…. yes I know I will be there in just a bit ok? love you too.” Wisdom hung up. I will talk to you later Andrew. I’m glad we could come over and meet Sapphire. I can’t wait for Skyler to become a little horse pro. Andrew laughed, “Me too!”

Wisdom and Skyler arrived at Violets house. “Look at her, she’s going to be a grown girl before we know it.” Violet said in a slightly frail voice. Her age was showing more and more with each visit. “Yes mom she is isn’t she.”

Violet could tell something was bothering her daughter, “What’s wrong sweet heart?” Wisdom cleared her throat, “Mom, I’m not sure where to begin. I guess just coming out with the truth would be best.” Wisdom looked over to make sure that Skyler wasn’t listening. “Are you pregnant?” Violet asked trying to not sound disappointed.  “No mom, I’m not but I am… homeless. I’ve been living in the wilderness for over a month now. Lonnie left and took my life’s savings, all of Skyler’s things from the baby shower, and his house wasn’t his. I’ve been sleeping in grave yards, junk yards, and on park benches for some time now.”

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner, we would have helped.” stated Violet. Skyler began to try to fight back tears. “I know mom I was scared.  I didn’t want to move back home and look like a bum. I wanted to badly to fix this huge mess on my own without help but I find that Skyler and Teddy make it difficult for me to pick up and go earn money. I work my hours around them and its great but I’ve gotten to $14,450. I want to get about 6,000 more and then get a place for me and Skyler.” Wisdom paused.

Wisdom began to cry, “Mom I need you to take Skyler and Teddy till I get the money to get a place. With Skyler starting school soon I want her to have friends and not be teased. She’s a smart girl and I love her more than anything. Will you please help me?” Violet wiped the  tear from Wisdom’s cheek. “of course I’m willing to help for as long as you need. Do you need to stay here too?” Violet asked. Wisdom shook her head no, “I’m better off out there earning money. If I work odd hours I can catch rare fish and sell them. I caught several deathfish the other night when Skyler stayed the night with Adabelle. I don’t think it will take me long to get the money and find a place.”

“You are always welcome her at home Wisdom I hope you know that. Skyler is in great hands and don’t be a stranger to her.” Violet said hugging Wisdom. “I know mom… thank you!” Wisdom then walked over to Skyler.

“Are you playing twinkle, twinkle little star?” Wisdom asked Skyler. “Yep, I love that song!” Skyler said with a little giggle. “Mommy is going to be really busy with work and your going to stay here with Gama Vi and Papa A.J. I will be here as often as I can but I will have a BIG surprise for you when I’m done working all these odd hours.” Skyler reached up to Wisdom for a hug.

“A BIG surprise for me? I can’t wait. Will you be here for my birthday?” Wisdom held Skyler tight, “yes I will be here for your birthday.” “I love you Skyler, you be a good girl and listen to Gama and Papa ok?”

“I will mommy” Skyler’s voice echoed in Wisdom’s ear. Wisdom tried to picture more than a week without Skyler. The tears started to fall faster than she could wipe them away.

Wisdom got outside and was childless and dogless… this was suppose to make things easier but at the moment things felt worse. She walked to the nearest isolated area and cried herself to sleep.

Authors Note:  This post was very all over the place I’m aware of that. I wanted to have it flow better but its not easy blogging the homeless challenge. Currently in my game Wisdom has a little over $16,000. She’s going to have this challenge complete fairly soon. I’m very excited about this because I have most of the rest of Wisdom and Skyler’s life planed out but you know the game has a mind of its own. Thanks for reading and WOW your comments are so fun to read. I love your advice and support.


All deathfish she caught in the first night with a level 10 fishing.

Bonus check

THATS RIGHT… She’s making big money now!

Pretty horse sleeping

Andrew looking all cute and stuff

Rylie (dark brown boy) and Maggie (fluffy tan girl)
These two puppies have been found at the park with no owners. Well they are now in the loving care of Violet and A.J.

Current family funds

The best things in life AREN’T things!

Sweet dreams

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Chapter 29:: Once Upon A Time

Wisdom was so happy to have Skyler back at home, but she couldn’t help but wish there was more of a home for her to return to. While going through Skyler’s over night bag there were new clothes and an envelope labeled FREE TICKETS. Wisdom opened the envelope and it revealed a note from her mom.

Dear Wisdom & Skyler,
I know that life has hit you both pretty hard. I had  friend who won Free Tickets to attend Disney Park this weekend but she can’t make it. She wondered if it was something Skyler would like and while in Bridgeport she watched several Disney movies so I think its something she will enjoy. Enjoy your trip and takes lots of pictures!

Love always, Gama Vi and Papa A.J

Wisdom weighed out the pro’s and cons. She finally decided it would be allot of fun and made plans to go in the morning.

Before they headed out Wisdom made sure to get a few last minute things done to her garden. She was so happy to have a money tree.  She collected$315.00 from the tree.  She tended the other crops and called a Taxi to drive them to Disney Ranch.

“HOWDY, and welcome to Disney Park… would you like to take a ride with bullseye?” Skyler clapped her hands. Jessie then asked Wisdom if she wanted to sit on the horse with Skyler. Wisdom said she would get on with Skyler. They walked around and Jessie pointed out the different stations they had set up. The Mad Hatter’s tea party, Under the Sea World, Princess Quarters, Pixie Hollow, and Kids Zone.  Each area had a different Disney character or characters in it waiting for visitors.

Skyler and Wisdom went to the Mad Hatter’s tea party first. He smiled and welcomed them inside. “Are you Alice?” He asked Skyler. “NO, I’m Skyler.” She said looking at Wisdom as if she didn’t know if she could talk to him or not.

The tea was really juice and Wisdom thought it was amazing how much detail was put into this place. Skyler felt like a big girl not sitting in a high chair. The Mad Hatter stayed in character the entire time. And they even sang happy unbirthday. Before leaving the tea party the Mad Hatter asked if he could have his picture with Skyler. Wisdom got out her cell phone and took a picture.

The photo turned out great and as Wisdom left with Skyler the Mad Hatter shouted out, “Skyler have you found the white rabbit?” Skyler laughed and pointed to the one outside. The Mad Hatter just smiled.

Wisdom and Skyler walked over to Under the Sea World. Prince Eric greeted them, “Hi how are you doing? Did you bring your swimming suit today?” Wisdom felt bad she didn’t pack it. “Sorry, we didn’t know we needed to bring it.” Wisdom looked at Skyler thinking that this part might not be fun for her. Ariel then asked, “What size is she. We have plenty to spare!” Wisdom was relieved. “She wears 3T.”  Eric got on a walki talki and then came back carrying a little swimming suit.

Eric sat close to Ariel and asked Skyler if she wanted to take a picture before she played in the sprinkler. Skyler walked over and they got a quick picture. The suit was brought over and Skyler got dressed in their small dressing room.

Skyler loved the swimming suit. It had a mermaid on it and it was light purple. Ariel got up and they went over and played in the sprinkler.  Skyler and Ariel played and played. They sang songs from the movie, and talked about what things Skyler liked to do. Wisdom loved watching Skyler having fun.  It was hard for her to believe that in a few weeks Skyler won’t be a toddler anymore.

After getting Skyler dried, and dressed it was now time to go to The Princess Quarters. Cinderella was sitting next to pillows waiting to read a story. Cinderella had several princess books laid out but Skyler chose to have Cinderella read her own story. Skyler giggled at the funny voices Cinderella would make for the different characters. Violet thought it was so cute how Skyler reacted to Cinderella’s story.

“Thank you for reading with me Skyler,”  Cinderella said after finishing the story. She gave Skyler a big hug before Skyler and Wisdom headed over to visit the next princess.

“Aren’t you the sweetest little princess,” Snow White said. Her voice was just like the one from the movie. Skyler was so happy to see her, “How are the seven dwarfs doing?” Skyler asked as her mom walked her into the area.

“Happy, Sleepy, Doc, Doppy, Sneezy, Grumpy,  and Bashful are all doing wonderful.” Snow White said tickling Wisdom. Skyler asked her a few other questions and Snow White didn’t hesitate to answer a single one. She loved Skyler’s curiosity. “Here is an apple and I promise its not poisoned. I picked it from my very own apple tree.” Skyler’s eyes light up, “I have an apple tree too!” Snow White kissed Skyler’s head and handed her back to her mom. “Good bye!”

The Lost Princess was next. Skyler loved this movie and would often sing the song Flower Gleem and Grow whenever she had her hair brushed. “Hi there, would you like your face painted?” Skyler wiggled out of Violet’s arms and climbed onto Rapunzel’s lap. “Would you like a rainbow, stars, or something fun?” Skyler thought and replied, “Pink and Purple!” Rapunzel pulled out a chair for Wisdom to sit on to watch Skyler get her face decorated with face paint.

 Skyler hardly moved the entire time Rapunzel worked on her face paint. They sang the song “Flower Gleem and Grow” a few times and Skyler talked about not knowing who her daddy was. Wisdom felt bad hearing Skyler talk about it, “My daddy is busy… but when he’s not busy he’s going to meet me.” Rapunzel looked over at Wisdom and realized it was a touchy subject. She stayed in character but worked around the daddy topic and went back to facts about her movie and finishing Skyler’s face paint.

 “All finished!” Rapunzel moved Skyler around and they got a picture together. There was a quick hug and they headed out. Both Skyler and Wisdom were getting hungry and it was prefect because they were getting a chance to eat lunch with one of the fairies. They were told that one of the fairies would greet them at the entrance and that’s who they will eat lunch with.

 They walked through the tunnel and saw Rosetta right away. Skyler squealed in delight. “Your my favorite fairy!” Rosetta clapped her hands and spoke in the same accent as in the movies. “Well aren’t you just as cute as a freshly painted Sunflower.”

They had a picnik lunch with fresh fruit, Cheese burger or hot dog, chips, juice, cookies, and sunflower seeds. “Are you having fun Skyler?” Asked Rosetta “Skyler’s mouth was full but she knodded her head quickly, after swallowing she answered with, “Yes I’m having a good time. Do you miss being away from home?” Skyler asked noticing that this wasn’t exactly Pixie Hollow. “Well I do miss it in some ways but I love being here and meeting all the little girls and boys who watch me on tv. What part in the movie made me your favorite?” Rosetta asked in curiosity. “I like lots of things… But my favorite thing is that you don’t like mud, but you faced your fears during the race and WON!” Rosetta smiled, “Yes during the Pixie Hollow Games! Not many kids remember that.” Skyler smiled, “I do!”

 Rosetta called a staff member and they got the picnic cleaned up. She then asked Skyler if she wanted a picture taken with her. It was one of Skyler’s favorite moments of her time there.

Tinkerbell was tinkering at her station. Skyler was able to sit on the table and Skyler stood close to make sure nothing happened to her. “What are you making Tinkerbell?”  “I’m not sure… I have been able to find lots of neat things while here on the main land. I’m just tinkering with a few things.”  They watched and watched when finally Tinkerbell showed a new flower painting contraption. “You wanna meet Terennce?” Skyler giggled… “yes!”

 “Come on then, he’s over here!” Terennce called over, “Hey Tink… Who is your new friend?” Tinkerbell carried Skyler over. “This is Skyler, isn’t she a cutie?”

They all 3 sat on the bench and then smiled for the camera. Skyler couldn’t stop giggling.


Skyler met Silvermist and Vydia and had a fun time talking to them. She asked lots of questions and got all her answers. There was one more station left before they were done at Disney Park.

 Beauty and Human Beast were waiting there to play. Loved playing and talking to them. Belle was so kind to Skyler and talked in the kindest voice. Wisdom could notice some real chemistry between the character. They had to be a real couple. She kept thinking how Skyler deserves a real shot at a family. Quickly Wisdom came back to reality and got in the moment.

 Before leaving Wisdom got a few more pictures. Skyler waved good bye as Wisdom walked with her back to the lot. “Mommy, that was lots of fun… thank you!” Wisdom smiled “You are so welcome.”

Skyler was tired and fell asleep on the way home. Wisdom got a few things done on the lot before it got to dark. Having Skyler home was a bitter sweet but in all reality Wisdom was happy knowing that Skyler was back. Living without Skyler around was harder than Wisdom realized.

– – Enjoy These Pictures – –

Skyler and Cinderella

Jessie and Skyler

Ariel playing in the sprinkler

Jessie and Rapunzel

 A fun group picture

One last hug from Belle

Skyler with all the Princesses

And then some Prince time!

The most romantic love story told by Disney.

Look what Wisdom’s done! I’m so proud of her 🙂

 One down 2 more to go!

Here is a picture of Wisdom’s current family funds.

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Chapter 28:: Working Overtime

After bringing in the new year with a new friend and having Skyler gone for the next 3 days Wisdom was excited to really focus on reaching her goal, but she was always able to find time to give Teddy the attention she wanted/needed. Before Wisdom knew it Teddy was no longer a little puppy falling over her own feet. Wisdom couldn’t wait for Skyler to see her puppy as a full grown dog. She even was able to FINALLY wear the collar Violet bought at Christmas.

Wisdom was becoming quite the angler. She went from having no fishing skills to having a level 6, Wisdom was on average catching 8 water creatures an hour. She was selling them and getting a good profit that she decided to become a registered self employed angler. She would get paid for her catches and even get promotions. The hours were flexible and so Wisdom took advantage of this opportunity.

Feeling tired of produce meals all the time Wisdom figured it was time to test out her fish cooking skills. She was worried thinking about the different things that could happen if she didn’t cook the meat good enough. She did research at the library and was ready to do it for real. The next morning she caught a snail while fishing. “This will be perfect!” She told her self setting up the fire pit.

Not going to lie, she was very nervous when taking the first bite. But after tasting it she really enjoyed it. It was cooked perfectly and even had a smokey taste to it from the fire pit. Wisdom was so proud knowing she could start cooking fish. Mainly because she knew that Skyler would be a child soon. She would be asking lots of questions like, Why don’t we have a house? Do I really have to eat apples all the time? and many others. Wisdom tried hard not to eat to much of her profit but when your starving its hard to hold back.

Wisdom is thankful for her pre paid minutes on her cell phone or else she couldn’t afford one. She had already paid for 6 months worth of minutes before Lonnie robbed her cold. She was surprised to get a phone call from an Erin Kennedy.  She’s a local celebrity chef. She was in need of fresh produce and was told that Wisdom was big into collecting seeds and gardening. Wisdom was so excited to get some money and ran to Erin’s house as soon as possible. She didn’t even think about the celebrity points she would be getting by helping Erin out.

Erin- “Superb! These will work perfectly in my dishes. Others chefs will be hearing about you soon!”

Erin then handed Wisdom $360. Wisdom was thrilled about getting more phone calls.

 After talking Erin got out her cane and walked into her house. Wisdom had noticed her garbage had been knocked over. She didn’t see Erin having the strength to pick it up so she decided why not help out an elderly lady. It was heavy and had garbage in it. Wisdom thought for a moment, “Erin had said she’s a local celebrity. Which means she might have thrown something away that had value.”

 Wisdom couldn’t believe the thoughts she had running through her head at the moment but she was wanting money bad enough even a banana peel cold be worth something if coming from Erin’s garbage. Looking around to make sure no one was looking Wisdom started digging. She found more scraps of metal than anything. But 1 bundle of scraps was worth $2.00. That was music to Wisdom’s ears. She grabbed 10 bundles and headed home.

It was cloudy that after noon but at some parts it would get really bright out side. Wisdom was happy to have the brighness to show her some other things to sell… “SPACE ROCKS!” got very excited remember her dad telling her stories of the Adventures of Space Men. They are astronauts that retired from working in space and focused on finding traces of Aliens. One thing they would do is sell space rocks. Wisdom found this HUGE rock worth $124.

Teddy (being and adult) was allot more fun than she ever was before. Her favorite toy is one that was given to her from iams. Wisdom tries hard to find their food in the local grocery store dumpsters when they have a hold in the bags. One thing is if the dog is going to be living on the streets she wants it to be fed well. Wisdom was happy to find dog dishes around town and she often will fill them so that other strays can have a good meal. Although she uses other dog food that she finds to feed them since iams is hard to find.

 Wisdom took a quick morning nap and then felt it was important to spend time with Teddy, “Look at you big girl. I love the snazzy collar that finally fits you.” Teddy licked Wisdom’s face as though she was responding to what Wisdom said. Quickly Wisdom got a new idea.

 Teaching Teddy how to hunt was another one of Wisdom’s brilliant ideas to earn money. If Teddy hunted down snakes, turtles, and other things maybe Wisdom could sell them to the local pet store. Teddy was a quick learner and soon was at level EIGHT! Wisdom rewarded teddy with some treats she had left over from Christmas.

 As night time came Wisdom found it was safe to check out the local junk yard. She was already on the hunt for house hold items she can fix up and use when she’s no longer homeless. At night is the best time to go because no one is around. She is hiding her secret from everyone, no one knows she’s homeless. They are all under the impression that she’s renting a small house and hardly making ends meet. Everything is true about that except the renting a small house part. When they ask to come over Wisdom is very quick to disagree and say her house is to dirty, or make up other excuses to why it won’t work out to have company over. But she’s always willing to be company to other’s houses.

It didn’t take long for Wisdom to find a useful item. A pretty wooden chair. She could see why it was brought to the dump but it looked like after a quick polish it would look like new. Wisdom did notice one of the legs needed fixed but she knew that was an easy fix. But the big test was will it be sturdy enough for her to sit in till she could afford to get it fixed up.

Wisdom sat down carefully and was thrilled to pieces to see that it was a going to work fine till she could have it fixed up. Her fire pit had an old chair so this would look so much nicer. She was so excited about this find she decided to keep looking for more items. She saw a book shelf that had been found before she had gotten there and she snagged that up. She loves reading books and so this would be great addition to a new house.  Again she kept it hidden till she can find a house of her own and was ready to fix it up.

 Wisdom was beginning to get tired from moving so many scraps. She also collected a total of 40 scrap piles that could be sold for at least $2.00.  Wisdom saw something that captured her attention. She looked it over and found that it was some of machine that made chocolates, or cookies of some kind. She wasn’t sure what she would do with it but she was ok with taking it.

Wisdom went to find more when she passed out cold. She woke up and was thankful she didn’t hit her head on any sharp pieces of metal. She figured she could look for more things in the morning.

Wisdom stared at the stars and moon. She ran number’s through her head and figured out that she had a total of 3,221 simoleons. This was a great thing since Skyler will be returning in 2 days. She hoped to have more luck tomorrow with fishing, rock collecting, insects, produce, and scrap metal.

 Wisdom rested easily feeling confident that she soon would no longer be homeless.

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Thank you so much for reading, I had no idea how many ways Wisdom was going to find to earn money. Having her in the Angler profession is a shock since she was horrible at fishing while in Egypt attending level up camp. One thing you could do to help Wisdom is to tell her/me where to go fishing in Sunset Valley to find frogs. Wisdom was asked to bring some to the local restaurant but the only place I know to find frogs is in Egypt. She will earn money for this job so I would really like to have her complete it. And like always please enjoy these fun pictures taken at random.

 Cole and Charlie were at the park when Wisdom was looking for seeds. I thought this was a great moment captured at random.

Adabelle’s 2nd baby bump

 Welcome Jermichael to the world.

Wisdom decided to stop by Andrews ranch to thank him for dinner and bringing in the new year with her. But he was out purchasing items for the horses. Wisdom decided to feed each horse one of her delicious apples, and left a note for Andrew in his mailbox.

I can’t be over how funny looking this picture is. Gotta love doggy kisses

 Skyler and Wisdom enjoying some mommy daughter time before Skyler goes to grandma’s house.

 This is tiny I know BUT it was a opportunity for Wisdom to perform at a party. She was able to gain her guitar skills and they surprised her with $100 after she finished playing.

This was just to important for me to not mention. While in Violet’s household I found this stray elder dog laying on Violet’s porch. It was so sad to see her homeless and hungry. Violet bought her a food dish and the dog returned everyday to eat. Soon they established a good enough relationship for the stray dog to no longer be a stray. Sadly after only having a home for 2 days Mindy (the dog) died of old age. Violet and A.J. were so sad to have lost this sweet pet but found comfort knowing she had a loving home for her final moment of life.

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Chapter 27:: Happy New Year 2012

I can’t tell you how surprised I was to open my e-mail and see that I was gifted FIVE gifts.
 Thank you Dawn, I’m so excited to see Skyler wear this when she becomes a child. Its going to be PERFECT on her!
I entered a picture of Skyler in Santa’s lap and WON with the most likes. I was very surprised and humbled in this win. I was then gifted this beautiful bedroom set! I hope that when Wisdom gets OUT of this homeless challenge she will add this bedroom set to her house!

 Amna Al-Owais, This was so nice of you. I can’t believe you gifted me these! I can’t wait to see them come into play in my legacy!
 It’s so surprising to me to see that I’ve been given a gift. Thank you so much Hannah Mitchell for giving this to me. I’m looking forward to using it in the future!

What have I been up to…? Creating fairies for my daughters. Thats right fairies. I might be doing something with them in my generations but who knows!
 You can find their links on my Sims 3 page! I’m going to try to make Iredessa, and Fawn next

Amber Lights-Mason is a friend of mine. I’m so excited to see her sim be married after completing her 100 baby challenge. I made this little congratulations note on one of the pictures she had taken of her sims.


Wisdom was in survival mode. Her garden was flourishing as well as her skills to grow more unique and rare plants. And with money being so low she would monitor how much fruit she could eat in one day to keep a full hunger bar, and then she would sell the rest.  But fishing still didn’t come easy for her, she would fish for hours with no luck. She even considered calling her dad to help her.

Between Fishing, playing guitar, and gardening Wisdom was earning money slowly but surely. She came up with a routine for her and Skyler. But Wisdom wasn’t prepared for her baby to be so mobile.

While working in the garden Wisdom would often have Skyer by her side. Afraid someone would see Skyler and think she was abandoned. The thought of loosing Skyler was unbearable for Wisdom. And it was hard for her to sleep at night knowing that at any time Skyler could wake up and crawl away.

This all became so real when one day Wisdom was finishing her work in the garden and she couldn’t hear Wisdom playing anymore. She dropped her gardening tools (she made from sticks) and began to search frantically for Skyler.


Soon a faint giggle broke through Wisdom’s frantic breathing. She looked up and  saw a young man with a horse and non-other than Skyler with this man. Wisdom went running towards them, “Oh thank God you’re ok,” Wisdom said swooping Skyler in her arms. Skyler just smiled and pointed to the man, “horsey!” Wisdom giggled fighting back the tears, “Yes this gentleman has a horse. Do you like horses?” Skyler nodded and leaned towards the horse wanting to pet him. “Sorry sir, I was fishing at least I was trying to fish and she just slipped away,” Wisdom said feeling guilty for letting Skyler out of her sight. “Oh that’s quite alright mam. I’m Andrew, I have a Ranch here in town. You should bring your daughter sometime and she could look around and possibly ride one. I have a horse expecting a foal right now. I bet she would love a little playmate.”

Skyler clapped her hands and Wisdom just smiled, “Thank you but isn’t she a bit young to be riding a horse?” Andrew mounted his horse and tipped his hat, “Your little one would sit right here in front of me. She would be perfectly safe, I like starting the kids off with helping care for the horses and then when they get older and feel comfortable, they can start to ride. I’ve been doing this for some time now and most loose interest but looks to me like you have a little cowgirl on your hands.”

Wisdom tried hard to not get mesmerized with his charming smile and sparkling eyes. She didn’t want to start a relationship with anyone until she was on her feet. She wanted to say thanks but no thanks until it came time to actually speak, “Maybe we could stop by later today?” Wisdom wanted to rewind time and fix her statement but it was to late. Andrew then leaned in, “Here is my address and number if you get the time to stop by I’ll be at my ranch for the rest of the evening. I’m sure Skyler would love to see my other horses.” Andrew handed her his card and rode off.” Skyler then waved and said, “Bye bye horsey man.”

Wisdom walked with Skyler back to her little lot of world and thought about how much lessons would cost for Skyler. And as much as she didn’t want to trust another man Andrew seemed so different from Lonnie. Wisdom shook her head quickly remembering that Lonnie saved her from a fire. His first impression was one of the best.

Trying to get Skyler’s escape out of her head Wisdom continued her routine keeping an extra close eye on Skyler. But she was scared of how she was going to sleep that night. Violet, Wisdom’s mom, texted her and told her about wanting Skyler to spend the night. Wisdom felt this couldn’t have come at a better time. She texted her mom back -Tonight works for me!- It didn’t take long for her mom to come back with a quick -YIPPIE-

Wisdom packed a few things for Skyler. She had a pair of PJ’s Wisdom found at the consignment shop and she was given a few things at the baby shower for Skyler to wear. She headed to her mom’s house talking about the different things they saw along the way. And of course they passed by Andrew’s Ranch. Wisdom walked fairly quickly but Skyler pointed and said, “horsey”  Wisdom didn’t want to ignore Skyler but she tried to change the subject quickly.

“Look at Grandma’s sunshine!” Violet shouted out when she saw Wisdom and Skyler walking up to the door. “Come in, come in, I can’t believe our little Skyler is having her first overnight. We even decorated a room for her so that she would feel at home.” Wisdom smiled and soon realized Skyler had never slept in a crib before. “Oh I’m sure you could just set up a sleeping bag and she would be fine mom, not put yourself out to much,” Wisdom said trying to avoid the topic. “Well we will see, but one thing is for sure I want you to take this outfit and go out and have fun. Skyler is in good hands and I think you need to go out and meet some people.”

Wisdom looked at the dress and it was beyond fancy. She knew she had the red pumps in her bag still and with her mom letting her borrow this dress she could pull off a non-homeless look. Wisdom hugged her mom and asked if she could borrow some make up as well. Violet smiled and pointed up the stairs, “Use anything you need dear!” Wisdom took a shower with shampoo and conditioner and did her makeup, shaved her legs, oh man it felt amazing. She put on the dress and pumps, “Mom how do I look?” Violet smiled, “Looks like you are ready for a well-deserved mommy night out.”

Wisdom’s dad A.J. then handed Wisdom some money, “Have some drinks on me.” Wisdom was in shock that her dad handed her $40.00. Wisdom thanked them and kissed Skyler good bye, “Call if you need anything,” she said before leaving. Violet stopped Wisdom before she was out the door, “Wisdom, we are going to Bridgeport do you mind if we bring her with us and she stay with us for the weekend. We are in a wedding but have lots of family who is willing to help watch her. Wisdom was slightly relieved “Yes that’s fine. I could put in some overtime at work.” Wisdom was happy to think that she very well could work non stop and get closer to her goal of having $20,000.

 Walking out the door Wisdom thought about what club she would hit first. With it being New Years Eve there would be no boring clubs. She was walking slowly when a familiar voice stopped her. “Where’s the little cow girl?” Wisdom looked up shocked to see Andrew.  “Hi Andrew, ummmm…  Skyler’s with my parents. I was given a mommy night out but I’m new to this and not sure what to do next. I’ve never had a night without Skyler since she was born.” Andrew smiled, “Well if you need time to think I can show you around the ranch but you look as if your meeting someone, perhaps another time would be better,” He said beginning to walk away. “No I’m not meeting anyone. I would love to look around and see your ranch.” Wisdom said stepping forward.

Andrew smiled, “Come on in, my sister might be around here, she typically looks over the horses at night. She’s more of a night owl than I am.” Andrew walked around and showed Wisdom where the horses practice their jumps, He also showed where he holds the horses. The lot was clean yet fairly small. There was a small pond with fish. “Do you fish?” Wisdom Asked pointing to the pond. “I do but not here, this pond is more for the horses. I try to fish at the waterfall. Its secluded but I have good luck out there.”

“I know its not much but we have a fairly small budget and we try hard to keep it running so that young cow boys and cow girls, like Skyler, have a place to learn hands on about horses. I would love to expand someday and make this a family business,” He said walking around with Wisdom. “Thank you for showing me around. I know that Skyler would love it here. This is my number call anytime and I could bring Skyler by. I would love to meet your sister too.” Wisdom said brushing her dress off.

Andrew looked around, “Are you hungry? I was about to make dinner.” Wisdom looked right into Andrew’s eyes, “Dinner sounds nice.”  Andrew and Wisdom walked into the small house that was right by the ranch. “Here we are… I know its not much but I hope to fix it up. I live with my sister and our pets.” Wisdom paused, “Pets?… do you have a cat?” She asked hesitating. “No… just a dog” he said with a smile.  He opened the door for Wisdom.

It was a modest  looking house, with everything to fit your basic needs. He had everything set up nicely and it smelled like vanilla. “Must be nice living so close to where you work!” Wisdom said walking around. Andrew took off his hat and said, “Its a curse and a blessing. My sister is great though and I couldn’t run this business without her. She usually has something made up for dinner but looks like tonight I’m going to be burning dinner.” Wisdom giggled, “We could order a pizza!” Andrew smiled. “Pizza it is.”

Wisdom took off her shoes and got comfortable talking to Andrew. The conversations flowed and hard questions were asked but there was no pressure to answer them. When asked about Skyler’s dad Wisdom took a sip of the beer Andrew had given her and she explained the situation with Preston and Lonnie. Andrew was very kind to not but in and just listen.

“How do you think Preston would react to Skyler being his?” Andrew asked. Wisdom shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know… I don’t even know if he knows about her. His mom and my mom are very close but not sure the topic of my baby being Preston’s has crossed either of their minds. Andrew  finished his beer and began to talk about his sister, “My sister’s name is Jenna, She keeps to herself half the time because of the rumors that have gone on about our family. You see both my parents are regular sims, but my sister is a… Vampire.”   Wisdom sat interested, “Was she adopted?” Andrew shook his head no, “No, she was just born a vampire. My dad accused my mom of cheating and threatened to leave her but as time went on my dad revealed that he was born a vampire. It must have stayed in his bloodline and so my sister got it from him. The town we grew up in looked down on vampires so my dad was afraid to tell anyone. When we got older Jenna and I decided to leave our childhood home and come here. She’s not sure about people’s views on vampires here so she keeps a low profile. To much information?” Andrew asked getting up to clean up the kitchen. Wisdom stood up and followed him, “No, I like that you told me this. I can honestly say that I don’t know that Vampires have a bad name here. I’m not close friends with any but my mom had some in her 100 baby challenge,” Wisdom stated.

Andrew could see that Wisdom was chilly. He made some hot tea. “I hope I didn’t ruin your mommy night out. If you like I could give you a ride to where you were going. You still have some time to party before midnight.” Wisdom shook her head no, “I don’t think I could have had a fun time in one of those clubs. I’ve liked talking to you Andrew, and I feel comfortable with Skyler coming to your ranch. How much would it cost?” Wisdom asked figuring it would be expensive. “I know that your a single mom, I’m thinking we could have a special agreement. Skyler can be introduced to the horses as a toddler for no fee, as long as you are there during the time she spends. When she’s a child I will just have the time she dedicates to helping me care for the horses credit to her lessons when she starts riding.”Wisdom sat in shock, “that’s so nice of you.” She then remembered the $40.00 her dad gave her. She wouldn’t feel right keeping it to herself. “Here, I want you to have this as a donation to your ranch then. Its not cheap taking care of horses and its the least I can do.” Andrew took the money, “Wisdom, thank you so much. That’s very kind of you and this will help my sister and I feed and care for the horses.”

Andrew quickly asked, “Would you like to bring in the New Year with me? I hear that if you make a wish right at midnight your wish will come true!”  Wisdom held up her beer, “CHEERS, to a new year and new friends!”


I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa


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Chapter 26:: Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning!

Skyler isn’t a baby anymore, she’s a spunky toddler. She was quick to learn how to walk and is half way potty trained and talking. She loves playing with Charlie. Adabelle and Wisdom try to get together with the kids as much as possible.

“Guess where we are standing Barbie?” A.J. asked Violet using the pet name he gave her back when she was blonde. “Mistletoe?”  Violet said with a giggle. A.J. swooped Violet into his arms just as they heard the front door close and they heard a “GINGERBREAD HOUSE!” being yelled from an excited toddler.

Violet ran over to Skyler as fast as any grandma excited to see her grand daughter could and picked her up quickly.  “You ready to help Gama finish your Gingerbread house?” Violet asked placing Skyler in the high chair. “Yes, Gama” She replied in the sweetest voice you could ever imagine. A.J. brought the house over and placed it on the high chair. “Looks good there Skyler. What is this house missing?” He asked waiting for her inoccent response. “A door silly gampa” she said looking up at Violet. Violet guided Skyler’s hand to help make the door. “What do you think of it Skyler?”

“I LOVE IT!” she said with a squeal of delight. Violet picked Skyler up and took her to the kitchen table. “Wanna take a picture of us with your creation?” Skyler climbed up in Violet’s lap.

A.J. got the camera out “Say Gingerbread house ladies.” Both Skyler and Violet did. A.J. loved the picture that was captured, but something was missing. “WISDOM… COME INTO THE DINNING ROOM” Wisdom brushed off crumbs from the sugar cookies she was eating and got in on the photo op.

“Oh wow, it look yummy you guys.” Wisdom stated when getting ready for the picture. A.J. then told the girl to say “3 generations!” but Skyler had trouble saying generations giving her a puzzled look on her face. “Violet I think its time,” A.J. said peeking into the other room. “Time for what mom?” Wisdom asked. Violet just smiled and said, “You’ll see!”

Wisdom walked into the room and saw a puppy sticking out of Skyler’s stocking. “Is that for me?” Skyler asked looking at the sleeping puppy. “Yes baby girl, she’s your Christmas present. Merry Christmas.” Shouted A.J. and Violet. Wisdom looked at it in disbelief. She could hardly afford Skyler’s need as a growing toddler but now a puppy too. “Mom I wish you had told me.” Violet pulled Wisdom aside. “Sorry hunny, We talked about how when you got settled into a new place with the baby and at the time Lonnie you were going to get a dog. I figured it was still the plan even though Lonnie’s not in the picture. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about this.” Violet said. “No mom its fine. Skyler will love having a puppy. Thank you!” Violet hugged Wisdom but then quickly hurried over to let the puppy out. “What’s your puppies name going to be Skyler?” Vioelt asked. “Maybe… TEDDY!” she shouted scaring the puppy a little. “Inside voice sweetie,” Wisdom said in a motherly way.

Feeling the Christmas spirit Wisdom wanted to play some of Skyler’s Favorite Christmas songs. A.J. grabbed Skyler and they started to dance.
Skyler’s favorite Christmas songs.
Happy Birthday Jesus
Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star
Frosty the Snow man
A half hour passed when…

Wisdom turned quickly when the front door opened.”HEY CUZ!” Shouted Adabelle. “Merry Kissmas” said little Charlie.

Charlie and Skyler needed no reminders of how to play together. They quickly got busy. Adabelle walked up to Wisdom, “Do you have plans this after noon. I thought we could take the kids to see Santa and then hit the beach because its going to be HOT later today.” Wisdom agreed it was a good idea, “I hope that Wisdom’s not scared of Santa.” Wisdom said with a bit of concern. “OH I’m sure she will do fine. and Charlie is excited about seeing Santa so maybe his excitement will wear off on Skyler!” After they had a quick lunch They headed to the park where Santa was visiting.

It was a bit warmer than the girl expected it to be at this time and the kids where hot and sweating. They didn’t complain much since they only had to wait about 10 minutes for their turn with Santa. “Ho ho ho, and look at these two angels. Come sit in Santa’s lap!” Charlie went from being really excited to being really nervous. He clung to his mom. “Go ahead Wisdom and put Skyler in his lap. I’m sure Charlie will come around.” Skyler was a little she too but Wisdom placed her in Santa’s lap and she didn’t cry.

Santa did another ho ho ho after Skyler was in his lap. “So my dear child what would you like for Christmas this year?  Skyler thought for a moment and looked over at her mom, “Santa keep secrets?” she asked staring at Santa’s big blue eyes. “Why of course, I’m the best secret holder in the entire world.” Skyler got really close to Santa and whisper, “Charlie sit with Santa!” She then giggled and Santa added a ho ho ho. “Well that is a very sweet wish you have.” Santa then looked at Adabelle, “Is Charlie ready to sit with me and Skyler?” Wisdom was taken back. No one had said what Skyler’s name was.

Charlie was placed in Santa’s lap and he wasn’t shy anymore, before Santa could even ask him what he wanted she just blurted out… “Trucks, cars, and a play set!”  “ho ho ho wow that’s quite a list for a little guy.” Adabelle covered her blushing face trying not to laugh at Charlie’s cuteness.

Santa leaned in and asked Skyler one more time, “Is there anything else you would like Santa to bring you tomorrow?” Wisdom stood just waiting for her to say something that would make her feel like a horrible mom. Knowing that Skyler is a great toddler and deserves everything her heart desires money doesn’t just appear out of no where. Skyler perked up and her voice rang like Christmas bells, “a bed… for my puppy!” It made Wisdom feel better knowing the request was doable but unlikely.

The kids got a few quick pictures with Santa and they were handed some goodies and then headed to the beach. While on their way Adabelle was going on and on about all the things they were getting Charlie. The kids were sleeping and so they didn’t have to talk in code. “What are you getting Skyler?” Adabelle asked pulling into the beach parking lot. “Well, I guess a puppy bed, and a few toys. I’m thinking about giving her a small Christmas and then go all out for her next birthday. She will need lots of new stuff when she turns into a child. The kids woke up and got changed into their swimming suits.

Some kids had left a sand castle up so Charlie’s mom got out some army men for him to play with in the house. “Does Skyler have any dolls to use?” She asked Wisdom. “No, I didn’t think to bring any.” Wisdom responded. “That’s fine we brought plenty.”

They girls enjoyed watching their kids play, “Remember when that was us Wisdom?” Adabelle asked. “Yeah, feels like only yesturday we were playing dolls, hop scotch, and pulling pranks.” Adabelle picked up a stick and drew a hop scotch board. “I challenge you!” Both girls laughed.

They played for about an hour when Adabelle said that she had to go get her and Charlie ready for the Christmas Eve service, “Are you going to the service Wisdom?” Adabelle asked packing up her stuff. “No I have things I need to get done at home. Maybe next time!” Adabelle hugged Skyler and Wisdom good bye and headed out.

Wisdom got Skyler dressed and swung by her mom’s house to get Teddy. They didn’t get home till it was dark. Wisdom’s legs were killing her from all the walking. As she began to dose off she heard Skyler yelling, “MOMMY, MOMMY!” Wisdom ran to her daughter’s voice. “Look mommy… A Christmas tree. Can we make it pretty?” Wisdom smiled “Sure, help me look for things to put on it ok!” Skyler toddled around the lot finding many things to decorate it with. Wisdom had to use some of her fishing wire to get the trinkets to stay on the tree but in time the tree looked great. Skyler fell asleep under the Christmas tree.

In the early morning Wisdom went over to Skyler to wake her up… Merry Christmas Skyler!

Fun pictures…

Violet adopted Teddy for Skyler. When the puppy arrived this is what happened.

This was just to precious to resist!


 2 cute for words

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Chapter 25: Broke & Homeless

I’m going to be making some video’s for youtube… and I would appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel and give me feedback on what I’m working on. Right now my channel is pretty boring BUT don’t worry, I hope to start posting a video once a week at the beginning of the year!

>>> simsfan1121 <<<

I also have considered doing an Ask Me , type of video’s but with a fun twist. This is an idea I’ve been working on but wanted to make sure I have enough people asking me questions. I might wait to do this till I have 100 subscribers to my you tube site.

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Chapter 24: The Beginning of A NEW challenge

Even though Skyler was in perfect health Wisdom had some issues with her iorn levels. Since she gave birth so quickly after taking the iorn pill it didn’t give it enough time to take its full affects. Making it so that Wisdom had to remain in the hospital for 9 days till she was healthy again.

“Guess what Skyler, you get to go home!” Wisdom cheered clapping her hands together. She was looking forward to having the happy family she knew was possible with Lonnie but they had to just get Lonnie out of jail before everything could be back to normal.  That’s right Jail…

Wisdom had no idea what happened but while she was in labor Lonnie and his friends were in the process of moving all the baby stuff to a storage unit. They had all been drinking and doing dumb stuff. When Lonnies friends sped off with the baby stuff it didn’t faze Lonnie. He didn’t really care since he had originally planned to skip town anyway.

With no way of leaving Lonnie figured if he bought himself some company for the night he could lay low until the next morning when he could buy a gray hound ticket and never return.

BUT little did he know that the girl he was paying to entertain him was in fact and undercover cop… OOPS.

 “Aren’t you just the vision of perfection,” cooed the mid wife. “Wisdom you and Skyler are good to go.” The mid wife helped Wisdom get Skyler settled into the car seat, “Are you sure you don’t want me to give you a ride?” Asked the mid wife. “No thank you, my mom doesn’t live to far from here and she’s going to let me borrow her car to visits Lonnie. Thank you for everything,” Wisdom gave her mid wife one last hug. And was off to drop Skyler off with her mom.

Wisdom was like most first time mom’s and was extra careful to avoid pot holes, cracks, or anything that could jostle her new bundle. She would also stop frequently to make sure Skyler was ok.

Sklyer was excited at first but slowly dossed off. Wisdom loved the sounds Skyler made even when she was sleeping. She couldn’t wait for Lonnie to FINALLY meet his daughter. It was a moment Wisdom knew he would change all harsh feelings and fall head over heals for his daughter.

Running everything through her mind Wisdom couldn’t think of why Lonnie would have been arrested and put in jail. It had to of been something serious. She then started thinking if he his someone and they died Lonnie could be put away for several years. But then he could have been drinking with his buddies while moving things and got a DUI.

Here is a new accessory that Wisdom was given after delivering Skyler. Her mom bought her a birth stone ring with Skyler’s birthstone. Wisdom LOVED it and was happy to wear it until Skyler was old enough to wear it or her hand had another ring on it.

Violet and A.J. couldn’t help but buy a few things for the house to make sure their grand children are comfortable when they visit. “Mom you bought a baby swing?” asked Wisdom laying Sklyer in it. “Of course, nothing but the best for my grand children,” Violet said with a big smile. A.J. entered the room and picked Skyler right up. “Oh no you don’t kiddo… you get to come to grandpa first,”  A.J. Said picking up Skyler.

Wisdom said her good byes and then headed to the jail to get Lonnie. “Have fun you guys,” Wisdom said while walking out the door.

 “You must be here for Lonnie? He was brought in for several reasons. He had a warrant out for his arrest for trespassing.  And he was also caught for the 3rd time for picking up a prostitute.  There is no bail for him at this time he’s going to court next month.  If you would like I can give you 10 minutes to talk to him since you drove all the way out here.” The police officer explained to Wisdom.

Wisdom stood in shock, “Are you sure… I think we are talking about different men. I’m here to bail Lonnie Cummings out of jail for a DUI or something along those lines.” Wisdom looked down at her phone searching for the text message. “No, he’s defiantly the same guy and he’s here for the following accounts,” The officer then used all the big words that Wisdom could hardly keep track of and then the officer asked once again, “Would you like to talk to him?” Wisdom nodded her head and followed the officer.

As Wisdom walked up to Lonnie’s cell her anger began to build.  When she saw his face she soon realized the night in shining armor didn’t stand before her. Instead it was a heartless looser who could care less about her feelings and their baby. “I don’t know if I’m more upset at you or myself for believing you. I can’t believe I actually trusted you and bought all your lies. I’m sure there are more that I don’t even know about and I’m not sure I want to know. I was sick in the hospital and you were busy getting a hooker? I HATE that I ever had feelings for you, and I hope Skyler never finds out who her dad truly is,” Wisdom was to upset to even shed a tear.

“Wisdom you don’t mean that, I know your just angry and once you get me out of here we will have everything we wanted but this time the right way. I will get a real job and support you and our daughter. No more hookers, no more lies, everything will be the way you want it. I’m just messed up right now and I don’t know what I was thinking. Wisdom I love you, don’t let our daughter be brought up in a broken family,” Lonnie pleaded to Wisdom.

“Lonnie cut crap, what we had is in the past. I don’t think I could ever trust you again. I’m just glad I found this all out now so I didn’t waste anymore time on you. You will NEVER see your daughter and you will NEVER be in my life again. Don’t even think for a moment that Skyler and I belong with you. I hope you rot in here,” With that said Wisdom walked away.

Wisdom walked away as Lonnie yell out, “Wisdom please don’t do this, I love you sugar lips. I can change I promise… don’t leave me in here.”  Wisdom turned blew him a kiss and left the cell room.

 The police officer then handed Wisdom a trunk, “These are items found on the property that did not belong to the owners. Lonnie also admitted that you had no idea of what was going on so you are not guilty by association,”  Stated the officer. Wisdom picked up the trunk and was surprised that Lonnie actually admitted to the police that she honestly had no idea about anything he had been doing. Wisdom began to walk away but turned quickly, “do you happen to know what happened to all my baby items that Lonnie and his friends were moving?” The officer got out a manila folder and flipped through some papers. “Sorry hun, we have none of that on our records.”  Wisdom figured that the men helping Lonnie took  them and she would never see those things again. She put the trunk of stuff  in the back seat of the car and headed to her parents house.

Wisdom walked in the door to find Violet playing with Skyler in the baby swing while A.J. Played guitar. “Well don’t let me interrupt.” Wisdom said with a smile. When Skyler heard Wisdom’s voice her face light up. “Where is Lonnie honey? Violet asked surprised he wasn’t with Wisdom.

After Wisdom finished explaining everything Lonnie did that she knew of. Violet heart was breaking for her daughter, “Wisdom, you are more than welcome to stay here for as long as you need. You can finish your school credits, and we could watch Skyler,” Explained Violet.

“Thanks mom but I have my saving account still there is plenty of money there so that I can get a neat little place for me and Skyler. Most of the credits I have left I can do online,” Wisdom didn’t want to rely on her parents to fix her problems and wanted to do this on her own the right way.

Wisdom walked to the bank to pull her money out of the account. The teller told her to see the loans officer since Wisdom wanted to close the account. “Hi Wisdom how may I help you today,” Asked the teller. “I’m here to with drawl $15,000 form an account me and Lonnie Cummings shared.” his eyes widened at the amount Wisdom had stated. He got on his computer and did what seemed like a half hour of just typing.

“I’m sorry Miss Lemi, There is only $10.00 in the account. Would you like to take that and close the account?” The loan officer stated.

“That’s not possible. I transferred $15,000 to that account over a week ago. Are you sure that’s the right account?” She asked feeling her stomach turn in knots. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her bank account book to show him.

The loan officer looks at the book and gets up. “I will be right back,” He leaves the room for a little while coming back with a slip of paper. “Wisdom here I have your account records and in November $15,000 was put into the account only to have been taken out 6 hours later,” the lawn officer hands the paper to Wisdom. She looks it over and then hands the paper back, “But I didn’t take the money out.”  She states even more confused.

The loan officer gets back on his computer and says, “Its recorded that a Lonnie Cummings is the one who took the money out. We have the paper with his signature would you like to see it?” Wisdom shakes her head no and asks for the $10.00 that is left in the account and requests that the account is still closed.

“Thank you for banking with us Wisdom, and sorry we couldn’t help you out with getting you $15,000.” Says the loan officer shaking Wisdom’s hand.

Wisdom leaves the bank only to have little Skyler crying because she’s hungry. She walks to a spot where she could prepare Skyler a bottle. After Skyler falls asleep Wisdom realizes the situation she’s in. Wisdom then mutters to herself. “I can’t believe I’m broke and homeless.”

 In case you are STILL wondering Wisdom will be taking on the HOMELESS CHALLENGE. I’m going to change a few things from the original rules but not by much. I hope that you all enjoy this challenge Wisdom is about to endure with Skyler.

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Chapter 23: Special Delivery

 Soon after arriving to the Delivery Suit Wisdom’s contractions were 7 minutes apart, she was also 75% effaced, and 4 centemeters dilated.  “Wisdom I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe my youngest daughter is about to have a daughter of her own.” Wisdom looked up at her mom, “Mom I’m so excited, just wish Lonnie would let his friends move the stuff and he come down here. I just hate thinking he might miss the birth of his first child.”

Wisdom’s contractions were beginning to get stronger and stronger. Helping her to relax her Aunt Ashby played guitar and Adabelle was managing the phone for when Wisdom’s dad, uncle, other friends, and Lonnie wanted updates. Lonnie’s car broke down while moving the baby stuff so he was having issues getting to the Delivery Suit but Adabelle did her best to keep him up to date as much as possible.

While Wisdom walked around she would often stop an lean on things to help her breath through contractions. “Wisdom your doing a fabulous job. I’m so proud of you.” Hearing these encouraging words helped Wisdom breath more than focus on the pain of delivery.

 In between contractions Wisdom was often found goofing around with her dear friend. Adabelle wanted to take one last side shot picture of Wisdoms baby bump. It was hard for her to think about her best friend becoming a mom since her and Cole recently found out they are also expecting. Their baby is due at the end of December beginning of January.

Wisdom walked until the contractions were to much for her. She was fully effaced and 8 centimeters dilated.  “This has progressed much faster than I had anticipated,” stated the mid wife while she put her gloves on.  Before Wisdom could get into bed she experienced a feeling of peeing herself only to have it announced as, “Her water has now broke this baby is coming SOON!”

With her water breaking the contractions were much stronger and coming every 2 minutes giving her about a minute to relax between. She was doing a great job controlling the pain until her mid wife checked the babies heart beat. “The babies heart beat has dropped. She is most likely laying on the cord. Wisdom get on all fours so we can try to get the baby to move.

Wisdom began to panic, “My baby… is she ok? Oh dear God WHERE IS LONNIE… I need him.” Wisdom proceeded to get on her hands and knees swaying her hips back and forth while she had contractions trying to get the baby to move off her cord. “Where the hell is Lonnie, get him here NOW,” Violet told A.J. on the phone when he was on his way to see his grand daughter. A.J. responded quickly to his wife and said he would find him and make sure he gets to see his daughter even if she’s already born.

 The babies heart beat was back to normal but the mid wife didn’t want to risk the babies heart beat dropping again, “Wisdom you are going to have to deliver your daughter soon ok? Here we go and push 1, 2, 3,…” She counted while Wisdom pushed. Violet handed the phone to Adabelle. “Yes Uncle A.J. she’s pushing right now!”

“And 10, great job Wisdom the babies head is beginning to crown. You could have her in 2 more pushes… ready 1, 2, 3,” The mid wife continued as Wisdom took a deep breath and begin to push again. “9, and 10, ok Wisdom her head is out I just need to suction her  nose, and mouth. Ashby, hand me the pink blanket please.”

(there is no way to describe the excitement that Violet and Ashby expressed)

Right after the baby was born the mid wife swaddled her, and handed her right to Wisdom. “Here you go mama!”

Wisdom was still slightly out of it after delivering her daughter but was happy to have her mom, aunt, and best friend there to witness the birth of her daughter. “Wisdom what’s her name?” asked Adabelle. Wisdom smiled and looked down at her little bundle of joy, “Her name is Skyler, I named her after my brother who died.”  Wisdom then fed Skyler.

Wisdom held Skyler for awhile after feeding her but was getting tired. Violet leaned down and picked up her grand daughter, “Wisdom dear… I want you to rest and when you wake up you can give your daughter all your love as well as a full energy bar.” Wisdom smiled and slowly drifted to sleep.

“Aren’t you just the cutest!” Violet cooed over her newest grand daughter.

Soon it was Ashby’s turn to hold Skyler. “OH man its so hard to tell who she looks like right now. She’s just as sweet as can be don’t you think Vi… Vi? Ashby turned to see Violet had also fallen asleep. “Oh Skyler your grandma and mom are amazing women. You are one lucky little girl.”

 Finally off the phone Adabelle got her baby fix while holding Skyler, “Skyler, you know what… Your going to have a little playmate soon. Your mommy and grew up together and now your going to grow up with my baby. I’m sure your 2nd or 3rd or some kind of cousin to my baby. I love you Skyler!” Adabelle leaned down and kissed Skyler. She then turned to see Wisdom. “Mom help me out,” Adabelle said walking over to Wisdom.

Ashby lifted Wisdom’s arm and Adabelle slipped Skyler under. “There… mommy and baby together just like they are meant to be,” Adabelle said stepping back. Ashby and Adablle headed out to get some sleep while the mid wife looked over Wisdom and the baby making sure that they both stay comfortable. Violet was still sleeping on the couch!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -AFTER SOME REST – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wisdom woke up and just stared at her daughter. The pain, stress, and anticipation of the unknown was gone. The only thing left was the comfort in knowing her daughter was healthy and 100% perfect. “So good to see you up Wisdom. Skyler just finished a bottle not to long ago. You are doing great and so is baby. Congratulations!” Wisdom stood up and hugged her mid wife, “Thank you for everything. I’m so happy that you delivered Skyler.” Wisdom went over to Skyler, “Hi baby girl.” She said while picking her up.

“I can’t image why people don’t believe in love at first sight,” Wisdom rocked Skyler as she walked around the room. Skyler was alert and even smiled a few times. Wisdom was sure motherhood was going to be amazing. “Mom, did Lonnie stop by while I was sleeping?” Wisdom asked. “Wisdom your dad is right now looking for him but his phone was shut off we have a feeling it died with all the phone calls he was making since his car broke down. I’m sure he will be here soon.” Wisdom smiled and looked down at Skyler, “Well since he’s not here yet this is a picture of your daddy. He’s going to love you so much I just know it.”

While Wisdom walked around with Skyler Violet began to play the song In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride.  When Wisdom realized what song her mom was playing she began to sing…” In my daughter’s eyes, I am a hero. I am strong and wise and I know no fear. but the truth is plain to see. She was sent to rescue me. I see who I wanna be.. in my daughter’s eyes….”


Thank you for reading… I have a facebook event for the month of December. If your interested check it out!

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Chapter 22: Its a…

I wasn’t trying to get this, I had all the requirements and then I had 185 sims points and decided if the daily deal was 100 points or less, I didn’t have it, but wanted it I would purchase it. I’m always a fan of free stuff and I feel like I only spent 50 sims points for these two awesome packs.

Daily Deal on November 21st (my real life b-day)
 Thank you Vanessa, this will be in the collage of gifts at the baby shower! You truly didn’t have to do that but its appreciated Thank you ^_^
Thanks Ashby for the microphone and adorable kids toy.  I can’t wait to use them. I have so many ideas and yet not enough time to get them all out BUT you will be seeing these in my posts at some point!
Miz/Joyls… thank you SO MUCH for this adorable dress! That was VERY kind of you to gift me with something so thoughtful in hopes that Wisdom has a baby girl! I left the gender choosing to the computer SO… later in the post you will see if Wisdom is having a boy or girl!Tylinn/Angel, when I opened my e-mail and saw you gifted this to me I was shocked. Thank you SO MUCH! This will be seen later on in the post at the baby shower BUT the big question is will it be a pink swing or blue swing??? hehe thanks a bunch my dear friend!

 Thank you Iams pet products for these AWESOME gifts. Its a free download but its new to my game and I appreciate when we get cute, fun stuff for free. This includes a dog dish, dog toy, food bag, dog house AND pet bed!

The Regency Arcade is also a new ea store item I have purchased. I have yet to see what all it has in it but I do have plans for it in future posts.

I appreciate those people who gift me with things but please know that you don’t have to. For those interested you can check out my sims 3 page!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wisdom was beside herself with excitement for the baby shower. She expected to see lots of her friends and of course a room filled with awesome gifts from her loved ones. She tried waking Lonnie up but his excitement level was low. “Come on Lonnie, don’t you want to drive me to the baby shower so that you know where to come get me and all our stuff?” Lonnie rolled over brushing her off. Wisdom knew he wasn’t a morning person but that didn’t get her down. She picked out a cute outfit and got the house cleaned up a bit. Her mid wife would be stopping by to check on her before the baby shower since her due date was coming up quickly.

While cleaning the toilet the bathroom door slammed behind her. “Wisdom, did you make up your mind about our accounts. Your due soon and we really need to have this figured out. I’m stressing out here,” He said with a tone of anger.

“Lonnie, I understand your stress, I’m stressed too, but everything will be ok. I pulled all my money out yesterday and they said they would have it in our new account within 24 hours. I realize its a good idea for us to have a joint account and there is no reason for us to be stressed out. Ready or not our baby is going to be here soon.” Lonnie thanked Wisdom and then bolted out of the house. “I need some air.” he said rushing out of the house.

Wisdom stood confused. He’s all for the baby at one moment and then completely upset the next. Its hard to keep up with his mood swings but Wisdom understood that he’s still in a state of shock.

Wisdom’s Mid Wife stopped by the house “Oh Wisdom you are carrying this baby perfectly. I don’t see you having any issues in the foreseeable future. How ever your iron levels are low and if they continue to be like that you can be quite anemic when you deliver. I would like you to stop by Dr. Land’s house and take an iron pill. Its big but it will help you out. I will be available to reach at anytime.” Wisdom loved her mid wife and felt it will be the perfect birth. She wanted to try to have a home birth but the mid wife has a room that looks more like a bedroom than a hospital and most mom’s deliver there.

Dr. Land is a very wealthy doctor who takes house calls. Wisdom figured she would save him the trip to her house and just stop by his house during his open house clinic he has. “Oh Mrs. Lemi… I’ve been expecting you. Here is the iron pill. Make sure to be drinking plenty of water and REST!” Wisdom looked at the pill and her eyes about popped out of her head.

Wisdom then realized that Dr. Land wanted her to take the pill right away so she took a deep breath and swallowed the pill. For as big as it was it didn’t taste bad and it went down smoothly. Wisdom could tell her iron was low because after she took the pill she began to have a little bit more energy. “Thank you Dr. Land,” She smiled and shook his hand. “Your quite welcome Wisdom, and good luck with that little one!”

Adabelle was busy working on the last minute details of Wisdom’s baby shower. But would often get distracted by the fact she’s now married. The newly wed has been married for a few weeks but the excitement has yet to die down. “Yes the baby shower is starting in 2 hours. I will be there shortly for the guests to arrive and drop off their gifts,” she told the owner of the building of where the baby shower was at.

Adabelle got to the place where the baby shower was being held. Several of the gifts and guests started to arrive.  And the color of the room and all the items made it evident of what Wisdom was having.

 Even the tables were decorated accordingly with help from Adabelle’s mom Ashby (Wisdom’s Aunt) she bought the chairs for Wisdom and there are more than Wisdom would need but at least she could pick the ones she would like in the babies room.


Adabelle enjoyed greeting everyone and knew that Wisdom would be there soon. Since all the gifts were unwrapped it would mainly be a chance for everyone to see Wisdom, eat, and admire all the adorable baby things Wisdom has for the baby.

“Just a few last minute touches… that’s perfect!” Adabelle told her self out loud while setting up the buffet table. The sound of women saying, “Awww that’s so cute. Look at all the pink,” and pointing out what they bought Wisdom was music to Adabelle’s ears. Everything had come together perfectly.

While everyone waited for other guests and Wisdom to arrive they enjoyed some music and refreshments. Violet was one of the first people there and was sad that a few of her friends couldn’t come. But her dear friends Vanessa Woods, Miz Diamond, and Angel Martin sent adorable gifts (mentioned above) for Wisdom’s new bundle of joy. Ashby (Wisdom’s Aunt) provided allot of things other than was was mentioned above. A few of the challenge mom’s that could make the baby shower were Della Eve Wriner, Dawn Turner, Ashby Starr bright Lemi, and Christy Quinn. Amber Lights was devastated to find out she couldn’t make it but with her challenge being so close to being over and planning her wedding time slips away far to quickly.

 Wisdom had been feeling cramps all day even though she tried to ignore them they seemed to get stronger. When she arrived everyone started cheering and clapping when she entered the room. It made Wisdom smile and she then looked over all the guests. To her surprise NONE of Lonnie’s family was there. She was sure that she gave him the stack of invites for his side of the family but with pregnancy brain it could have slipped her mind. Adabelle guided Wisdom over to the gifts and pointed out who gave her what.

 Wisdom went over to the gifts and admired all the stuff but then started to stress. She couldn’t image all this stuff fitting in the house. They had yet to make a baby room or confirm permission to add a 2nd bedroom to their current house. Everyone was snapping pictures but Wisdom was battling her mind racing with everything that still needed done, the small cramps that are coming every 10-15 minutes. “Wis… Say cheese!” Said a very excited Dawn Turner while getting her camera ready.

Christy Quinn was noticing Wisdom spacing out while pictures where being taken, “Wis, everything is going to be ok. I know that things seem like the world is crashing down on you but in the end everything turns ok. I’m so proud of you and I know that you are going to do everything in your power to make sure your little girl has the best life you can give her. I love you like my own daughter Wisdom and if you need anything let me know.” Wisdom brushed a tear from her eye and hugged Christy, “Thank you.”

 Wisdom enjoyed chatting with several of her friends and family members who were able to attend. Christy’s words of wisdom made her feel better. She figured that several things she received at the baby shower wouldn’t be able to be used until the baby is a toddler or even a child. She figured renting out a storage unit would be her best bet and couldn’t wait to call Lonnie. He had volunteered hims self along with a few friends to come get the baby stuff after the baby shower was over. Wisdom was going to help too but with the cramping her mid wife (who was also at the baby shower) pulled Wisdom aside and wanted to see if Wisdom was in Labor or not.

“Wisdom how are you feeling?” Asked Wisdom’s Mid Wife. “I’m feeling fine except for the cramps. I don’t get it I’ve not had anything like this before in the pregnancy. My stomach gets really tight for a minute or so and then it goes away,” Wisdom explained.  Her mid wife perked up “How often do these cramps occur?”  Wisdom thought for a moment. “I’ve not really payed attention but they have been about every 10-15 minutes for the last hour or so.”

Wisdom’s mid wife leaned down to feel Wisdom’s belly… “Are you getting a cramp right now?” She asked Wisdom. Wisdom shook her head yes and the mid wife stood feeling Wisdom’s belly till the tightness went away. “Wisdom, I do believe you are in the EARLY stages of labor. I think that after the baby shower you come with me to the delivery suit and let Lonnie and his friends do all the work. He won’t miss the birth since you are in early labor and this is also your first baby it could take several hours. He will have plenty of time to get everything done.

Wisdom explained to her mom, and Adabelle what was going on. They both decided they would go with Wisdom to the delivery suit until Lonnie could get there. Wisdom then called Lonnie.

 “Lonnie, it me Wisdom who else would it be? Anyway we have lots of great things for the baby and I think a bigger place might be in store for us (Wisdom said in a joking manner but feeling there was a bit of seriousness in the statement.) I’m leaving after the baby shower is over I’m heading to the Deliver Suit with the mid wife. We can store the stuff we can’t fit in the house in storage and then get it out when the baby gets older.” Wisdom when on to say a few other things realizing Lonnie didn’t sound to thrilled about her possibly having the baby sooner than later Wisdom tried to explain that things like this can’t be predicted.

Lonnie got quiet… breaking the silence he asked “Wisdom I need to know… are we having a son or daughter?” Wisdom got excited that he wanted to know, “Well Lonnie our little bundle of joy is going to be daddies little GIRL.”  A dead silence was over the phone. Wisdom even looked to see if they lost connection “hello… Lonnie? You still there?” Lonnie then spoke, “I will be there after everyone is gone and I will get everything.” He then hung up and since Wisdom knew people could over hear her she tired to cover up the dial tone ringing in her ear and close the conversation with, “I know your excited, I’m excited too. Ok I love you too, bye honey!”

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